Hot! Video slot Neon Staxx real play (p)review and first impressions!

Published on 24 May 2015 by Sebas

Check out our first 'real-play' impressions of new NetEnt video slot Neon Staxx!After video slot Stickers that was released last week the next new upcoming NetEnt casino game is video slot Neon Staxx. Today I once again had the privileged pleasure to ‘pre-play’ and try out this slot already long before its actual release and of which below a detailed account.

I play video slot Neon Staxx in its free ‘fun play’ version on an utterly irrelevant (and therefore undisclosed) location.

Video slot Neon Staxx technical features and game design

Video slot Neon Staxx has the following technical features:

  • 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 fixed win lines;
  • With substituting Wilds, Scatters that trigger Free Spins and the Super Staxx feature;
  • Bet level from 1 up to 10 (20 coins per level) and coin value from € 0,01 up to € 0,05;
  • Therefore the minimum bet per spin is € 0,20 and the maximum wager is € 100;
  • Return to player pay percentage (theoretical) is 96,9%.

The main colors of the game (of course in ‘neon’) are blue and purple (and their ‘shades’ like cyan, turquoise, magenta and violet) and besides the ‘low win’ A, K, Q and J, the Wild- and Scatter symbols there are also so-called ‘Predator symbols’ depicted on the reels, being (in order from most to less valued) a Lion, a Cougar an Eagle and a Snake.

Video slot Neon Staxx game play

After loading the game of course the video slot Neon Staxx intro screen appears from which I learn there are Free Spins, Wild symbols and the Super Staxx feature to be found in the game and that up to 80.000 coins can be won with a single spin. Subsequently I start the game and decide to play on bet level 1 (20 coins) and with a coin value of € 0,50 per spin. So with each spin I bet 20 coins x € 0,50 = € 10.

Neon Staxx video slot intro screen

During the first 10 rounds I had 2 small wins, but in the 11-th game round I suddenly get what it’s apparently all about when playing NetEnt video slot Neon Staxx: the Super Staxx feature…

Video slot Neon Staxx Super Staxx symbol win

As you can see in above picture, the Super Staxx feature is a block of identical and vertically ‘stacked’ symbols that can cover a complete reel. It seems the slot randomly chooses a symbol in any randomly chosen spin that subsequently becomes ‘stacked’ on the reels, evidently increasing the chance of a big win.

Except for the Scatter symbols all symbols (including Wild symbols) can become the Super Staxx symbol. If the first two reels are completely covered with identical Super Staxx symbols the game excitingly ‘accelerates’, just like it does when 2 Scatter symbols appear on the reels and a third Scatter is ‘close’ to complete a Free Spins activating combination.

I play on for a while trying to get just that, 3 Scatters on the reels to explore the game’s Free Spins mode, but as apparently I’m not so lucky today I decide to reload the game, lower the stakes to € 1 per game round and activate the convenient ‘Autoplay’ function with 250 spins. Maybe that will do the ‘Free Spins mode triggering’ trick…

Finally! Free Spins!

With 195 rounds left of the 250 I started out with I get a ‘Big Win’ and almost immediately after that finally 3 Scatter symbols, activating 10 Free Spins.

Neon Staxx video slot Free Spins activated

The Free Spins mode intro screen (see above) displays a single spinning ‘Super Staxx symbol’ reel, containing only ‘Predator’ symbols and Wild symbols. The symbol which is shown when the reel is stopped from spinning by the player becomes the Super Staxx (stacked) symbol on the reels during all the Free Spins game rounds. In my case the snake-symbol became the Free Spins Super Staxx symbol (see below).

Video slot Neon Staxx Free Spins Super Stacked symbol

During Free Spins game rounds all symbols appear on the reels except for Scatter symbols, so no additional Free Spins can be won while in Free Spins mode.

My first impressions of upcoming new NetEnt video slot Neon Staxx

I found video slot Neon Staxx to be a colorful NetEnt casino game with ‘simple and effective’ gameplay that’s accompanied by an energetic synthesizer background tune to further emphasize the clear references to the ‘neon’ era of the ‘80s of last century.

Regarding the Neon Staxx video slot gameplay it’s likely the Super Staxx feature (as randomly activated during the main game and as a default feature active during the entire Free Spins mode) in particular that will grab the attention of many players, as this feature almost inevitably generates enormous wins (especially when symbol substituting Wild symbols become the Super Staxx symbols during all Free Spins game rounds). Starting from the 24-th of June the new NetEnt video slot Neon Staxx can be played for free on our website.