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Double Exp. Blackjack

Expose yourself to a fantastic Blackjack experience in this classic NetEnt table game that allows you to see both of the dealer’s starting cards. Read all about it below!

Double Exp. Blackjack RTP: The theoretic payout of Double Exposure Blackjack is 99.36%
Type of casino game: Table Game
Type of Table Game: Blackjack version
Number of decks of cards: in total 6 decks of cards are used, and are shuffled before each round.

Double Exposure Blackjack Introduction

Double Exposure Blackjack is a blackjack version where you get to see both of the dealer’s cards. This certainly raises the gaming fun and raises your chances at winning. Read more about this exciting table game here.

Double Exposure Blackjack Game Tutorial

Game Rules

In Double Exposure Blackjack the cards of the dealer will also be dealt open, hence the name Double Exposure Blackjack. There are certain rules a player must apply to:

  • The card values are as follows: the numbered cards 2-10 are worth their face value, aces count as 1 or 11; and the jack, queen, and king count as 10 points.
  • The goal of the game is to score a blackjack or 21 points, or to come as close to 21 points as possible and thus beating the dealer.
  • When you get 21 points with your first two cards, this is called a blackjack.
  • A blackjack always beats another hand with 21 points.
  • The hand closest to 21 points wins.
  • All hands above 21 points lose automatically, this is called a Bust.
  • When a draw occurs, the dealer always wins, except when both sides have a blackjack.
  • When the dealer gets 17 or higher, no extra cards may be drawn.
  • At 16 or lower the dealer must draw.


Double is possible in Double Exposure Blackjack. You are allowed to this when your first cards have a hard value of 9, 10, or 11. A hard value means a hand without an Ace. Because an Ace counts as 1 or 11 a hand that contains an Ace is called a soft hand. It may be that you get a hand where the Ace can only count as 1, in that case it is a hard hand. The double down bet is the same as the initial bet. After a double down you will get one extra card after which you automatically “stay”. You are allowed to double down after a split.


When you get two cards of the same value, you are allowed to split. One hand thus becomes two hands. You can draw multiple cards on both hands, except for hands that contain an Ace, in which case you only may draw one card. When splitting, the initial bet will be doubled. A split hand can never get an official blackjack, a hand with a 10 point card and an ace simply counts as 21.

Double Exposure Blackjack Bet Limits

You can choose between various coin values in Double Exposure Blackjack. The available chips are 1, 5, and 10 euros; these can be bet multiple times and may be combined. There is a minimum bet of 1 euro and a maximum bet of 40 euros.

Pay Table / Win Plan

All wins, including Blackjack, pay 1:1. You can view the pay table by moving your mouse over the MIN / MAX sign.

Possible Settings

The game settings of Double Exposure Blackjack may be adjusted to your liking while playing. You do this by clicking the wrench icon at the bottom left of the screen. The following settings are possible:

  • Sound (on or off)
  • Sound Effects (on or off)
  • Background Music (on or off)
  • Speed (increase or decrease)
  • Game History (not available in practice games)

Double Exposure Blackjack Manual

Click on the chip you want to play with on the bottom left and place your mouse in a field. You can choose from 1-3 fields / hands to play. Every click in a field will add a chip. You can remove your bet by clicking the grey chip. When you are done betting, click DEAL. You will be dealt two open cards per field and the dealer will also be dealt two open cards. Then 3 buttons appear at the bottom of the screen: DOUBLE, HIT, STAND. Depending on your choice you will get an additional card or not, the outcome will appear on screen automatically. At the bottom of the screen you can see what you have won.
After this the game starts again, you can choose to REBET or to place a NEW BET for the following round.