Casino Loyalty Programs

15 casinos offering Casino Loyalty Programs

As online casinos have evolved over the years, so have the experiences offered to players. Instead of just creating simple websites filled with games, more and more brands are now opting to create full 'experiences' - allowing players to earn rewards by continuing to play at their casinos. We've gathered a long list of these casinos below for your viewing pleasure - so that you can get the most from online gaming.

Make sure your loyalty is rewarded!

What Are Casino Loyalty Programmes?

A casino loyalty programme is a system of rewards that is offered to players who regularly play at an online casino. Due to the iGaming scene being such a fierce arena, where operators are vying for as much custom as possible, you can expect to find these loyalty programmes at the majority of top online casinos.

After signing up and making a deposit, you’ll typically be automatically enrolled in these rewarding schemes, if not, be sure to check your online casino’s promotion page where you may be required specifically to opt-in.

As a regular player, you will earn points (or a casino-currency equivalent) for every wager you make with real money. After accumulating an amount of these points, you will be able to exchange them for a wide range of rewards including: bonus cash, free spins and even expensive gadgets.

At a fundamental level, casino loyalty programmes are more or less the same; you place your wagers and earn points. The only real differences are the rate at which you earn points and what you can exchange them for.

Some online casinos may award 1 point for every pound or euro wagered, whereas others may have an increased requirement. Be sure to check the terms and conditions at your selected online casino for specific details about their conversion rates.

Why Should You Join Loyalty Programmes?

Whether you’re a high rolling online casino veteran or a cautious, yet optimistic, enthusiast, where available you should always opt into online casino loyalty programmes. They require nothing more than for you to play your favourite games as you normally would, yet you are rewarded for doing so.

A good loyalty programme can offer you plenty of benefits if you play regularly. As you climb through the various ranks you can earn multiple rewards that’ll enhance your overall experience.

If you’re a fan of video slots then you’ll be pleased to hear that a large number of these reward schemes offer free spins on some of your favourite games. There’s usually a designated day, once a week, where you will receive a number of these bonus spins to play with to potentially win some fantastic cash prizes. Obviously, the higher your level within the loyalty programme, the more spins you will be rewarded.

Players of other types of casino games aren’t left out either. Whether you’re a card game aficionado or a regular at the roulette table, you can also earn bonus funds to try your luck against the dealers and croupiers.

As with everything in the gambling industry, innovation and evolution within the sector are paramount. As a result, loyalty programmes are becoming even more impressive in order to attract new players and reward seasoned players for their continued custom.

Essentially, what this means is that you can expect even more bonus cash and other rewards to play with.

So, when you’re choosing your new online casino, keep an eye out for its loyalty programme and make sure to opt-in for some truly thrilling rewards!

How Do Casino Loyalty Rewards Work?

You’ve found the ideal online casino with a loyalty programme that seems rewarding, all you need to know now is exactly how they work. Such as the intricate details that define what you can earn, at what rate you can expect to be rewarded and how much you really need to spend.

Your answers lie ahead. Drum roll…

First of all, understanding how to progress through your loyalty programme is key. As most online casinos employ a tier-based structure, which offers new and ever-increasing rewards at each level you reach, figuring out how to attain the next set of perks is important.

This is usually accomplished by gathering a set number of points (or alternative casino currency). Once you have reached the required amount, your level within the loyalty programme will be upgraded and you will unlock the next set of perks.

As a rough example:


New Member Bronze Silver Gold
Points required 100 500 1,500
Free Spin Sunday 5 Free Spins 10 Free Spins 20 Free Spins 50 Free Spins
Birthday Bonus
VIP Tournaments
Monthly Cashback ✔✔ ✔✔✔


As you can see, the greatest awards are set aside for players who have reached the higher levels, but you can still enjoy all that is available to you until you level up.

The next thing to understand is how to accumulate enough points to progress further.

Whenever you play any casino game for real money, you will be awarded points depending on how much you have wagered. Different games award these points at different rates based on the variance of the selected game. For example, wagering on video slots will result in points being awarded at a faster rate than blackjack because slots have a higher variance than table games.

For example, at Playzee, you accumulate Zee points at different rates:


Bet Zee Points Game
£5 1 Video Slots
£40 1 Roulette Games, Card Games, Video Poker
£10 1 All others


Ultimately, the amount you’ll need to spend in order to advance within your loyalty programme depends on what games you prefer to play.

Avid slot players will typically progress much quicker than those who prefer table games, but whatever your game of choice, you’ll always be making some sort of headway towards the next exciting set of rewards!

It is worth mentioning that whilst most common, multi-tiered loyalty programmes are not the only type available others do exist. We shall cover these in further detail in this article.

