Netent Casino Tournaments

Many NetEnt Casinos offer the possibility to play tournaments on the NetEnt casino games. You will play the NetEnt games like slots, video slots, blackjack, roulette etc. against the casino and the ranking of each player is displayed on a leader-board. The players that end up with the highest scores at the end of the tournament will win a bonus, real money or an other tournament prize. On this page you'll find all information about these casino tournaments as well as an overview of the NetEnt Casinos that regularly organise one.

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What is an Online Casino Tournament?

Simply put, tournaments are competitions that take place at casinos. Unlike deposit bonuses or lottery draws, these competitions pit players against one another in pursuit of prizes, which can range from free spins, bonus cash, gadgets or even holidays abroad.

A common tournament format is the leader board race. The casino selects a game or number of games (sometimes grouped by theme or game producer) that are to be included in the contest. Players earn themselves points, which are based either on amount deposited, turns played on the selected games or the number of wins.

Players are then ranked against one another in a leader board. Usually, the casino will offer prizes to a large number of players, not just the usual first to third place winners. Players who come in 200th place are often rewarded, though naturally with smaller prizes. The players occupying the top spots on the leader board once the tournament period ends are winners.

Netent Online Casino Tournaments

Netent casino tournaments are tournaments in which players can compete against the casino on casino games like video slots, slots, blackjack, roulette, scratch cards or other casino games. The results of every individual player is displayed on a leaderboard and the highest ended players on the leaderboard subsequently will receive a tournament prize. Tournaments always take place within a limited time span and it’s possible to participate in several tournaments at the same time and in the same casino.

Regular Netent Casino Tournaments

In regular casino tournaments the participants are playing with real money against each other. You’ll be participating as soon as you open a casino game that’s linked to a regular tournament that’s been held at that very moment. So in this case you don’t need to buy ticket to participate and your tournament results are immediately being shown on the leaderboard. A tournament can be organized around just one casino game, but also several casino games can be involved in the online casino competition. A casino tournament of this format usually is being held over a longer period. As soon as you open a game that’s included in the tournament during that period each time your results will be added to the results you already have on the leaderboard, according to the rules of the tournament.

Normally not all participants at the casino tournament are displayed on the leaderboard but only the first 10 or 25 players with the best results at that moment.

These classic casino tournaments are always competitions in which you have to play with real money. Free tournaments are organized too but the ranking of the participants won’t be registered or saved. Also, tournaments are being held in which you can win extra (Frequent) Player Points, but also in those tournaments you need to play for real money. Free playable casino tournaments typically are organized in a different way and to participate you’ll need a tournament entry ticket.

Online Casino Tournament Sites with Entry Tickets

Online casino tournaments by NetEnt Casino

The so-called “ticket-based” tournaments of the Netent Casinos are only accessible if you buy a ticket or an entry, or if you are being invited by the casino to participate.

The tournament has a determined period of subscription and a fixed date to start and will last an upfront determined time period.

The prizes are divided according to a tournament prize pool or consist of an amount of money or other prize provided by the Netent Casino.

The latter could be for example a trip to Australia or a high-tech gadget like an iPad or iPhone. Some tournaments are free accessible while for other casino tournaments a player needs to qualify to participate.

Many of the Netent Casinos invite a player to a tournament after they’ve made a deposit on their casino account and often only one single deposit is already enough to participate.

As a player playing with real money in any Netent Casino it could be very profitable to pay attention to any casino tournament going on.

If you combine you’re casino playing session with at the same time participating in a casino tournament you could end up with nice extra prizes out of the tournament’s prize pool.


Best High Roller Tournaments

Some online Netent Casinos organize special and exclusive High Roller Tournaments to reward players with huge prizes for the risks they take as big spenders in their casinos. High Rollers are players that either play with high amounts of money or deposit a big sum per month and play with their deposit over a slightly longer time period. High Roller tournaments normally demand a higher stake to play with but then again the prizes that can be won are higher too. As a matter of fact we’ve already seen tens of thousands of euros as tournament prize money in special High Roller Tournaments in which the Netent powered casino games were involved. It’s always good to keep an eye on the tournament schedules of the Netent casinos so you’ll know when a High Roller tournament is taking place.

Online Casino Free Tournaments

For registered players at the Netent Casinos every week somewhere a free casino tournament is organized in which you can participate without having to make a deposit first. Normally the prizes to win in those free tournaments aren’t that high, but while playing you’ll still be able to get some extra (bonus) money on your casino account. For an overview of all reliable Netent Casinos that regularly organize such free casino tournaments you can have a look on this page.

What are Online Casino Tournaments?

A casino tournament is a casino competition for players in an online casino. The players play against the casino and the results of each player are calculated according to a certain formula and displayed on a leaderboard or tournament ranking list.

Where and when can I participate in a casino tournament?

When you register as a player in one of the reliable Netent Casinos you’ll automatically be informed about the casino tournaments that casino organizes for their players. You can also participate in the tournaments we soon will organize in cooperation with several of the Netent Casinos. That’s why we advise you to on a regular basis check our news section in which we will announce those exclusive Netent Casino Tournaments. You’ll also be invited to participate in these tournaments by e-mail when you’ve registered yourself at a tournament organizing Netent Casino by our website.

How can I participate in a Netent online casino tournament?

How can I participate in a NetEnt online casino tournament?The online Netent Casinos as shown on this page are regularly organizing casino tournaments, whether involving blackjack games, roulette or a casino tournament with the Netent video slots playing a leading role. The diversity of tournaments in the various Netent Casinos can be enormous and can take place monthly, weekly or daily and in some cases even several times per day. By registering in an online Netent Casino this casino will automatically warn you when a new tournament is upcoming or starting. In most cases to participate you have to have made at least once a casino deposit and be a real money player. So register yourself in one or more Netent Casinos, make a first deposit and besides profiting from the casino’s welcome bonus you can also participate in their casino tournaments to win some extra tournament prize money.

If you want to take part in our exclusive Netent tournaments you should register in the Netent Casinos by our website. In some cases you need to provide a bonus code while opening a casino account but when you subscribe to the casino by using a direct link on, you are automatically entitled to participate in the Netent Casino’s tournaments.

How can I win in an online casino tournament?

There are several ways in which the results of the tournament players are calculated and subsequently their ranking on the leaderboard is determined. Tournaments are organized in many different ways and so can be the way the ultimate winners are chosen. Basically, there are the following methods:

  • player with best payout percentage wins;
  • player with the most money won wins;
  • player with most winnings over 20 consecutive rounds wins;
  • player with best payout percentage over 20 consecutive rounds wins.

Netent Casino Tournament Site Strategies

Netent casino tournament strategiesA different variation is when not the winnings of a player are measured to determine his ranking on the leaderboard, but simply the rounds he managed to play during the tournament. These tournaments are particularly suited to play with very low wagers as the only goal is to spin or play as many rounds as possible and the player who has the most rounds will be a winner in the tournament. And if the latter is the case you’ve won a nice tournament prize, without having to wager enormous amounts of money for it.

To avoid confusion afterward you should always read the tournament rules of a Netent Casino. For example, in some tournaments a minimum wager is required to count for the tournament’s leader board or you need to attain a certain amount of rounds played before you’re eligible to receive a tournament prize.