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Dragon King: Legend of the Seas

Dragon King: Legend of the Seas

You might think that the time for balmy breezes and salty seas has ended for the year, but we do not think that this is wholly accurate. While you may no longer have the urge to indulge in a beach holiday, it is entirely possible to fill the cold season ahead with images of palm trees and golden sun. Red Tiger’s Dragon King: Legend of the Seas can help.

Red Tiger is no stranger to warm, dragon-themed releases. From its Dragon’s Fire releases to its Dragon’s Luck titles, the developer has a penchant for fantasy titles revolving around large serpentine beasts with gold to protect. Dragon King: Legend of the Seas will be familiar to fans of both series. The game also has plenty of bonus features to keep players intrigued, all of which will be broken down in this review.

Are you curious about Red Tiger’s recent release? We take a more thorough look at the title below!

Game Type Video Slot Game
Release Date 05/10/2021
RTP 95.74%
Volatility High
Slot Build 5x3, 10 paylines
Features Free Spins Wild Symbols Scatter Symbols Multipliers
Jackpot No
Available On Mobile Yes
Default Min/Max Bet (€) 0.1/40

Players should ready themselves for a heated adventure with Red Tiger’s 2021 release Dragon King: Legend of the Seas. The game features the developer’s ever-popular dragons along with some truly satisfying features and graphics. We will explore the latter first, so if art is your favourite aspect of slots, get ready for a detailed breakdown!

From the moment that Dragon King: Legend of the Seas begins, its concept is clear. The 5×3 grid is surrounded by a twinkling golden frame, while dragon symbols populate the board itself. The depths of the seas also make their appearance, with tentacles twisting around tall blue crystals resting on either side of the grid. Players are not likely to mistake the title for anything other than an Asian theme filled with dragons and sea creatures, in other words, but luckily the artwork manages to make the familiar concept interesting.

The best word to describe the artwork and colours used in Dragon King: Legend of the Seas is ‘luscious’. The hues of green, blue and gold are intensely satisfying in their richness. There are no flat lines here – the graphic design is impressively dimensional. With the impression of dragons whirling about in the slot’s background, there are also plenty of patterns to catch the eye.

The slot’s symbols are a highlight. From the glowing, misty Dragon Wild to the sea creatures portrayed almost as statues rather than cartoony caricatures, the images are intricate without being busy or indecipherable.

Players with a preference for gaming on devices such as smartphones or tablets will also appreciate Dragon King: Legend of the Seas. The game is optimised for mobile platforms, allowing players to take their favourite game with them wherever they travel. From the beach to the grocery store, Dragon King: Legend of the Seas can keep you company.

What do you think about the game’s artwork? If you are more interested in the gameplay, don’t worry! We jump into that below.

Dragon King: Legend of the Seas features

Some slots find it difficult to live up to the well-done artwork. Dragon King: Legend of the Seas is an interesting title that offers entertaining bonus rounds paired with a straightforward and simple base game that might be considered rather plain. There is not much to talk about until the extra features pop up, in other words, so we will place our focus on the slot’s free spins, wilds, multipliers and scatter symbols in this section.

Free spins

The free spins round is where Dragon King: Legend of the Seas really shines. From additional spins to climbing multipliers, the round is arguably the most entertaining aspect of the title. We discuss the specifics a bit more in depth below in the section about scatters!

Scatters and multipliers

Scatter symbols trigger the free spins round. The goal is to land at least three of them on the board at one time in order to receive nine spins. Players with more than three on the board will receive an additional three spins per additional scatter, up to a maximum of 15.

Scatters are also used to award Dragon Wild multipliers in the bonus round. Similar to the total number of free spins that players receive, the exact modifier that the wilds provide depends, in part, upon the number of scatters on the grid when the bonus round is triggered. The minimum multiplier is 2x and the maximum is 5x. The former is awarded when three scatters land, while the latter is awarded when five scatters land.

The Gong feature is also triggered by scatters. When players land a scatter symbol during the free spins round, they receive up to eight additional spins or an increase of the wild multiplier by up to eight.


As well as giving players a modest multiplier at the beginning of the bonus round, as described above, wins that include wilds are boosted by the current wild multiplier.

In addition to the bonus features above, you should know that the game’s maximum win is 1,800x, and the high volatility makes it best suited for players in search of excitement. Dragon King: Legend of the Seas boasts an RTP value of 95.74% and a minimum/maximum bet range of €0.10/€40. Finally, players can look forward to 10 paylines.

Dragon King: Legend of the Seas verdict

Dragon King: Legend of the Seas is a difficult slot to rate. The game’s bonus round is surprisingly lucrative and it keeps the free spins exciting. The base game, on the other hand, is fairly barebones.

We think that Dragon King: Legend of the Seas is an attractive game with great art and fun bonus features, but the rest of the slot is disappointing. If you enjoy dragon themes, go ahead and give the title a try!

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