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Arctic Fruits

As winter continues to drag on, with snow and ice adorning some parts of the world, most people will be daydreaming of warm summer days on a sandy beach somewhere. Some individuals, however, prefer to spend time outside in the snow, while others prefer to be curled up indoors next to a warm fire with a mug of hot cocoa. 1x2gaming has a new slot that seems to be created specifically for the cold-loving player. Featuring frosty visuals and chilling spins, “Arctic Fruits” is great for winter fans!

Would you like to learn more about 1x2gaming’s recent release? We take a look at its aesthetics and features below!

Players should ready themselves for a frozen adventure with 1x2gaming’s new game Arctic Fruits! The slot is poised to be one of the chilliest we have seen yet, and the graphics are beautiful to behold.

There is no guessing about Arctic Fruits’ theme. The graphics are quite polished, with the slot’s background featuring blue ice with spreading cracks, while the grid itself looks like a solid chunk of ice framed by a thin border covered with snow. Even the lettering of the game’s title contributes to the theme, with the angular font reminiscent of ice. The colouring helps here, too, with the letters a frosty pale blue gradient.

No slot would be complete without beautiful graphics, and Arctic Fruits certainly has them. The symbols are stunning, filled with lovely texture and bold colours in a unique art style that looks like a combination of realism and cartoony work. The symbols are clearly shaped like fruit, with nothing unusual breaking the illusion. Their colouring is a different story with deep and bright hues, which take “traditional” fruit colouring and dial it up a notch. The shading on the symbols appears to be more realistic, as does the texture of the fruits. Even the drops of water rolling down the strawberry look startlingly real.

Are you interested in trying Arctic Fruits on your favourite device? The demand for mobile gaming is steadily increasing, and today’s developers are committed to expanding players’ choice of titles. 1x2Gaming has created a slot that can be enjoyed just as much on a phone as it can on a desktop monitor, and the game’s colours will probably stand out a bit more on your mobile device’s screen. All you have to do is find an online casino offering both 1x2gaming titles as well as a casino mode designed to suit smaller screens.

Would you like to learn more about the Arctic Fruits slot and what kind of gameplay players can expect? Keep reading for more information!

What exactly can players expect with the Arctic Fruits slot? First, the game offers an exciting cascading wins system. This significantly boosts players’ chances of winning as it removes symbols that are part of winning combinations and allows other symbols to cascade down to take their place. This mechanic will trigger until there are no more wins to be had. We especially like the animation at this point in the game, which sees the symbols to be removed frozen in a block of ice before dropping off the grid. A growing multiplier worth up to 5x is also applied during this feature.

In addition to the cascading mechanic, Arctic Fruits also features 20 paylines on a 5×3 grid and beautiful symbols consisting of various fruits such as cherries and melons. The only potential downfall of 1x2gaming’s upcoming video is the title’s RTP. At 94.5%, players might not find the risk of losing their money worth the possible win, although the bet range of the game might sweeten the pot slightly. With a minimum bet of €0.10 and a maximum of €100, the title offers an impressive enough max win of 2500x.

Another feature worth noting is the game’s wild symbol. Landing one on the reels does precisely what you would expect it to do at first. It can substitute for other symbols to help players land bigger wins and replaces all regular icons on the board. However, when you land five or more of them on the grid, the symbol’s special feature comes out: a 1000x win!

Finally, Arctic Fruits features a multiplier meter resting next to the grid. When you land a winning combination, its value increases; as it rises, the meter rewards players with increasingly effective multipliers. From 1x to 5x, players can fill up the meter and try to hit bigger and better multipliers to boost their wins even further.

Arctic Fruits Verdict

What do you think about 1x2gaming’s slot Arctic Fruits? We think the game looks fantastic! The ice is so realistic you can almost feel it, and the symbols are a joy to behold. We especially appreciate the juicy fruit symbols, which genuinely look delicious! From the round cherries to the plump grapes, Arctic Fruits look good enough to eat.

The cascading wins are another big positive that Arctic Fruits offers. We appreciate both the animation of the mechanic and the way it functions. The ice cubes freezing the symbols right before clearing them from the board is a great feature that allows the new ones to fall into place. It is an excellent way to give players a bit more time to build up their multipliers and score bigger wins!

You can try Arctic Fruits at any online casino featuring 1x2gaming titles!

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