New Netent video slot Dracula shows teeth on release date 23-04-2015!

Published on 11 November 2014 by Sebas

New Netent video slot Dracula release date known! Ok… if an upcoming new  Netent casino game is called ‘video slot Dracula’ there’s almost no doubt what the game is all about… it’s of course about the famous blood sucking count from Transylvania, and as a game thus joining other ‘horror movie themed’ video slots developed by Net Entertainment like video slot Frankenstein, video slot Aliens and video slot Creature from the Black Lagoon…

Video slot Dracula ‘branded’ Netent game

What all three mentioned Netent video slots also have in common besides being based on an epic (science-fiction) horror movie, is that they are all ‘branded’ video slots, developed in cooperation with Universal Studios. Video slot Dracula, that will be released on the 23-rd of April 2015, is a ‘branded’ video slot too, most likely based on the 1931 classic movie ‘Dracula’ with Bela Lugosi playing the role of the blood-thirsty vampire and Universal Studios as the motion picture producing Hollywood studio.

Dracula and Bela Lugosi

For those who don’t know who Bela Lugosi is… he was an early motion picture movie star, at the time (during the first half of last century) as famous as contemporary horror-genre actor Boris Karloff, the latter of course most famous for his role as The Monster of Frankenstein.

Lugosi had already played the role of Dracula in the 1927 Broadway production based on Bram Stoker’s 1897 eponymous novel before he accepted the same role for the 1931 Universal Studios movie adaption. Due to the fact Lugosi himself (as an Hungarian born actor) just like the character he played in both productions was also from Transylvania, he became largely personified with (and regularly type-casted for) the role of the bite-happy count, leading him to ironically comment: “I am Dracula”.

Video slot Dracula like video slot Frankenstein?

If Netent video slot Dracula will, just like video slot Frankenstein and video slot Aliens, have original footage and / or pictures of the Universal Studios productions integrated, or if the atmosphere of the movie will be depicted only in 3D animations (like in video slot Creature from the Black Lagoon) at this point isn’t clear.

For that matter, it’s only fair to state (again) everything as is written above about upcoming new Netent game video slot Dracula is pure speculation (although, of course, we’re pretty sure it’s about ‘the’ vampire).

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More information about the first ‘branded’ Netent video slot to be released in 2015 will follow the coming months, when Netent (hopefully) releases video footage previews of the game (subsequently immediately watchable over here). To already get an idea about what video slot Dracula might look like you can always play video slot Frankenstein, video slot Aliens and / or video slot Creature from the Black Lagoon for free on leading Netent fansite