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James Byrne

Content writer

James Byrne is the main writer/blogger/scribbler about all things NetEnt here at NetEnt Casino. The slot-mad content creator studies all the new NetEnt games and casinos that are released every month, making sure our readers are kept fully up-to-date with everything that’s going on in the wild world of iGaming. What games and casinos does he recommend? How does he find working as an iGaming content writer? Find out below.

James Byrne
Ravishing, Herculean, Dashing and Beautiful

Short Bio About James

These are only a few of the many complimentary words that James Byrne, our 30-year-old reviewer, and iGaming reporter, has never been called.

While he’s not winning any beauty contests anytime soon, the former UK news journalist is a dab hand at reporting – especially on all the twists and turns of the iGaming industry.

In 2016, James swapped the council chambers/courtrooms and press briefings of a regional newspaper journalist for the glamorous razzle-dazzle world of online casinos.

He now writes previews, reviews and news articles about casinos, games, and bonuses.

After moving to Malta in 2016 to become a professional casino business writer, he quickly became aware of NetEnt and their online games, seeing them for the trendsetters that they are, and decided to join NetEnt Casino in order to report on all things NetEnt.

James' Casino Tips

Hey folks, James here! I’m switching to the 1st person tense now – writing about yourself in the 3rd person is a little weird and formal. Not a good style for talking about fun things such as playing games!

As I spend my Mondays to Fridays, and often Saturdays and Sundays, writing about online casinos – I’ve picked up one or two tricks and tips to keep in mind when playing at them.



  • Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

    No matter whether you’re playing slot games, jackpot games or table games – you should set a target for what you want to win (or how much you’re prepared to lose if your luck isn’t on par) and stick to it.

    For example, massive jackpot wins are rare but they still happen all the time. Once you’ve set your sights on your targeted prize, don’t get distracted by minor goals – be in it to win it!


  • Enjoying A Specific Casino? Get Onto Their VIP Program ASAP!

    If you’re good at something, never do it for free – that’s one of my favourite bits of life advice and it sorta works here. Many online casinos have VIP programs that give their returning players some pretty tremendous rewards – from much bigger bonuses to huge holidays and prizes.

    If you’re enjoying playing at a casino then get in contact with their customer support team and ask what their VIP program situation is – and pretty soon you could be living it up VIP style.


  • Take Regular Breaks

    Casino games are designed to be fun, but also a little addictive – and it can be easy to keep playing for hours on end, especially if you’re on a hot winning streak or if you’re chasing losses (which I also don’t recommend!!!).

    It’s times like these, when you’re a little fatigued or in a rhythm, that you may not bet as wisely as you would if you were fresh-faced and rejuvenated. Give yourself a break and, who knows, you might do even better!


  • Licenses Are Important

    In our casino reviews, we stress the importance of casino licenses, and that’s because they really do matter.

    If you’re playing at a casino with a UK, Malta, and Curacao license you are so much more protected than if you choose to play at casinos without them.

    Always read up on casinos before you start playing at them and you could save yourself from some severe frustrations in the future.


James' Favourite Games

  • A millennia ago, my Irish ancestors were being pillaged and plundered by the fierce Viking boatsman of Norway – so maybe I should hold a grudge against them? It’s useless, they’re just too damn cool, especially in the Netflix show. NetEnt obviously picked up on this as they decided to make a slot using the characters from the show and it’s been a big success. The Free Spins mini-game ‘Raid Spins’ is very fun and can be very rewarding and the atmosphere of the game is unbeatable.
  • EDITORS CHOICE Turn Your Fortune
    Speaking of spins! Turn Your Fortune has been the most popular NetEnt game of 2019 and that’s probably down to the fact that the game is packed with free spins and re-spins. Turn Your Fortune harks back to a better age of iGaming when games were jam-packed with tonnes of exciting features – and that’s why it’s one of my top 3! Travel to a world of beautiful Art Nouveau now and enjoy everything Turn Your Fortune has to offer.
  • James Byrne - A black and white photo of NetEnt Casino author James Byrne - Created by NetEnt Casino EDITORS CHOICE James Byrne
    I love playing Jingle Spins for the same reason that I love dusting cinnamon all over my coffee – because I love any taste, smell and game that reminds me about the best day of the year, Christmas. Wait, that’s why you’re recommending this game? Because it’s Christmas-themed? Get a grip, James. Hold on, there’s more! Jingle Spins also has a really fun spinning wheel feature that shows you that big wins can be just around the corner. Try it now!

Life As An IGaming Content Writer

The iGaming market is constantly in flux and more and more websites about casinos are starting up every day – so, if you think you’d enjoy working within an endless sea competition, become an iGaming content writer!

However, this also makes my job very rewarding, because online casino players are becoming savvier and can see which sites like NetEnt Casino are truly filled with helpful content or are just spammy websites that are trying to make a quick buck by advertising casinos.

I know, from the interaction we have with our readers across the world, that we’re helping them to navigate the complicated casino world and get more for their money.

It’s hard to know what the future holds for online gambling. There are potential pitfalls, with multiple countries considering tight regulations to stop their citizens from freely wagering their cash; but there’s also lots to look forward to.

As technology improves and casinos/game developers get more creative with their services, there will be more for the players to enjoy – and I hope this is a trend that continues!

Where Does James Play?

The top 3 ingredients of any decent casino that I spend my time on are 1) Games 2) Bonuses 3) VIP programs

There needs to be a big selection of games, ideally over 1000, to give you a varied amount of game features to play with – otherwise, it can feel like you’re stuck with limited ways to win money.

If I’m going to be enticed to play at a casino, it also needs to have big bonuses that will help me get started and to enjoy that feeling of potentially winning something for nothing.

Thirdly, I like to feel like the more I play, the better off I’m getting – even if I’m losing – and that’s what decent VIP programs do. If you can earn a bigger and better reward at Casinos by playing at them, then that is perfect for me.

At the moment, I’m playing at 3 different casinos that fulfill these criteria:


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Register for 100+ free spins and more!

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