Casino-X Does Things Differently

Published on 17 September 2016 by Adrian

casino-x180Casino-X is not happy with the way things are generally done by most online casinos. This casino, which has been gathering experience in the field since 2012, feels there are quite a few hitches in the casino world that need to be addressed to improve online gambling experience in general. While fully aware this is a bold statement to make and a daunting task to take upon itself, Casino-X tackles these problems face-forward. Considering that it insists on landing a steady spot on the NetEnt Featured Casinos list quite consistently, it sure is doing something right. Let’s have a look at how Casino-X goes about this.

Casino-X Welcomes You to Another Dimension of Gambling

The first thing Casino-X gets right from the get-go is its website design. While allegedly, players care more about the actual gaming experience and the promotions a casino offers, making things pleasant on the eye and facilitating navigation carry their own share of weight. So Casino-X’s catchy, comic-strip-styled website is a welcome feature. Besides promotions presented with beautiful visuals and the mandatory game categories, other features such as the jackpot casino total, tournament leaderboards, and other players’ recent activities are placed in plain sight. Basically, the site is designed in a way that makes it clutter-free and navigation-friendly. However, that still doesn’t sound like enough to make a casino that cutting-edge, does it? Well, the way Casino-X handles the increased social element does.

Step in and Battle It Out

In the top right corner of the site, a dropdown button will give you a few options. The two of main note are the ‘Tournaments’ and the ‘Contests’ ones. The tournaments page is basically a schedule with a whole list of ongoing tournaments and others that haven’t started yet. In each case, you can see which games you have to play in that tournament, the ending/starting time, and the progressive prize. Joining just costs you a small fee, and the prizes up for grabs can be quite hefty. You also get to sit back and watch how the others are battling it out in spectator mode.

On a very similar note is the ‘Contests’ section. Here, you get to join new contests and you can win some great prizes that tend to go beyond simple cash.

Casino-X’s Lavish Bonus System

The first time you fire Casino-X’s site up, you have a look around, and let’s say you decide to sign up and go for a few spins. This is what you can expect fresh off the boat:

  • 1st deposit – 100% extra up to €2000 + 30 free spins
  • 2nd deposit – 100% extra up to €300
  • 3rd deposit – 50% extra up to €400
  • 4th deposit – 50% extra up to €500
  • 5th deposit – 25% extra up to €750

(Admittedly, this must be one of the biggest welcome bonus packages I’ve seen to date!)

Concluding Things with Casino-X

So, on a closing note, is Casino-X really putting its money where its mouth is and trying to be a game-changer? I’d say, to some extent, yes. But there’s only one way to find out. Go to the site, grab some of those rich bonuses, play a few games and socialise with other players in friendly competitions with Casino-X!