Maxino casino also harvests Apples in spring

Published on 15 April 2013 by Casino Admin

Also Maxino casino raffles ApplesA couple of days ago, 14 to be exact, we were jokingly criticizing the Netent Casino NordicBet over here that apparently had mixed up the seasons a little bit. They wanted us to believe that because of springtime the apple trees in their garden already were bearing ready to be picked and consumed apples like Apple iPad Minis, iPads and Apple Macbook Airs. Today we’ve noticed the spring fever of NordicBet is probably epidemic as also Maxino casino (a Netent Casino on our Dutch website) now claims the same for the trees in their orchard.

Of course in the same article about NordicBet’s errar we forgave the sympathetic casino immediately because when it comes to extra prizes to be won we don’t care to much on how the promotion is formulated, as long as it’s clear what we need to do to be a winner of one of those prizes.

When today however we noticed at Maxino there must be something completely wrong with their fruit trees too, we were slightly surprised and almost started to doubt our own capacities to tell “what’s what” and, in this case, “what happens when”. Because also at Maxino casino they claim their fruit trees aren’t budding or blossoming (as we thought should be normal in this time of year) but already are heavy from the same kind of apples as in the NordicBet backyard.

You’ve probably guessed it, the apple trees at NordicBet and at Maxino casino share one and the same orchard as both casinos are closely related to each other. So at Maxino you can win exactly the same Apple gadgets in exactly the same 3 months lasting Apple raffle in which you can win exactly the same 90 high-tech Apple products being 30 Apple iPad Minis, 30 Apple iPads and 30 Apple Macbook Airs (10 of each every month, until the end of June).

Also the qualification requirements are the same, being:

Deposit € 10 – € 49 and play for € 100 to win an iPad Mini;
Deposit € 50 – € 100 and play for € 500 to win an iPad;
Deposit € 100 or more and play for € 1.000 to win a Macbook Air.

So hurry to Maxino today even and increase your chances of winning one of the Apple products by participating in the raffle at both Maxino casino as in NordicBet casino. We wish you a very fertile fruit picking 3 months until June, although we’re still pretty sure it isn’t the right season!