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Age of Akkadia (Red Tiger)

When it comes to historical themes in online slots, there are a few usual suspects that appear again and again. In fact, it can sometimes be difficult to find a slot without a common ancient Rome or ancient Greece trope behind it. This does not necessarily mean that these slots are bad, of course – after all, they are popular for a reason. It is always nice to come across a new idea, however, and to see what fresh ideas a developer is willing to bring to the table.

Red Tiger’s recent release Age of Akkadia is a game that manages to forge ahead where few have ventured before. Ancient Mesopotamia is not a concept that has received much attention, but as the recent effort from the leading game developer shows, it is perhaps an area that deserves some time and resources. Age of Akkadia takes place in the Akkadian Empire immediately following the Early Dynastic period. The empire reached the height of its power around 2223 BCE and lasted for roughly 200 years.

Are you interested in learning more about the Akkadian period? Red Tiger explores the theme quite well in its Age of Akkadia slot. Keep reading for more information about the concept and the gameplay!


Game Information Table


Game Type Video Slot Game
Release Date 05/07/2021
RTP 95.67%
Volatility Medium
Slot Build 5×5, Match-3 betways
Features Free Spins

Cascading Wins


Jackpot No
Available on Mobile Yes
Default Min/Max Bet (€) 0.10/40

Players should ready themselves for an epic battle for the ages with Red Tiger’s Age of Akkadia! From the unique setting to the enchanting visuals, Age of Akkadia is a solid entry in the developer’s long list of well-designed slots with historical themes. The aesthetics are particularly well done, with quality graphics serving to attract attention from the very first spin.

Age of Akkadia opens on an ornate 5×5 grid surrounded on either side by decorative statues. A fierce bull sits to the left of the grid, while a smirking cat adorns the right. The grid itself is framed by intricate carved stone and is topped with an ornate ‘Age of Akkadia’ banner. While the board background is an underwhelming shade of dark brown, the symbols more than make up for the monotony. There is a wealth of images on the grid that range from bull masks to hearts and even what appears to be a particularly ornery bird mask. All of these appear to be carved from stone, with the bull done in hues of bronze, the bird in hues of slate grey and pale green, and the heart in varying shades of red.

The rest of the slot’s graphics are equally well done and polished. The background feels suitably ancient, with towering pyramids and detailed stone carvings decorating the space around the grid. While not bereft of colour, the image remains fixed to mostly shades of yellow and grey. This allows the symbols to shine, with the earthy tones fitting the rest of the concept perfectly.

Age of Akkadia’s visuals do not shift much throughout the rounds. The notable change occurs during the free spins round, which we will discuss in more detail below. Here, the fiery braziers resting at the feet of the statues on either side of the grid burst into flames and illuminate every detail of the statues themselves. This lends them a rather sinister feel that draws attention even as it puts players on the edge of their seats.

Modern players with a penchant for playing while out and about will appreciate that Age of Akkadia is available on mobile as well as desktop platforms.

Are you interested in learning more about the slot’s exciting gameplay features? Keep reading!

Age of Akkadia Symbol Wins


Age of Akkadia Win Lines

Age of Akkadia Win Lines

Age of Akkadia Features


With medium volatility and a 2,048x max win, Age of Akkadia is a solid fit for a variety of gamers. This is reinforced by the minimum and maximum bets, which come in at €0.10 and €40, respectively. With wilds, cascading wins and free spins, it is easy to see why the game was a quick fan favourite. 




Age of Akkadia Wilds


The first feature of note in Red Tiger’s new release is its wilds. When symbols with high values form a winning combination, an Akkadian wild symbol is left behind after they disappear from the reels. Wilds can replace any symbol on the reels to form winning combinations and will always remain on the reels even after each subsequent cascade unless the win in question consists solely of wild symbols.


Free Spins


Age of Akkadia Free Spins

If players remove enough symbols from the reels via win cascades to reveal the ‘BONUS’ word hidden behind one of the lowest three rows, they activate the free spins round. This will immediately award them with 10 free spins. This increases by five every time the word appears during the bonus spins. Multipliers are also present during the free spins round, with the maximum rising multiplier being 30x.


Cascading Wins


Cascading wins are a major feature in Age of Akkadia. Whenever a winning combination is formed, the symbols involved cascade off the board. This typically leaves a wild behind unless the win contained only wild symbols, in which case they disappear from the reels cleanly and do not leave anything behind.


Cluster Pays


Players must match three or more symbols in a row, be it horizontally or vertically, anywhere on the reels in order to land a winning combination.


Age of Akkadia Verdict


Age of Akkadia is somewhat difficult to judge. The game’s visuals are incredibly well done. However, the gameplay is not the most novel around. This is an unfortunate development given the rather unique setting. Still, the gameplay is good even if it is not ground-breaking. If you are looking for a title that will occupy your time pleasantly even if it does not result in big wins, Age of Akkadia is a great choice. If you are more interested in massive payouts and stunning new features, it might not be the best fit.

All in all, Age of Akkadia is a good new slot that is worth a look.

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