The Invisible Man™; the first Netent game built for synced delivery on both desktop and mobile in HTML5

Published on 9 September 2014 by Casino Admin

The Invisible Man™; the first Netent game built for synced delivery on both desktop and mobile in HTML5Net Entertainment is known to be a pioneer when it comes to online casino development. They are planning to release The Invisible Man video slot in December, and it will be launched to desktop and mobile devices simultaneously.

There are some very exciting new Netent video slots to be launched these last four months of 2014!

New Netent video slots 2014

Here are some awesome Netent video slots that will hit your Netent Casinos in the next few months:

  • Go Bananas – new Netent video slot 24th of September 2014
  • South Park: Reel Chaos – new Netent video slot 23rd of October 2014
  • Cosmic Fortune – new Netent jackpot video slot 24th of November 2014
  • The Invisible Man – new Netent video slot for December 2014

In October Netent will also release four new Netent video poker games!

The Invisible Man Netent video slot

The Invisible Man is a classic 1933 movie produced by Universal, and Netent’s video slot will be another branded Netent video slot inspired by a Hollywood production.

This new slot for December will be quite a special event, because The Invisible Man Netent video slot will be released both on desktop and for Netent Touch for mobile play on smart phone and tablet in HTML 5.

Normally the desktop version is released first, and then later the Netent Touch version is launched a bit later.

What is HTML 5?

HTML is the code that is used for us to see and hear websites – and the new HTML5 will enhance the experience of online content.

Sound, graphics and video is more easily accessible across different devices in HTML5, and you won’t need to download any plugins to view videos and things like that.

In short, you won’t need to know what HTML5 is, all you will know is that it will be even easier to play new Netent games across all devices and browsers!

So get ready to play The Invisible Man in December, the first Netent slot to be released on both desktop and Netent Touch platforms.