Netent video slot Fortune Teller predicts your financial future

Published on 15 May 2013 by Casino Admin

Predict your financial future with Netent video slot Fortune TellerWouldn’t it be nice if we could with whatever kind of technique predict the future? We would exactly know what, where, when and how to do to anticipate on life’s events and make all the good things come our way. Unfortunately there’s no scientific proof the future can be known by looking into a Crystal Ball, interpret the Tarot, read the Horoscope or by Palmistry and therefore good old “Fate” still has the upper hand. In Netent video slot Fortune Teller however this is different, because with its high return-to-player percentage you can predict you have the chance on winning nice prizes in the Netent Casinos that offer the game.

When yours truly still was a young and energetic man of about 25 years of age, so only a couple of years ago, once he was visiting a fair, on which an old gypsy woman would read the hands of people for € 2. When yours truly, as the last one of the party he was with, wanted to let her read his hand, the gypsy woman frowned, returned the € 2 and said she wouldn’t read his hand anymore. She wouldn’t explain why not and actually decisively closed her little booth.

For years yours truly has been wondering what was wrong with his hand lines, as the woman didn’t explain anything. But she probably foresaw that one day yours truly would get involved with the exciting Netent casino games and therefore had a bright and sunny future ahead.

In Netent video slot Fortune Teller you can to a large extent determine your own future. Like the maximum of 30 bet lines on the 5 reels with 3 rows video slot are adjustable, as are the bet levels from 1 to 4 and the coin value up to € 0,50.

The special game features of video slot Fortune Teller consist of symbol substituting Wilds, Free Spins generating Scatters and an exciting interactive Bonus Game.

The Free Spin Scatters, besides activating Free Spin rounds, pay your bet times a certain multiplier, depending on how many Scatter symbols appear. Winnings of the Free Spin rounds are multiplied by 3x.

When 3 Bonus Game symbols appear on an active bet line, you’ll enter the Bonus Game of video slot Fortune Teller. Your future is predicted by a beautiful gypsy girl and you need to turn 3 Tarot cards out of a deck of 11, and each card represents a nice winning. If however you turn the Death Tarot card, the bonus game is ended and you will return to the main game.

With a (theoretical) return-to-player percentage of 93,3% and the above described special game features we can already predict no one will get bored playing this exciting Netent video slot.

To try out the game first for free you can visit the Netent video slot Fortune Teller tutorial page. If you want to play the game for real and safeguard your financial future we advise you to visit ComeOn! casino that offers this and many other Netent casino games.