Which Casinos Have The Top Loyalty Programmes?

After understanding all you need to know about loyalty programmes and what they have to offer, the question is: which are the best ones and where can I find them?

We’ve touched on a few of the different programmes available at a number of online casinos throughout this article, so now it’s time for our top recommendations.


A magical and wondrous place where iGamers can come together to play their favourite games whilst duelling each other for fantastic prizes. The loyalty programme that’s in place at Duelz ties in directly with your avatar’s journey.

As you proceed with your quest at this online casino you will earn experience points. These can be exchanged for bigger and better spells to help defeat other players and collect treasure chests containing special rewards and many other in-game treats. As your avatar levels up and defeats more and more opponents, you will climb the leaderboards which will in-turn reward additional chests and rewards!


A more typical loyalty programme is on offer at Karamba. By placing wagers with real money you will earn Reward Points which can be exchanged for bonus cash. Not only that, as you accumulate points you will rise through the ranks of this loyalty programme, unlocking more rewards along the way!


Regardless of what you play at 888casino, as long as you’re staking real money, you will be earning comp points. As a loyal and regular customer at this online casino, you will eventually amass a number of these, which you can redeem for cash. Depending on the currency that you play with, there are different conversion rates, these are listed below.


Currency Wager Comp Points Earned Comp Points Required to Exchange for £/€/$/C$ 1
£ 10 1.5 150
10 1.35 135
$ 10 1 100
C$ (Canadian) 10 1.25 125

A similar loyalty programme to Karamba is on offer at You will be automatically inducted from day one, so you’ll be earning bonus points whenever you spin, wager or play any of’s games. There are 7 different levels to reach, each with increasingly impressive rewards, but the final 2 tiers are exclusive to those who have received a special invite.

Some of the perks you can expect at are: birthday bonuses, weekly free spins, VIP Live tournaments and, eventually, personalised offers and monthly cashback! So be sure to head on over and check out’s exciting rewards!

Different Types Of Casino Loyalty Programmes

Tier-based Progression

This type of loyalty programme is one of the most commonly available. Throughout the time you spend at one of these online casinos you will earn points for every wager that you make with real money.

Depending on what type of casino game you play, you will earn these points at different rates. Video slots typically offer a faster reward rate than table games and other offerings due to the higher variance in the game.

Once you’ve accumulated the required amount of points, you will be upgraded to the next level within the loyalty programme. Each level will unlock more perks such as: an increased number of free spins, more cashback and even entry into private tournaments.

The more you play, the more points you will earn. If you’re a regular visitor to your selected online casino, you’ll be able to reap these fantastic rewards much sooner!

Redeemable Currencies

Another way in which online casinos reward loyalty is by awarding you with in-house currencies. Examples of this are found at Temple Nile Casino and Playzee, where you can earn Temple Tokens and Zee points respectively.

Again, these currencies are awarded at various rates depending on which game type you play. At Temple Nile Casino, you will earn a number of Temple Tokens for every €10 you wager.


Slots 2.00 Tokens
Roulette 0.25 Tokens
Blackjack 0.50 Tokens
Scratchcards 2.00 Tokens
Video Poker and Video Poker Sidebet 1.00 Tokens


Once you have built up enough Temple Tokens in your private vault, you can head on over to the Temple Bazaar to redeem them for many exciting prizes. For video slot enthusiasts, there’s the option to exchange between 600 – 3,850 token for a set number of extra spins on some fantastic games.

For those that want something more tangible, however, you can hoard your Temple Tokens in order to save up for real prizes such as: laptops, mobile phones and even a superb VIP holiday!

Track Rewards

Finally, we thought that this alternative type of loyalty programme was definitely worth a mention. Not just for its superb rewards, but also for its uniqueness. The casino rewards program at PlayFrank deviates from the norm in the sense that you can choose what kind of rewards you receive!

There are 3 different ‘Tracks’ available to choose from: Base Track, Spins Track and Bonus Track. Each of these have tailored rewards for your style of play.

The Base Track is the first that you will come across, it has all of the basic rewards covered. You will earn a combination of free spins, bonuses and boosters whilst you’re playing your favourite games and levelling up!

If you’re more inclined towards playing video slots, then the Spins Track is your optimal choice. During your time at PlayFrank you will receive bonus spins on new game releases, bonus spins on your deposit and no deposit bonus spins.

As they say: “Start spinning and keep on winning”!

Finally, there’s the Bonus Track. If you like to dabble with different games then this is the track for you. The way in which this works is by making a collection of deposit bonuses available and enhancing the ones you currently have. It will also improve the bonuses you receive from the daily challenges!

That’s a lot of bonuses!