Cashback Bonus

A Cashback Bonus is a refund in bonus money, or sometimes even real cash money, that you get back into your account if you have lost money while playing. Normally this kind of bonus is a percentage of your net losses. As you will have already wagered your funds, you really have nothing to lose when taking part in this kind of promotion. A Cashback Bonus or real money Cashback reward is getting more and more popular at casinos.


A Cashback Bonus is awarded based on your total net losses over a specific period of time (or on a specific game) and calculated by a certain percentage. The used percentage differs from casino to casino but is usually set between 5% and 25%. The way in which the Cashback is credited into your account can also vary and can either be granted as bonus money or as real cash.

How Does A Cashback Bonus Work?

Cashback bonuses vary between casinos, but ultimately you will receive money back to your gaming account. Sometimes a casino will offer these promotions on specific games, thus encouraging customers to play the game with reduced risk. Most of the time, however, cashback is calculated over a set period of time (daily, weekly, monthly or otherwise). Normally, there’s also a limit to the amount you’ll be able to receive. The best way to explain how this works is with a couple of examples:

Cashback Bonus - NetEnt Casino


Cashback offer 1:

A cashback casino offers you 5% Cashback when playing NetEnt’s Conan. You play through 100 Euros on this game and lose the lot. Your net loss, therefore, is 100 Euros. 5% of this is €5 so that’s what you can get back.

Cashback offer 2:

You are offered 5% Cashback on your daily losses while playing on any Netent game on a certain day. You have 200 Euros in your account and play through this; you use your luck and finish the day at 400 Euros. As you have a net profit, you will not be awarded anything in this Cashback promotion.

Cashback offer 3:

You take part in a cashback promotion that offers 25% up to a maximum of 50 Euros. After your betting, you are 300 Euros down. You will receive 50 Euros bonus, as this is the maximum you can be rewarded back.

How To Find Casinos With Cashback Offers?

If you’re loving the sound of cashback offers then you’ll be happy to know that they are very popular at online casinos.

The companies behind these cashback casinos spend a ton of cash every year on their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) departments, aiming to keep as many players playing as possible.

One of the more common tactics to retain players like us is to offer cashback offers. We’ve all had bad gambling days when the chances of winning anything seem to drop through the floor and the thought of playing on makes you feel physically ill. This is where the cashback offer comes in. These promotions help us grab back some of our lost funds and feel a bit better about our bankroll.

It’s easy to understand why cashback is popular and why there are so many casinos who offer it. To find the top casinos with them simply check out our list of online casinos above.

Cashback Casinos Terms And Conditions

Despite how long, dull and user-unfriendly bonus terms and conditions can be, we still strongly recommend that you read through them before claiming a casino offer. Every casino has its own rules and requirements, such as with how much you’re allowed to bet with bonus funds and the total amount you’re allowed to withdraw. If you don’t follow these rules, you run the risk of losing all your hard-earned winnings and cashback terms and conditions are no exception.

How Do I Qualify For A Cashback Bonus?

Most online casinos only offer “real money” Cashback Bonuses to players taking part in the casino’s VIP or Loyal Player program. However, normally they can be claimed by all players. Some Netent Casinos have a standard Cashback program on a weekly or monthly basis. To find out for sure, head over to their Promotions pages.

Explore our list above to find a full range of casinos that offer Cashback bonuses to countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia New Zealand or any other.

Wagering Requirements On Cashback Bonuses

Requirements for cashing out a cashback casino bonus will vary from casino to casino. In some cases, wagering requirements can be 1. In other casinos, it can be as high as 10 times or more, but normally the turnover requirements for these bonuses tend to be much lower than for a deposit or reload bonus received. Otherwise, it would be a little mean to promise cashback only to force players to bet this amount over and over again to get it back.

What Is The Difference Between A Cashback Bonus And A Welcome Bonus

The difference between cashback bonuses and welcome bonuses is easy to explain as they are chalk and cheese. As you’ve read on this page, cashback offers give you back a certain percentage of your losses back in bonus form. Welcome bonuses, on the other hand, give you a bonus based on how much you add into your account for your 1st deposit.

Where these types of offers share similarities is with the bonus funds you get from both. You won’t be able to withdraw these funds straight away but will need to play through them by following the offers’ terms and condition closely.

Top Up Bonus Vs Cashback

A Top Up bonus is exactly the opposite of a Cashback Bonus. Instead of receiving (bonus) money as a percentage of your losses credited back, you’ll get extra money on top of your winnings. This kind of bonus usually is also calculated by a percentage on winnings in a certain period of time or on winnings from a certain game and can also be granted as real money or bonus credits. The percentages used in these bonuses are lower, normally 5% – 10%, and often a Top Up Bonus accompanies a Cashback Bonus.