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Most online casinos that can be found on this website work with a so-called “casino affiliate program” that can be joined by anyone for free. On this page you’ll find everything about affiliate marketing, the Netent Casinos with the best affiliate programs and the best commissions, as well as an explanation about the different affiliate compensation methods.

What’s an Affiliate?

What’s an affiliate?On the website of virtually every good online casino, a special link called “Affilliate” can be found, most of the times somewhat stashed away at the right-hand side bottom of the page. But what does this mean exactly? And what’s an “affiliate”? In some countries, in which online casino gaming officially still is prohibited, it’s very difficult for online casinos to promote their product. Therefore, instead of advertising, for example, on television, they make use of “affiliate marketing”. The person or company that provides this marketing for the casino is called the “affiliate”.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Making Money with Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing simply put works as follows: When you register to an affiliate program of an online casino you’ll receive a unique tracking URL that is used to “keep track” of traffic coming from your own website to the website of the specific casino. Most of these affiliate programs have all sorts of digital promotion material (banners with links) instantly ready, with your personal affiliate ID code (tracking URL) already embedded and ready to be integrated on your website. When a visitor with of your website subsequently clicks on the link he or she will end up at the casino’s website. And if this visitor decides to open a casino account at the casino you, as an affiliate, will be rewarded by a commission or another form of compensation, depending on the specific “Terms and Conditions” of the casino’s affiliate program.

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?There are several different ways to make money with online advertising but when it concerns affiliate marketing in general the following forms of compensation are used:

  • CPA (Pay per NDP): in this form of compensation you’ll get paid a certain amount of money for every visitor that has arrived by your link in the casino, that opens a casino account and that makes a first deposit (CPA means “cost per action” and NDP means “new depositing player”). The rules applied to the compensation of affiliates by CPA can be quite hefty as the system can easily be manipulated by fraudulent affiliates.
  • Revenue Share: in this way of compensating the affiliate is rewarded based on the revenue that is generated by the online casino out of the player sent by the affiliate’s website.
  • Hybrid Deals: Hybrid Deals are a combination of CPA and Revenue Share compensation: a (lower) CPA percentage and a (lower) percentage of Revenue Share.

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