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Netent Jackpots

Progressive Netent Jackpots of course belong to casino games as “honey belongs to a bee”, and that is something that is well understood by Net Entertainment. Virtually all Netent Casinos have various games with progressive jackpots that can accumulate jackpot amounts to be won as high as several millions of euros.

In general when you play at a Netent Casino, you will automatically have the chance to win one of these jackpots. This of course depends on the game you are playing or if the particular casino with Netent software offers jackpot games. On this page you will read all about the various types of jackpots, how these jackpots grow and of course how to win the jackpot. Besides that you can see all Netent casinos listed in the sidebar who offer either local or network jackpots.

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Progressive Jackpots

All Netent Jackpots are progressive, which means that every time a bet is made, the jackpot increases with a small portion of that bet. After a certain period of time, the jackpot will be so high that one lucky player will win the jackpot. When this will happen remains a surprise because this is determined completely at random by use of the well-known RNG (Random Number Generator).

Network and Local Progressive Jackpots

Net entertainment sells / rents their games to various online casinos around the world. Therefore it may be interesting to know how the jackpots of their games are built, and if you have more or less chance to win the jackpot of a certain game in comparison with the jackpot of another game. Basically there are two types of Netent jackpot games: games with a locally generated jackpot (local jackpots) and games with a networked, “pooled” generated jackpot.

Local Netent Jackpots

A local jackpot game has a jackpot that grows only by the bets placed on the game by players of one casino. In general you can assume, especially when you play at a smaller or less well-known Netent Casino, that the jackpot of a game is local. As only players of a certain casino contribute to the jackpot of a specific game, therefore its jackpot can only be won by players of that specific online Netent Casino.

Netent Network Jackpots

Bigger, better known Netent Casinos have the choice to have certain jackpot games that partake in the special Netent Jackpot Network. These network or “pooled” jackpot games have jackpots that are connected to different online casino operators offering the same Netent jackpot game. So, the difference with local jackpot games is that players from various Netent Casinos contribute to the same jackpot and subsequently these jackpots can only be won in one of the partaking casinos.

Different Netent Jackpot Games

Logically the best known Netent jackpot games are those who generate the highest jackpots. These are the jackpot video slots that can accumulate (network) jackpots literally holding several millions of euros to be won. Besides these jackpot video slots Net Entertainment has developed a wide range of other jackpot games like classic slots with a jackpot, a jackpot scratchcard and special jackpot games like Caribbean Stud Poker, Bingo and Keno.

Among the Netent jackpot video slots, both with a locally or network generated jackpot, there are games that hold no less than 3 jackpots. As a rule these jackpots of the same game are ascending from lowest to highest.

Chances to win an online jackpot

The chance to win an online jackpot may be bigger than you think. Especially when you play a game with a local jackpot you certainly have the chance to be a lucky winner. In general it is the case that the higher the bet per spin is, the higher the payout percentage will be and the higher the chance is that you will win the jackpot. However, this is not decisive and you can also win the jackpot when you play with lower bets. As matter of fact, there are cases known in which a player won a millions of euros holding jackpot by playing with Free Spins or a No Deposit bonus and thus without ever spending one euro cent.

Where to play a Netent Jackpot Game

Due to the popularity of jackpot games, and as already stated, most Netent Casinos offer Netent jackpot games to their players. If you want to try your luck on a jackpot game its actually recommendable to do so in one of the safe and reliable Netent Casinos. After all, you wouldn’t want to win a jackpot to afterwards discover the online casino, for whatever reason, doesn’t pay out.

To find a suitable Netent Casino that offers Netent jackpot games keep an eye on the sidebar where all Netent Casinos are listed offering certain jackpots.