Get bedazzled and play new NetEnt video slot Dazzle Me for free!

Published on 24 August 2015 by Sebas

Play new NetEnt video slot Dazzle Me for free!Never before the ‘captivating capacities’ of both the appearance as well as the exciting game play of NetEnt games were better described as in the title of today’s released new NetEnt video slot Dazzle Me, for free playable on our ‘Leading NetEnt Fansite’!

Video slot Dazzle Me will dazzle you, me and…

…probably ‘everybody’… Because there aren’t really many NetEnt video slots (or, for that matter, slots produced by other casino games providers) that have the ‘stunning looks’ and ‘amazing’ special game features that we’ll find when opening and playing video slot Dazzle Me.

First of all it can’t be missed ‘at first sight’ that video slot Dazzle Me has a completely original layout of the reels, with (from left to right) the first 2 reels holding 3 rows, the second 2 reels (reel 3 and 4) each holding 4 rows and the 5-th reel that has 5 rows for symbols to appear. This means with video slot Dazzle Me there are 76 bet lines on which winning combinations can be formed.

Besides this unconventional division of its rows and reels video slot Dazzle Me has the following (equally ‘innovative’) special game features:

  • Dazzling Wild Reels: a randomly triggered special game feature during the main game by which up to 5 reels can be completely covered by an ‘overlay’ of symbol substituting Wild symbols;
  • Free Spins: up to 16 Free Spins triggered during the main game by 3 or more Free Spins symbols simultaneously appearing ‘anywhere on the reels’;
  • Linked Reels: reel 1 and 2 and / or reel 3 and 4 ‘linked’ to (and synchronized with) each other during each Free Spin in Free Spins mode.

It’s likely the unparalleled design of video slot Dazzle Me combined with these game features will quickly establish ‘hordes’ of players that will consider the new NetEnt video slot as their favorite.

Video slot Dazzle Me special, but not unique…

As most of our readers know by now virtually every new video slot NetEnt develops and releases presents us with at least one ‘never seen before’ special game feature. However, sometimes the game developers at the ‘world leading casino software manufacturing company’ seem to get a little bit ‘bored’ by yet another ‘substituting Wild symbol that expands, spreads, transforms and activates all at the same time’ or another Free Spins mode ‘in which winnings are paid multiplied’ and during which the same ‘substituting, expanding, spreading, transforming and activating Wilds’ can appear…

So it’s no wonder at NetEnt (once in a while) they ‘innovate’ the very ‘basics’ of all (online and land-based) slot games, the design of its reels, as is the case in the NetEnt video slot Wild Rockets and video slot Reel Rush too.

Video slots Wild Rockets and Reel Rush with comparable features

In video slot Wild Rockets the 5 reels hold respectively 3-4-5-4-3 positions for symbols to occupy, adding up to a whopping 3 x 4 x 5 x 4 x 3 = 720 ‘win ways’ by which winning combinations can be formed (instead of a certain amount of ‘fixed’ or ‘adjustable’ bet lines). Likewise video slot Reel Rush by ‘progressively unclosing reel positions through consecutive winning game rounds’ can even provide players with up to 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 3125 ‘win ways’ to form the highest paying combinations.

So although in new NetEnt video slot Dazzle Me the reels don’t show the regular layout of ‘3 reels with 3 rows’ (like in most NetEnt ‘classic’ slots) or the 5 reels with 3 or 4 rows we’re normally are confronted with in NetEnt video slots, it’s certainly not the first and only NetEnt slot game that comes with this comparable (but still quite ‘peculiar’) feature.

Let unique NetEnt video slot Dazzle Me leave you stunned for free!

Exactly because of the unusual layout of the reels of video slot Dazzle Me (but also to get to know the slot’s other game features without having to spend any dime) we recommend you’ll visit the game’s tutorial page in our guide on which you can also play video slot Dazzle Me for free.