Full moon equals free cash at VegasBerry today only!

Published on 17 April 2014 by Florence

VegasBerryIt’s full moon today, and at VegasBerry that means free cash for everyone in the Berry Club- woohoo! They have full moon parties every month at Netent Casino VegasBerry, so make sure you are part of the club and get your party cash today!

The Berry Club is VegasBerry’s special loyalty club and as we all know: loyalty pays. Especially on a full moon at Netent Casino VegasBerry! Depending on which level in the club you are, your no deposit free cash can range from €10 to €200.

  • Recruit: €10 free cash
  • Trainee: €20 free cash
  • Amateur: €40 free cash
  • Apprentice: €55 free cash
  • Specialist: €75 free cash
  • Master: €100 free cash
  • Elite: €200 free cash

Of course you can enjoy your free full moon cash on the awesome Netent games at VegasBerry, from video slots to Netent Touch games.

Simply contact the support team at VegasBerry before midnight tonight to get your free full moon cash, and enjoy the spoils!