New Netent Casinos added to the more the merrier!

Published on 12 September 2014 by Sebas

No Less than 9 new Netent Casinos addedAs long as Net Entertainment keeps on expanding its list of online casinos that are licensed to offer the exciting Netent casino games to their players, we steadily keep on adding those casinos, after being tested and having proved to comply with our standards, to our list of safe and reliable Netent Casinos too. Both lists are getting longer and longer…


And that’s a good thing because the more casinos listed, the more options we as a player have to choose from and, more important, the more casino bonuses we are able to claim. So that’s why we are always, almost obsessive compulsively, on the lookout for (newly launched) online casinos that have a substantial portfolio of our favorite Netent casino games on offer.

And this time we’ve been quite sharp-eyed and diligent, as no less than 8 new online casinos have joined our of ‘fair-play’, ‘high RTP’ and ‘absolute player safety’ worshipping ‘happy family’ of Netent Casinos. These new family members (complete with their new family name) are:

Of course there’s loads of additional information to share about the new Netent Casinos than described in above short characterizations. So the coming days we will introduce each and every new Netent Casino personally to our readers and explain all about their background, their Netent games, their casino payment options and customer support service and of course, more important, their casino bonuses and promotions. Stay tuned to not miss out!