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Big Bang

Big Bang is a video slot that is built up out of 5 separate columns, with 3 rows, 25 fixed win lines and various, adjustable bet levels and coin values. The video slot has 2 special game features, i.e. Symbol substituting Wilds and the Progressive Multiplier Meter.


*NOTE* – Big Bang was discontinued in September 2018, meaning it is no longer available to play at NetEnt online casinos.

Big Bang's RTP: 96.00%
Type of casino game: Video Slot
Video Slot build: 5 separate columns, 3 rows and 25 (fixed) win lines.
Big Bang game features: Symbol substituting Wilds, Progressive Multiplier Meter.

Check Out The Big Bang Video Slot For Free

Video slot Big Bang takes us back to the Universe of about 13,7 Billion years ago but in this case the “singularity” of a minor wager can make your winnings expand rapidly by the Progressive Multiplier Meter, just as the Universe did at the time.

How to Play Big Bang Slot

Symbol substituting Wilds

The Wild symbols in video slot Big Bang can appear on all 5 reels and will substitute for all other symbols to create winning combinations on a win line.

The Progressive Multiplier Meter

As soon as a winning combination on a win line is formed the Progressive Multiplier Meter is activated and will go up 1 multiplying level. After the first win line the winnings of the following spin will be multiplied x 2 after which the meter will progress to the next multiplying level which is x 4. As long as consecutive spins produce win lines, whether or not formed by substituting Wilds, the Meter keeps progressing 1 level at the time, multiplying winnings x 8, x 16 and eventually x 32. If no win lines are formed the Meter will go back to its x 1 level. Note: if a player decides to raise the bet after the Progressive Multiplier Meter is activated the Meter will reset to the first (x 1) level.

Big Bang Video Slot Bet Limits

The Big Bang video slot includes 25 fixed win lines, where you can pick from 4 separate bet levels and 6 different coin values, ranging from € 0,01 up to € 0,50.
The bet level represents the number of coins you play with on each win line. The coin value is the amount of real money one coin is worth. So the bet level will be multiplied by the amount of win lines and the coin value you choose to play with to determine the total bet amount per spin.

The coin values you can choose from in Big Bang are: 1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents and 50 cents. When you multiply the coin value with the bet level you can calculate the minimum and maximum bets for the Big Bang video slot.

Minimum bet: bet level 1 x 25 win lines x coin value € 0,01 = € 0,25
Maximum bet: bet level 4 x 25 win lines x coin value € 0,50 = € 50

Pay Table / Win Plan

To see when you will win something and which symbols pay the most, players can view the pay table. The pay table shows the exact amount won when hitting any successful combination. A win line in Netent games runs from the far left to right. You can view the pay table when pressing the pay table button. This button can be found at the bottom left of the screen. Only the highest winnings on any bet line will ever be paid out. When winnings occur on more than one win line, the winnings will be added up.

Big Bang Game Settings

The Big Bang video slot has a number of variable game settings that may be adjusted to your preference, These buttons are located at the bottom left of the playing screen. Here you can choose to turn the sound on or off, review the game options and turn on the auto-play function, which will spin the wheel for you automatically. The game has some additional options as per the chart below:

  • Quick spin; to switch on or off the quick spin mode
  • Intro screen; to switch on or off the introduction animation
  • Raise bet screen: to turn on or off the raise bet warning screen
  • Ambience sound; to turn on or off the ambience sound effects
  • Sound effects; to turn on or off the sound effects of the game
  • Graphics quality; to adjust the quality of the graphics to High, Medium or Low
  • Keyboard shortcut; to make the spacebar the key to spin the reels
  • Game history (only available when playing with real money); to view your latest game history

Big Bang Video Slot Manual

The Big Bang video slot has the same miscellaneous game options as other Netent games, see the chart below to learn what they do!
ROUND MIDDLE BUTTON: The round middle button starts a spin with the coin value and bet level you selected.
BET LEVEL: The bet level sets the level of the bets (number of coins per bet line).
AUTOPLAY: The auto play button activates the automatic play function.
MAX BET: This button allows you to automatically bet the highest level of the chosen coin value.
COIN VALUE: This allows you to set the value of the coins.

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