NetEnt Releases 2016 Q3 Roadmap

Published on 26 May 2016 by Rachel

About NetentIt’s our favourite time of the year again here at NetEntCasino! No, we’re not talking about summer time (although we’re pretty excited about that too) – we’re talking about NetEnt’s newly released roadmap for their third quarter releases!

To our new readers, this means that NetEnt lays out its plans for game releases for the next three months. In the run-up to a new game’s launch, we’ll be sharing any teasers and trailers that go live, as they go live – remember, we are just as in the dark as our readers on what exactly these games will look and play like but anything we know, you’ll know, that’s a promise. Let’s take a look at the 4 game releases scheduled for the next three months.

July NetEnt Game Releases

July 12th: NRVNA: The Nxt Xperience

We already have one NRVNA – what will the next one bring? The current iteration focuses on glowy new-age graphics and design, so we can only speculate as to what comes next. Artificial intelligence? Space exploration? Futuristic magic? We can’t wait to find out!

July 21st: When Pigs Fly

We love this game title – so much potential! Will it really feature airborne pigs? Will the game involve tossing porcine projectiles? Or will it play on the more metaphorical element of the phrase, bringing to mind things so difficult to attain or make happen that they are virtually impossible? So many questions!

We’re secretly hoping we get to fling some virtual critters around. Only time will tell if we’re right on this one!

August NetEnt Game Releases

August 24th: Secrets of Atlantis

The name of this August game release is not as baffling as the earlier ones. Atlantis is the mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean, first mentioned by Plato in his writings, that is said to have submerged beneath the sea after falling out of favour with the ancient gods.

There have been many interpretations of this myth over the years – some legends say the utopian island sank after an earthquake, other that it was the victim of a devastating tsunami. Either way, with a name like ‘Secrets of Atlantis’ we can confidently predict that this game will revolve around this legendary place, possibly including other elements of ancient history and discovery.

September NetEnt Game Releases

September 22nd: Motörhead Video Slot

Now this is one game we can definitely tell you more about! The last in the NetEnt Rocks! trilogy of video slots, its arrival comes in the wake of the huge popularity of its two predecessors, the Guns n’ Roses slot and the Jimi Hendrix slot.

If those two are anything to go by, we can expect an awesome playlist along with the game, themed symbols and some sharp graphics featuring this ground-breaking heavy metal band. Rock on, slot fiends!