Netent’s Black Jack classic casino game in modern Netent outfit

Published on 31 March 2013 by Casino Admin

Netent Black Jack classic online casino game with very high payout percentage Just like the classic casino table game of French Roulette of course also Black Jack can’t be missed in a collection of casino games especially designed, by Netent of course, to be played online on the internet in one of the reliable Netent Casinos. And just like the conventional game also Netent’s virtual version of Black Jack offers the same exciting game play online with a very high Return To Player payout percentage.

Netent table game Black Jack is played with 4 decks of each 52 cards and after each round these cards are shuffled again before the dealing round. The cards 2-10 have their proper value, the cards Jack, Queen and King are each worth 10 and the Ace can be 1 or 11.

The goal of the game is to get 21 points, or as close as possible to 21, while not surpassing this number but having more points than the dealer. If the dealer has more points than you have but stays under or on 21 the dealer wins.

As a player you first place your bet after which you get dealt 2 cards. The dealer deals himself 2 cards too, of which one visible, and if this visible card is an ace you’ve got the option to insure your hand(s) against a possible Black Jack from the dealer. The insurance will cost you 0,5 of your wager and if the dealer really has Black Jack you get paid out your wager times 1,5. If not you lose the insurance fee.

The highest cards combination is Black Jack which is an Ace with a 10 valued card (Jack, Queen or King) and pays out 3 to 2. After that the highest value is 21, then 20, then 19 and so on. A Black Jack win pays out 2,5 times your wager.

After the betting and dealing round (and a possible insurance round) you can either “stand” (you won’t get another card dealt), you can “split” (if you have 2 equal cards, for example 2 Jacks, that each are dealt another card so you’ll end up with 2 hands), you can “hit” (getting another card dealt) or you can double (getting only 1 other card dealt, after which immediately your hand and the one of the dealer are compared).

If you hit, you can choose to stand whenever you think it’s necessary (normally as close as possible to 21), that is, if you haven’t lost already by exceeding 21 points, and after a stand the dealer deals himself cards, trying to get as close to (or on) 21. If however the dealer has less points than you have or exceeds 21 (which is called a “bust”) you win.

Netent’s Black Jack table game is a very entertaining and exciting game to play with a very high Return To Player payout percentage of (theoretically) 99,6%.

To learn more about the game rules and to play the free fun playing version you can have a look at the Netent Black Jack page in out guide. To play and win with real money you could have a look at Unibet casino.