Big Change for Netent Local Jackpots When 8 Become 1!

Published on 5 October 2014 by Rhi

Big Change for Netent Local Jackpots When 8 Become 1!Big change is coming in the Netent world. Netent are always creating new games, improving their existing games and generally working hard to ensure they remain the number one casino game provider in Europe. Well now, they’re working to streamline their existing local jackpot games.

Netent are set to remove 8 of their existing local jackpot games and replace them with one, new improved jackpot game featuring 5 different jackpot levels!

The games that will be removed are;

  1. Bingo
  2. Golden Derby
  3. Triple Wins Platinum
  4. Triple Wins Jackpot
  5. Fishy Fortune
  6. Gold Rush
  7. Vault Assault
  8. Cash Bomb

and these are set to be replaced by the highly anticipated Cosmic Fortune.

All the existing jackpot funds will be combined and applied to Cosmic Fortune, meaning from the moment it launches, it’s set to have a huge payout for each level, before anyone has even played!

The 8 games listed above are due to be removed and disconnected on November 17th with Cosmic Fortune coming in to replace them shortly after on the 24th. This is a big change but a good one I think. I’m a firm believer that it’s quality and not quantity that makes the difference and sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing. Replacing 8 games with this mega cool, mega powerful game alone means Netent can dedicate more time to making sure it’s the best it can be, plus with the local jackpots spread across 7 less different games, they’re set to be much, much higher, which is always good news for any casino player!