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Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is very similar to the popular Texas Hold’em. In Casino Hold’em you play against the computer. You also have the possibility to bet the AA bonus which can net you an extra profit.

Casino Hold'em RTP: 97.84%
Type of casino game: Table Game
Number of hands: 1
Extra option: AA bonus

Check Out Casino Hold’em for Free

Play Poker like the pros with this NetEnt card game. But first, why not read all about it with our review below before you play for real?

Casino Hold’em Game Tutorial

Casino Hold’em is played with a deck of 52 cards, so not including the jokers. The sequence of the cards from high to low is: Ace (high or low), King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

Poker Hands

Casino Hold’em is played with the following poker hands:

  • Royal Flush: 5 consecutive cards from the same suit from 10 to Ace
  • Straight Flush: 5 consecutive cards from the same suit
  • Four of a Kind: 4 cards with the same value (9, 9, 9, 9)
  • Full House: 3 cards of the same value and two cards of the same value (5, 5, 5 and K, K for example)
  • Flush: 5 cards from the same suit (5 clubs for example)
  • Straight: 5 consecutive cards from different suits
  • Three of a Kind: three cards with the same value (K, K, K for example)
  • Two Pair
  • Pair

AA bonus

You have the possibility to place a bet on the AA bonus. In that case you get an extra chance at a profit when after the three community cards your hand contains a pair of aces or higher. In order to receive the AA bonus winnings it is important to finish the first round.

Casino Hold’em Bet limits

At the bottom left of the screen you can see a number of different chips that can be used to place bets. You can choose from 1, 5, and 10 euro chips that can be bet multiple times and can be combined. The minimum bet in Casino Hold’em is 1 euro and the maximum bet is 100 euros.

Pay Table / Win Plan

The pay table of Casino Hold’em can be found on the left of the screen. When you move your mouse over the pay table, it will enlarge.

Possible Settings

Casino Hold’em has a number of settings that may be adjusted. You do this by using the three icons at the bottom left of the screen.

The sound can be turned on or off using the speaker icon

The question mark opens the help screen

The wrench icon allows you to adjust a few additional settings:

  • Sound Effects
  • Fast Play
  • Game History (not available in practice games)

Know When To Hold’Em, Know When To Fold’Em

Casino Hold’Em Poker Table ScreenshotThe object of the game is the same as ever – get the best 5-card poker hand using the five community cards and your ‘hole-cards’ in order to achieve a winning combination and beat the dealer!

Even though the game has been reprogrammed using HTML5 to optimise Casino Hold’Em Touch for mobile, players can still expect the same gameplay and features of the original release.

Starting to play Casino Hold’Em Touch is as simple as ever, select your ANTE bet stake (0.1-100) by tapping the corresponding chip values on the screen, hit deal and you’re good to go!

What’s more, you can choose to play the AA Bonus at the beginning of every hand by placing a separate bet above your initial ante and potentially earning massive returns (up to 100 to 1!) if you hit certain card combinations when the first three community cards are revealed.

With a maximum payout of €10,500 for a single winning hand – which can be played in a matter of seconds – it’s easy to see why NetEnt fans who have been eagerly waiting for Casino Hold’Em Touch to land will be extremely excited!

Casino Hold’em Manual

When you start Casino Hold’em, you first have to choose one of the chips from the bottom left of the screen. You place that chip in the ANTE field, and if you want to also on AA bonus; then you click DEAL. Now you and the bank both get two cards. Also three cards will be dealt open on the table. These three cards are the ‘Flop’ and two more cards may be added during the game. These cards will count towards your hand.

The game goes on and you can choose to BET or to FOLD by clicking the corresponding buttons. When you fold, you will lose the bet and the round will be over. When you click bet, a bet will automatically be placed in the CALL field and the remaining cards will be dealt. The cards of the dealer will be opened and you immediately see the result on screen. The dealer has to have a pair of fours or higher to qualify. There are two options:

  • The dealer does not qualify: you will keep your Ante and Call bet and you will win the Ante according to ‘Ante wins pays the table’.
  • The dealer does qualify:
    • When both the dealer and the player have the same hand it is a Push and you will get back your Ante and Call bets.
    • The dealer has better hand and you will lose all bets.
    • You have the better hand and will keep all bets, and win both according to Ante wins pay the table and the Call.

When the round is finished, you can choose to play again by clicking the REBET or NEW BET buttons at the bottom of the screen.