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Archangels: Salvation

Although Archangels: Salvation may sound like just another battle between good and evil, we can assure you it’s so much more than that! We’ve seen NetEnt dabble with different reel structures and slot formats in the past, but have you ever seen one of their casino games house 100 paylines with a 40c min bet? Not until now!


As avid NetEnt fans, we’re always hopeful and on the prowl for anything new every time we fire up the studio’s latest hit. Usually we’re hunting for in-game features, but similarly to the Cluster Pays slots it’s Archangels: Salvation’s payout mechanic that’s been given a complete facelift in this eternal battle.


NetEnt slots are usually packed full of talking points, but this is perhaps on another level. That’s why it’s imperative for you to pour over a good guide to Archangels: Salvation so you know exactly what to expect when you begin to play.

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Archangels: Salvation's RTP: 96.08%
Type of casino game: Video Slot
Video Slot build: 6 reels, 12 rows and 100 fixed bet lines.
Archangels: Salvation game features: Heaven and Hell Features, Hotspot Reactivation Feature, Wild Symbols, and the Archangels: Salvation Free Spins Round.


The best way to learn the ropes is to watch and learn. Watch our very own video review below for Archangels: Salvation to prepare you for the eternal battle!


The first key point to note is that the change in construction won’t affect how you interact with this title, aside from improving one-hand play in portrait mode on mobile devices (see below). The standard bet levels and coin values remain in the same location on both desktop and mobile, with game rules and slot information provided in-play for clarification.

This is especially useful for seeking out how to land coin wins, as 100 bet lines clearly open up a lot more avenues than you’re used to. Once you start spinning, the polished sound effects will add another dimension to the suspense, alongside several animations from either the angel to the left or demon to the right at various points.

Oh, and if you’re worried about being priced out thanks to the increased paylines, don’t be. NetEnt are giving 100 paylines for only 40c, so comfortably under €1, as you can see from the bet limits section at the foot of our review.


If you’re a mobile casino player, you’re probably wondering how this 100 betline slot game will look on smartphones and tablets. As current players will already know, NetEnt are the undisputed masters of artwork, graphics and user experience – and they’re not about to bring you an entirely new concept by shirking those qualities!

As more and more iGamers choose mobile devices for their casino entertainment, you may have noticed that recent NetEnt slot releases can be played in portrait mode. While this was a useful function for other titles, it takes on a whole new meaning for Archangels: Salvation due to the extended grid. In fact, it may well be the first creation that proves better with no rotation, but we’ll leave that for you to decide!


With the everlasting battle between angels and demons forming this slot’s premise, it’s not at all surprising to see specific heaven and hell features. Although traditional stories and video games would see you punished for walking over to the dark side, NetEnt do no such thing as both features look to aid rather than hinder your progress for coin wins.

As ever, you’ll soon notice a few Wild symbols flying across the board. Although many will already be aware of their powers due to prior gaming, these icons take on even more importance because of their influence on the Heaven and Hell hotspots. As such, we’ll explain them in full to begin our Archangels: Salvation review…


With so many icon positions to cover, NetEnt have expanded the Wild symbols to 2×2. This means that a small square-sized portion of the board will be taken up when a Wild lands – and it’ll substitute for all other symbols, except for Scatters, to try and grant you an improved spin.


One of the first aspects that eagle-eyed viewers will notice is that Archangels: Salvation has two designated hotspots – one at the top of the reels and another at the bottom. These consist of two rows (three in the Free Spins Round), and both are fantastic bonus dispensers.


Naturally, the Heaven hotspot is at the top. When a Wild symbol lands either fully or partially within the boundary, this will inspire the angel into action.

Stacks of Wilds consisting of between three and five single Wild symbols will be placed on the reels, with either two Stacks given for a partial landing inside the hotspot or four Stacks if it lands fully within. Aside from the top Heaven hotspot zone, these icons can be placed anywhere across the play area, including over Wilds and Scatters.


Down at the foot of Archangels: Salvation is the Hell Feature – and it works in a very similar manner. A partial or fully landed Wild symbol in this area will this time trigger the demon to act, with single Wilds fired out at random across the grid, except for the Hell hotspot.

However, one key difference is that these single Wilds cannot cover others of its kind nor Scatter icons, unlike Heaven. A partial landing will see eight single icons distributed, but an entirely encompassed Wild will see this double to 16!


At this point, savvy gamers may well have noticed a potential result. Although each hotspot Wild feature can’t reactivate itself, that’s not true for its opposite number…

If a Wild stack, or part of, lands in the Hell area, or a single Wild drops in the Heaven zone, the Hotspot Reactivation Feature will occur. For each Wild symbol in the alternative hotspot, either one Stack of Wilds or four single icons will be generated.

What’s more, the chance of attaining the Hotspot Reactivation Feature is relatively high – at around 50%!


Phew! Now we’ve discussed this slot’s unique elements, we can feast our eyes on the tried and tested with Archangels: Salvation’s Free Spins Bonus Round. You’ll activate it when a minimum of three Scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels, with up to 25 free spins to benefit from. Here’s how many Scatter symbols activate free spins:

  • Three Scatter Symbols = 10 free spins
  • Four Scatter Symbols = 15 free spins
  • Five Scatter Symbols = 20 free spin
  • Six Scatter Symbols = 25 free spins

Each individual Scatter symbol occupies two vertical symbols on the grid, but it only counts as one – including if it’s partially visible.

We should also reiterate that both Heaven and Hell hotspots increase to three rows during the Free Spins Round on Archangels: Salvation. If you manage to attain the triple result of Free Spins Round, Hotspot Wilds and Reactivations, the win potential would be immense!


We’ll conclude with Archangels: Salvation’s wagering limits. You can choose between 1 and 10 bet levels plus 0.01 to 1 coin values for your desired total. A minimum bet of €0.40 exists in monetary terms, while the most you can place per spin is set at €200.


For wagers across all bet lines in the main game, the maximum win is up to €75,000 at max bet. The max win in Free Games is up to 9375x your bet!