Netent table game Texas Hold’em Pro most played poker game

Published on 27 February 2013 by Casino Admin

Texas Hold'em Pro most popular of all Netent poker gamesOf all the various poker games that nowadays millions of people all around the world are playing for fun, for money and as professionals in international poker tournaments the Texas Hold’em poker variant is by far the most played. Also for beginning poker players Texas Hold’em is very attractive as it is easy to learn and a good start to practice and better your poker skills. And as soon as you’ve explored the Netent Texas Hold’em Pro game in its free play fun-version you can make the step to go for the big bucks in one of the reliable Net Entertainment casinos.

In Netent Texas Hold’em Pro you play “heads up” against the dealer/the casino and you can choose to bet 1, 5 or 10 euro’s per “ante”. The “Ante” is a stake normally every player at the table must pay to be “in” and to receive 2 cards from the dealer. After receiving those 2 cards you can decide to fold (and subsequently lose the Ante) or to “Call” which means you’ll bet twice the value of the Ante after which the “Flop”, three open cards in the middle of the table, is dealt.

If you think you have a chance to end up with a winning hand, which are standardized sequences of cards like the Royal Flush, Straight, Three or Four of a kind, by combining your first 2 cards with the Flop, you can place a bet which has the same value as the ante. If not, you can choose to “check” (= betting nothing) and wait if the following dealt open card, the “Turn”, maybe betters your hand (= your 2 cards combined with the 4 open cards on the table, at that point the Flop and the Turn). If that’s the case you can bet again and if not you can choose to “Check” and bet nothing.

After this the last open card, called the “River”, is dealt and a last betting round takes place, in which you can again choose to bet or to check. Then ultimately in the ‘Showdown” the hand of the dealer is compared with yours and who has the highest ranked sequence wins the pot.

In the Netent Texas Hold’em Pro table game you play a simplified version of the real Texas Hold’em poker as there’s no possibility for “bluffing” by the bets you place. You can’t let the dealer think your hand is better than his by placing a high bet. Your chances to win are actually, like all the Netent software powered casino games, determined by its Return To Player percentage which in Netent’s Texas Hold’em Pro is (a high) 97,64%. Nevertheless it’s a perfect game for people who are new to poker, to learn the basics and to just have a good online casino time and to, because of the high RTP percentage, make some money while you’re at it too.

Netent Texas Hold’em Pro can be played in almost all Netent Casinos, under which the Interwetten casino. To first check out the game in its fun-play version for free, and (for example) learn which winning hands/card sequences there are, you should have look on the Texas Hold’em page in our Netent online Casino Guide.