‘Other games’ are all Netent casino games that don’t ‘fit’ in any of the other categories of games and truly have certain characteristics (usually expressed in their specific game-play) that makes them different from all other Netent games. Originally this category compiled 3 Netent games, but since November 2014 only Netent Bonus Keno remained available. Play Netent Bonus Keno for free and read the tutorials of the other two (disappeared) “Other Games’.

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Gamble Games

Since the beginning of time people have been playing gamble games, placing bets (a certain amount or value) on an ‘event with an unpredictable outcome’. If the bets are placed on the eventual outcome, those bets win and are paid out according to the game’s betting rules or pay-table. As early as 5.000 years ago people already manufactured dice to gamble with and experts believe even before this time gambling was already practiced in prehistoric times. During history many games were developed in which ‘chance’ is the main factor to determine if a player wins or loses and which ultimately lead to the (online) casino games we know today.

Most casino games, also the online playable, can be easily categorized in table games, slots, video poker games an instant win games. Some online casino games however are so significant different from other games they’ve been given the category “other games’, typically consisting of online bingo, keno and ‘virtual’ betting games.

The Netent ‘Other Games’ were all (local) jackpot games and consisted of Netent Bonus Bingo, Netent virtual horseracing betting game Golden Derby and Netent Bonus Keno. In Novermberrt ofg 2014 Net Entertainment released jackpot video slot Cosmic Fortune that substituted other (obsolete) local Netent jackpot games, under which Golden Derby and Netent Bonus Bingo.

So currently the only ‘Other Game’ provided by Net Entertainment to Netent Casinos is Bonus Keno. The game of course also can be played for free on our website, while we’ve also maintained the game tutorial pages of the ‘lost’ Netent games..

Bonus Keno

Netent Bonus Keno is the online version of a lottery game that originated in China. Out of a sequence of numbers (from 1 up to 80) players need to pick a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 numbers. Subsequently the casino draws 20 numbers and if a number is both picked by the player as well as the casino the player wins a prize.

Originally the 20 numbers drawn by the casino were randomly retrieved from a (spinning) bowl or cage with 80 numbered and mixed up balls, much the same as we nowadays still can see in many lottery drawings on TV and in many different countries. In the digitalized and online version of Keno these 20 numbers are generated by Random Number Generating (RNG) software. The height of winnings from a Keno game round is determined by the amount of numbers a player has picked, the bet level and the number of ‘hits’.

With Netent Bonus Keno a (locally accumulated) progressive jackpot can be won and also has a Bonus Game with which a free game round can be won.

Bingo and virtual betting Games

As stated formerly Netent also offered a flash casino Bingo game and a horseracing virtual betting game. With both games also a jackpot coulkd be won but they were replaced by the jackpot video slot Cosmic Fortune. On our fansite you can still read their game tutorials and can you see an image of the game (instead of the normal free play versions).

Play Gamble Games for Free

Besides it is quite fun to play Netent Bonus Keno for free (and experience completely risk-free what the game is all about) some practice sessions with free Netent Bonus Keno eventually also can make the difference between winning and losing (when playing the game for real money). For those curious about the past ‘Other Games’ Golden Derby and Bingo their extended game tutorial page can still be visited on our website.

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