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Halloween might be over for the year, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up magic and mayhem entirely! In fact, what could be more fun than a spooky slot filled with bright colours, eye-catching symbols, and exciting wins?

Red Tiger’s recent release “Beriched” is an excellent addition to its game catalogue. It is not the most exciting slot, but the theme and solid gameplay make it a good choice.

Would you like to hear more about Beriched and what you can expect if you decide to play? Keep reading! We break down the slot’s graphics and gameplay below.

Game Type Video Slot Game
Release Date 21/10/2021
RTP 95.78%
Volatility High
Slot Build 5x4, 20 paylines
Features Free Spins Wild Symbols Recipes Scatters
Jackpot No
Available on Mobile Yes
Default Min / Max Bet (€) 0.1/ 40

Beriched slot review

Beriched has all the ingredients for a bewitching encounter!

Red Tiger keeps their 2021 releases going strong with Beriched. The game is an interesting entry that offers surprising strengths and weaknesses compared to other recent game launches. Notably, the graphics in Beriched are disappointing.

When it comes to the art style, Red Tiger usually produces impeccable titles. And while the graphics are not bad, they also aren’t anything special. The slot’s background is simple, with hanging cauldrons and flickering candles, while a giant bubbling pot underneath the grid captures attention.

The strongest aspect of the game’s graphic design is its symbols. Beriched features an interesting script font with sleek, colourful hues that play a critical role in building a comprehensive theme.

Beyond these, the artwork is somewhat par for the course. The title is available on mobile so that you can take the game’s graphics anywhere you’d like!

Beriched features

Beriched has more to offer than aesthetics alone. It begins with the game’s bet range, which runs from €0.10 to €40. While this might not be enough for big spenders with a taste for danger, many players will likely feel that the minimum and maximum bet options are more than sufficient for their needs. The slot is highly volatile, which might be a bit more polarising than its bet range. If you love spins that leave you on the edge of your seat, in other words, Beriched might be right up your street. The RTP sits at 95.78%, neither the best nor the worst we have seen in recent times. Twenty paylines and a max win of 2,754x round out the more basic features of the title.

The real fun starts with the bonus features, of course, to no one’s surprise. Beriched has a number of them, all designed to keep players engaged for even lengthy game sessions. Wilds, scatters, symbol lock, free spins, and recipe building are some of the more magical ingredients that form the most exciting of the slot’s gameplay.

Are you interested in learning more about what you can expect when you wade onto the reels? Let’s take a closer look at Beriched’s bonus features and what they mean for players.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols are a staple of most slot games, but they operate differently in Beriched. They do not appear all the time but are only present during the recipe feature (more on that below). Once they are activated, however, they behave as they should and even remain locked in sometimes!

Recipes and symbol lock

Another entertaining feature to which players can look forward is symbol lock. When you first begin spinning, a random assortment of symbols will appear below the reels. Each reel has its random symbol below it, more specifically, and these are known as the “recipe.” Players must complete the recipe by matching one or more symbols on the reel to the ingredients below.

On average, recipe match symbols are locked for one round; however, if players land additional recipe symbols on subsequent, consecutive spins, the feature will continue. If players match a symbol in reel two, for example, with the random symbol beneath it but do not match any additional symbols on the very next round (during which the symbol is locked), the reels will unlock, and the game will proceed as normal.

If you match symbols on another reel during that second spin, both the symbol from reel two and the new matching symbol will remain locked in place for the next spin.

If you manage to match at least one symbol on each reel in this manner, you have completed the recipe! Completing the recipe turns locked symbols into wilds, and the now-completed recipe will be replaced with a new one.

Note that this is the only time wilds appear in the game, and a line of them pays out 15x the stake.

Free spins and scatters

Beriched also has scatter symbols! Landing scatter symbols on reels one, three, and five triggers the free spins round with ten free spins. The recipe can still be solved during the free spins. Locked paying symbols are turned into wilds at the end of your first free spin. If you complete the recipe on the same round that will trigger the bonus spins, the symbols will turn to wilds, and a new recipe will appear.

Players who match recipe symbols during the bonus round will see the symbol matches turn into wilds that stay locked in place for the rest of the bonus round.

Scatters do not appear in the free spins round, and the feature cannot be re-triggered.


Beriched verdict

We think that while Beriched is a good slot, it is not a great one. It is entertaining enough to keep you occupied, especially if you enjoy fun supernatural themes and interesting features, but the max win is too low to be overly enticing. We also think that the game’s sparse graphic design is a bit of a let-down given the developer’s history of polished artwork.

Are you interested in playing Beriched? The game is available now!