BREAKING NEWS: King Of Slots New Exclusive Netent Game Only for Casino Saga!

Published on 15 December 2014 by Rhi

BREAKING NEWS: King Of Slots New Exclusive Netent Game Only for Casino Saga!

I am pleased to be the first website to announce the upcoming exclusive video slot created by Netent for Casino Saga, King of Slots! Exclusive games are few and far between, but prove to be hugely popular and Casino Saga are now joining the ranks of specially designed games in cooperation with our favourite game provider, Net Entertainment. Netent’s game ‘King of Slots’ was designed specifically for Casino Saga and will not be available on any other casino. You can now see a video preview of this exciting new game as well!

Exclusive Netent Games

Exclusive Netent games are really for the cream of the crop when it comes to casinos. They take a lot of time and energy, but the end product is always fantastic. It really cements Netent as the best game providers in Europe (and the world?) when so many casinos want a Netent game all for themselves. The King of Slots exclusive game between Netent and Casino Saga is one of just THREE new exclusive slots we can see next year, and as with this announcement, we’ll be the first website to bring you the details!

About King of Slots

We can see from this sneak peek image that this is a slot fit for a king. It has a real feel of royalty, elegance and luxury, made clear from the antique gold theme, with diamond encrusted fruit, precious gem wilds and even the crown jewels! The royal theme is no surprise to me, as it’s perfectly in-keeping with Casino Saga’s image; even their logo has a tiny little crown!

Along with the feeling of luxury, whilst remaining true to the traditional video slot style (with fruit, gems, letters and numbers), I think we can expect some really cool features in King of Slots. Perhaps there will be a Free Spins round, bonus games, and maybe even a prince or princess or two will make an appearance. For now, we can only speculate exactly what is to come with this exciting new exclusive game release from Netent and I can’t wait to hear more.

Casino Saga Royal Story

The whole story behind Casino Saga has direct links to the monarchy. This is a Netent casino set far, far away on the Saga Islands, who lived happily for many years. One day, Betser, a horrifying boss, came along and stole the golden crown, which was to be used as a grand prize at the Casino Olympics. Now, it’s up to all Casino Saga adventure lovers (that’s you, the players!) to play all the games littered across the islands and eventually beat bosses with your progress.