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Cash Noire

Cash Noire is a Film Noir video slot by NetEnt that has 5 columns, 4 rows and 1024 fixed bet ways. The slot game makes use of the Avalanche Feature and includes other features including the Mystery Symbol, Crime Zone and a Free Spins mode with Multipliers.

Game Information 

Game Type: Video Slot
Release Date: 24th June
Cash Noire RTP: 96.06%
Volatility: High
Slot Build: 5 reels, 4 rows, 1024 bet lines (fixed)
Features: Mystery Symbol, Crime Zone Feature, Free Spins with Multipliers
Jackpot: No
Available on Mobile: Yes
Max Win: 5,000x Your Bet
Bet Ranges: €0.20 – €200

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Cash Noire Slot Review

Noir has always managed to capture the imaginations of audiences everywhere. There’s something so captivatingly intriguing about the setting it creates and the feeling it instils. The genre has successfully made its way across books, film, tv and video games, adapting according to the times and creating some of the most memorable moments in entertainment history. So, it’s about time we actually got a noir slot!

Cash Noire takes the cynicism and moral ambiguity that lies at the core of every noir and brings it to the slots. You’ll step into the shoes of a detective who’s hot on the trail of a merciless killer stalking the city at night, leaving a bloody mess in their wake.

NetEnt has done a perfect job in recreating the Noire theme. The screen is divided into segments, making every spin feel like an intricate step in this perilous investigation. The middle segment of the screen is reserved for your slot spinning symbols, but to the right, the silhouette of a femme fatale stalks your every move as she calmly smokes her cigarette. The left-hand side of the screen is taken up by your Clue List, which is updated according to your winning combinations, slowly leading you towards discovering the identity of the criminal mastermind. All of this is perfectly brought to life through a cartoon design that immerses you deep into the world, creating an experience that feels both cohesive and holistic.

Cash Noire is available on NetEnt licensed casinos and is fully compatible across both desktop and mobile casino platforms.

Read on below, as we investigate the features and functions that make up Cash Noire. We’ll present all the evidence we have and deliver our verdict on this peculiar case.


Traditionally, slot machines and video slots use reels to populate their screens, spinning around until they reveal their final symbols. They’re an integral part of any slot, the base function within the game and determine whether you’ll be finishing the game with a heart-warming smile or a gut-wrenching frown.

Through the digital implementation of online slots, the base mechanic of the game can be altered to create more accessible and exciting ways to play the game and reveal those winning symbols. Enter the Avalanche feature. This system does away with spinning reels and instead opts for a more fluid technique. The symbols will shower down from the top row, following the motion of an avalanche, until they completely cover your screen. It’s a system that works similarly to the ‘Cascading Symbols’ that you may have seen on other online video slots. Previous symbols will exit the screen from the bottom, allowing for the new symbols to fill up space from above.

This feature changes things up quite a bit. Apart from the systematic way in which symbols are revealed on every spin, the Avalanche feature triggers an additional function whenever a winning combination is achieved. The winning combination is removed from the screen and more symbols will then fall into these newly emptied spots, opening up the potential for even more wins! If you’re playing in Free Spins mode, any wins you get through the Avalanche feature are multiplied according to your multiplier level!

Crime Zone and Clue List

We previously mentioned the Clue List, which will aid you throughout your investigation. It’s located on the left-hand side of the screen and plays an integral part in Cash Noire’s immersive experience. The list is filled with items that will help lead you to the murderer. It represents your journey towards the game’s Free Spins mode, with each Clue List item being activated through the Crime Zone function. Gather all of the list items and you’ll unmask the mysterious criminal, triggering the slot’s Free Spins mode in the process.

Speaking of the Crime Zone function, this feature will determine your progress on the Clue List and your ultimate prize in Free Spins. The Crime Zone is represented by a red pattern of hotspots that are activated on every spin. Starting with an initial size of 3 spots, it will increment to 4 and even 5 spots when clue items are activated on the Clue List. In order to activate a Clue List item, you’ll need to get a winning symbol inside of the Crime Zone. For every winning symbol in the zone, an item will be activated. Once you manage to activate Clues 3-6, the Crime Zone will increase to 4 spots, increasing your odds even further. Should you manage to get to Clue 7, the Crime Zone will reach its ultimate size of 5 spots.

Once all 13 Clue List items have been activated, you’ll unmask the villainous murderer and confront them in the slot’s Free Spins mode!

Mystery Symbol

Cash Noire is filled to the brim with gorgeously designed symbols that accurately portray some of the most iconic figures and objects that are found in the Noir genre. Amongst this collection of symbols is the enigmatic Mystery Symbol.

This symbol comes in the form of a question mark on a steel vault and can randomly fall onto your reels in both the Main Game and Free Spins mode. Only one symbol will fall per spin and comes with two different outcomes based on the spot where it lands.

Should the Mystery Symbol land outside of the Crime Zone, it will be transformed into a random symbol, slightly increasing your chances of getting a win or increasing a good streak. If the Mystery Symbol should fall within the Crime Zone, it will transform all of the symbols within the zone into a Mystery Symbol and all symbols will then transform into a random symbol, potentially guaranteeing a much bigger win!

Free Spins Mode

You’ve collected all the items on your Clue List and you’ve finally managed to catch up with the killer. You turn around the dark corner and tentatively walk down the dimly lit alleyway. Bang! The killer knows you’re onto him and fires a warning shot, before jumping into their getaway car and making a run for it. You’ve anticipated this move and quickly hop into your own vehicle, following the murderer around the foggy streets in a high-speed chase.

The stakes are set and it’s up to you to catch up with the villain. Thankfully Free Spins is now in play, giving you a much-needed advantage in the game. The Clue List section will transform into the City Chase map, with location markers along the streets replacing the Clue List items. Here, any winning symbols that fall on the 5 spot Crime Zone will activate a location marker on the City Chase map, taking you one step closer to the criminal. Every time you reach 13 locations, 2 additional Free Spins are awarded, giving you even more time to find the killer and build up your winning streak. You’ll also be treated to a Multiplier which starts at x1 and increments by 1 for every 7 location markers you obtain.

This all comes to a stunning conclusion when you reach the final location on the City Chase map, catching up to the killer and firing those shots that will finally bring them to their timely demise. The final victory will have your Multiplier reaching an impressive x10 and the game will award you with the last 3 Free Spins to award you your ultimate prize.

Finally, the case is closed, all is well, and you live to fight another day…

Cash Noire Slot Verdict

Cash Noire is an impressive video slot that takes on the daunting task of creating a Noir slot game and achieves it brilliantly. The design and sound place you right in the middle of the action and specifically tailored features like the Crime Zone and Clue List immerse you deeper into the world of the genre.

It is incredibly impressive to see all of these features work together in this specific way to make the experience feel focused, purposeful and cohesive. The detail and dedication gone into building such a holistic experience is an absolute joy for any slot or Noir fan. Cash Noire is one of the video slots that really stand out amongst the rest, through its advanced features and incredibly polished presentation.

It’s a slot that we’ve absolutely loved and can whole-heartily recommend to all players looking for a well-crafted video slot experience!

So, what are you waiting for? Take on the dangerous role of a Noir detective and solve the crime! If you feel like you need some training before taking on the real villain, you can try out the free demo here upon release. Or, if you feel like you have what it takes to solve the crime right away, head straight to one of NetEnt’s licensed casinos and play for real!