Type of payment: Virtual pre-paid card

What is AstroPay Card?

The AstroCard online payment solution is based on a virtual pre-paid (debit) card that can be bought online and that can be used to make payments to hundreds (if not thousands) of websites accepting the payment method. The beauty of the system lies in the fact the AstroPay cards can be purchased using many different payment methods like credit / debit cards, internet banking, e-wallets, bank transfers and even with cash.

To use AstroPay Card a customer needs to sign up at the service by opening an AstroPay account on the service’s website. During this procedure, that will only take a few minutes, some basic personal data is asked to provide, after which a verification e-mail is sent to the e-mail address of the customer. This e-mail needs to be responded (thus confirming the provided e-mail address is really owned by the customer) which immediately will activate the AstroPay account.

To make a payment online with AstroPay the customer now needs to buy an AstroPay Card of a certain value. There are cards available from $ 25 up to $ 500 dollar and the values of up to 10 cards can be combined to add up to a larger value (requires contacting the AstroPay customer service). How many cards can be bought depends on the jurisdiction the customer is residing in. The cards are purchased with the local currency of the customer (that is converted into dollars, the currency of the cards) and by using a local payment method.

The payment processing times for purchased AstroPay cards vary depending on the payment method chosen and range from anything between 0 seconds (instantly) up to 3 banking days. After the service has processed the payment for a card, it will confirm the payment by sending the 16 digit card number of the AstroPay virtual pre-paid card, together with the accompanying 3 digit CVV code by e-mail to the customer. Just like with a credit card payment these codes need to be used to conclude an AstroPay payment on the internet. Bought AstroPay Cards can be used until 12 months after the customer has received the card codes. The cards cannot be “reloaded” with funds. An AstroPay Card is carried out by the following procedure:

  • Choose for AstroPay Card as the preferred payment method on the payment page of a website;
  • Enter the required data (amount to pay, your e-mail address, AstroPay card- and CVV number and card expiry date) into the fields on the form that has appeared;
  • When asked (after checking the payment details) confirm the payment;
  • AstroPay will immediately transfer the payment amount to the account of the recipient, deduct the paid amount from the balance of the payer and send a confirmation of the payment to both the payer as well as the payee by e-mail.

The value of an AstroPay Card can also be used partially and the (remaining) balance of specific cards can be checked by logging in into the AstroPay account, where also the card’s transaction history can be found.

Once having signed up for the service and having bought one or more AstroPay virtual pre-paid cards the subsequent online payments by using the system are safe, reliable, free of any charges and carried out instantly and anonymously.

Paying with AstroPay in an online casino

Depositing funds with AstroPay in an online casino is done in the same way as a normal payment on the internet by using the method. Just choose AstroPay as payment option on the casino’s deposit page, fill in the amount to deposit and the AstroPay Card details in the provided fields, confirm and within seconds the deposited funds are available on the account.

Withdrawing with AstroPay in an online casino

It’s not possible to retrieve funds from an online casino account by using AstroPay Card
Advantages of using AstroPay
Several advantages can be recognised in the usage of AstroPay as an online casino payment option:

  • First of all the service is safe, as personal and banking data about the payer is shielded from the recipient (making the payment anonymous and thus less susceptible to actions of malevolent third parties);
  • Second, AstroPay payments are completed virtually instantly; • Third, the payments made with AstroPay Cards are free of any service fees;
  • Fourth, AstroPay Cards can be purchased by using local payment methods in local currencies;
  • Last but not least, as AstroPay is a pre-paid (debit) card there’s less risk of spending more than you can afford.

Disadvantages of using AstroPay

Some of the main disadvantages of using AstroPay Cards as an online casino banking method include:

  • No withdrawals from the casino account can be made by using AstroPay;
  • The service is only available for residents from certain (Latin American) countries.

Where to pay with AstroPay?

To find out which Netent Casinos allow players to deposit funds on their casino account by using the AstroPay Card payment method you can have a look on the side bar of this page where those Netent Casinos are listed.

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