A Netent Casino that doesn’t pay out Netent Punto Banco winnings?

Published on 18 May 2013 by Casino Admin

A Netent Casino will always pay out your Netent Punto Banco winnings One of the most famous (and according to many at this moment also the best) professional poker players in he world, the American Phil Ivey, has a “tiny little” problem of almost $ 12 million. He won this staggering amount of money last year in a UK “brick-and-mortar” casino by playing Punto Banco, a  variant of Baccarat. However, the casino refuses to pay up because they accuse the poker pro of cheating. Something that can never happen to any Netent Punto Banco player in an online Netent Casino.

The casino in question, Crocksters, suspects Ivey, winner of no less than 9 WSOP poker tournaments, to, together with an accomplice, have influenced both the dealer of the casino as well as the shuffling of the cards in the game. In that way they allegedly managed to obtain a considerable advantage against the casino and by which they could predict the results of each game round. By subsequently betting accordingly Ivey, who seemed to be losing at first, could fill his pockets and win the mentioned mega-amount of money.

Striking detail: the casino simply refused to payout, but both Ivey as his supposed accomplice, a female player of Asiatic origin, could leave the casino normally. This while whenever a casino player is suspected of cheating in a casino, the casino’s security will detain the player after which the police will be called.

Another salient detail: Ivey now has sued the casino to force them to pay up and not, as could be expected in case of real cheating, the casino suing Ivey.

In the comments about the matter everybody thinks Ivey is going to win the case and eventually will be paid. One can also wonder why a guy like Ivey, after all a world famous professional poker player, would try such tricks. The guy is already multimillionaire and someone in his position probably would think twice before he takes the risk to tarnish his good reputation if debunked.

Whatever the outcome of this case will be, luckily as players of the exciting Netent casino games we don’t have to worry about an online Netent Casino accusing us of cheating. After all, cheating with the Netent casino games is virtually impossible, so if you win, you win and your winnings will be added immediately to your casino account.

Also Net Entertainment has developed a Netent Punto Banco table game and it’s absolutely worthwhile to check out this game, especially because of the return-to-player percentage of Netent Punto Banco which is no less than 98,94%. Netent Punto Banco can be played for real money in many of the reliable Netent Casinos, under which in the renowned BetVictor casino.