Type of payment: Prepaid Card/Code

What is Ukash?

Ukash, founded in 2005, is an UK based financial services provider that allows “cybernauts” to make online payments with cash money. The service is, at this time of writing, available in 55 countries and payments made with Ukash are accepted by thousands of web-shops and websites and hundreds of online casinos.

The system works with so-called pre-paid “vouchers” that can be purchased in over 420.000 points of sale worldwide. As such, the service basically converts cash money into “e-money” with which online payments can be made.
When you want to make a payment with Ukash you need to go to an Ukash re-seller to purchase the voucher with cash money.

After paying you’ll receive a ticket with an unique 19 digit Ukash code. This code represents the money you’ve paid in cash and allows you to make payments or purchase goods anywhere on the internet where the system is accepted as a payment option.

To know where the nearest Ukash point of sale is located you can consult the Store Locator on the Ukash website. On its websites Ukash also has an application that can be downloaded to install the Store Locator on a mobile device.

In many countries it´s possible to buy Ukash codes online (so you don´t have to go physically out to obtain the voucher), by paying for the voucher with an (online) bank account or a credit card.

As Ukash is available in 55 countries the vouchers are issued in many local currencies. However, to make (transnational) online payments sometimes it´s needed to convert the local currency into one of the most common used currencies (US dollar, Euro or British Pound). This can be done on the Ukash website in the Manage Ukash area with the Ukash Convert Tool. Of course in that case Forex Rates will apply that can be consulted on their website too.

Suppose you buy an Ukash code for, let’s say, € 100 and € 50 of that amount you spend in a web-shop…
Of course you won’t lose the remaining € 50 but you’ll receive a new code that represents your “change money” and which you can use to make another online payment.

Besides the above mentioned possibilities you can also use Ukash vouchers to transfer money to e-wallets or prepaid (debit) cards. You can also split an Ukash code of a certain value into several codes representing smaller amounts. In that way one Ukash code of, for example, € 100 can become 10 Ukash codes of € 10 or 5 codes of € 20 each.

The other way around is possible too: you can combine several smaller valued codes and “add them up”, changing them into one larger amount Ukash voucher.

Last but not least Ukash offers clients to apply for a (plastic) Ukash MasterCard that can equally be uploaded with money by the Ukash vouchers. This prepaid card allows users to pay on the websites of millions of e-businesses and in millions of points of sale all around the world, everywhere a MasterCard payment is accepted. By using the MasterCard platform it´s even possible to get cash money out of ATMs at banks worldwide.

Although it’s not necessary to register at Ukash to be able to use their services, we strongly recommend you actually do so on one of their websites, in order to fully benefit from the system´s features. Besides this, many of the above mentioned possibilities like splitting and combining vouchers, the Currency Conversion Tool, purchasing a voucher online and many other profitable services (that we haven´t even mentioned over here) are only available for registered users. Registration is free, quick and no sensitive financial information need to be provided.

An Ukash voucher has to be regarded as “real” money as after all you´ve paid with “real cash” for it. Therefore always take good care of your vouchers because losing a code worth € 100 is like losing a € 100 bill.

After having purchased a voucher Ukash payments are carried out instantly and completely anonymous.

Paying with Ukash in an online casino

Paying in an online casino with Ukash is very simple. Once you’ve bought a voucher of a certain value you go to the payment / deposit section of the casino and under “Payment options” you choose “Prepaid Cards”. Next you choose “Ukash” as payment method and you enter your 19 numbers Ukash code (which represents the total value of your voucher) into the indicated field. After this you pick the currency of your casino account and finally you fill in the amount you want to be transferred from your voucher to your casino account.

By confirming your transaction the desired amount will immediately be written off of your Ukash voucher and added to your account. Normally you’ll receive an e-mail confirming your payment.

Note: before you make a payment in an online casino with Ukash it’s wise to check out all the payment conditions or even contact the casino´s helpdesk as in some online casinos they only accept “complete” vouchers, for the full voucher value and no “part” of Ukash vouchers.

Withdrawing with Ukash in an online casino

It´s not possible to withdraw money from your casino account using Ukash. If a deposit is made with Ukash in order to withdraw funds another method needs to be chosen.

Advantages of using Ukash

There are various advantages recognizable of using Ukash to make a payment in an online casino:

  • Payments are carried out instantly. There´s virtually no delay between depositing and having the paid amount available on the casino account;
  • Payments made with Ukash are safe and reliable. You don´t need to provide any fraud sensitive data (like personal, bank account or credit card data) to make an Ukash deposit. The only information you need to enter is the amount and the 19-digit Ukash code;
  • An Ukash deposit is completely anonymous. Even to purchase the voucher at a point of sale doesn´t require any identification of the buyer whatsoever. There´s no credit-check and you don’t even have to be registered at Ukash as a client (although, as stated above, this can bring you several other profitable advantages) to still be able to use their service and have online e-money at your disposal.
  • Furthermore Ukash offers a great way to manage your casino play money budget as you can never spend more than you’ve paid for in cash. Also the service offers, after registering as an Ukash client, various very handy online tools to optimize your Ukash payments and get the most out of your Ukash voucher.
  • Finally it can be a welcome advantage to be able to pay with Ukash in various currencies and with the Ukash Prepaid MasterCard you can pay bills everywhere they accept MasterCard (debit card) payments, both on the internet as well as in normal stores.

Disadvantages of using Ukash

The disadvantages of Ukash are the following:

  • If you don´t want to register at the Ukash website as a client to buy vouchers online you need to physically get out to obtain a code;
  • It might be quite a task to fill in the 19-digit code in one go without goofing off at least once;
  • The biggest disadvantage is you cannot make withdrawals by using Ukash.

Where to pay with Ukash?

As Ukash is one of the few online casino depositing options that are completely anonymous and done by cash, many of the Netent Casinos we´ve listed on our website accept Ukash payments. Have a look at the right side-bar of this page to get an overview of the Netent Casinos that are currently accepting this way of depositing.