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Fa Fa Babies

‘Asia’-themed slots are readily available in casinos all around the world, and Red Tiger Gaming has added yet another to its portfolio. Are you ready to learn more? Our Fa Fa Babies review will explore exactly what the game has to offer!

Game Type Video Slot Game
Release Date 20.01.2022
RTP 94.74%
Volatility Medium-high
Slot Build 5x3, 20 betlines
Features Free spins, Bonus game, Wilds
Jackpot No
Available on Mobile Yes
Default Min/Max Bet (€) 0.1/100

Get ready for an adorably good time with Red Tiger’s recent release Fa Fa Babies. The game is yet another entry into the popular ‘Asian’ subgenre of slots, but it manages to avoid feeling stereotypical thanks to its unique twist on the theme. Instead of relying solely on dragons or different shades of red and gold, Red Tiger has decided to include cute babies to further the theme.


Fa Fa Babies has all of the must-have trappings of modern oriental slots. From the red-and-gold fans decorating the background of the slot to the heavily stylised icons and even the two golden koi fish (upon which the babies ride), the game is not shy about embracing its theme. The addition of two babies, adorably designed with a cartoony flair, add a bit of levity to the otherwise stiflingly stereotypical theme.


Red Tiger’s recent slot revels in its Asian theme, and while the babies are a cute addition, they are likely not enough to salvage the game for you if you dislike the theme. If you are not a fan of the concept, you might want to look elsewhere. For players without strong feelings about it, however, Fa Fa Babies’ art is polished and cohesive.


Are you interested in taking Fa Fa Babies along with you as you travel outside your home? Players with a preference for mobile devices are in luck! Red Tiger has optimised the game for mobile play. All you have to do is find the right online casino to suit your needs.


If you would like to learn a bit more about Fa Fa Babies and what kind of gameplay you can expect, keep reading! We go into the game’s details below.

Fa Fa Babies Casinos

Fa Fa Babies features


The aesthetically unique Fa Fa Babies is a 5×3 slot with an RTP of 94.74% and 20 paylines. Players who enjoy a challenge and ever-changing variables will be especially happy with Fa Fa Babies thanks to its medium-to-high volatility, but it is not a great choice for anyone looking for a more relaxed experience. The slot might be a good choice for big spenders and penny pinchers alike thanks to its wide bet range running from €0.1 to €100. Fa Fa Babies players can win up to 1,888x if they are particularly lucky with the game’s bonus features.


With the basics out of the way, it is worth noting that Fa Fa Babies has a host of additional features designed to help players boost wins. They include fortune coins, four fortune prizes, free spins, wild symbols, and even a bonus game in addition to the free spins round.


Fortune coins


We would normally go right into the high-paying bonus features such as free spins at this point, but Fa Fa Babies is a bit unique in gameplay and requires a bit more explanation to master. Players begin their game with 38 pre-selected fortune coins and must collect an additional 100 to trigger the game’s fortune bonus game. Note that coins are collected only from a few select symbols when they are part of a winning combination. The number of collected coins is located near the base game’s grid, making it easy to see exactly how many more you need to find for your chance at a big win.


Four fortune prizes


Also visible from the base game’s grid is Fa Fa Babies’ fortune prizes. There are four of these:


  • Big Fortune
  • Super Fortune
  • Mega Fortune
  • Divine Fortune


The prizes increase in value from least (Big Fortune) to most (Divine Fortune). Divine Fortune prizes begin at 888x and can award a maximum of 1,888x! Your fortune grows with every lucky envelope you collect, and up to 10 of them can land at any one time. These envelopes open to reveal coins that, in turn, increase the fortune prize jackpots. During the base game, the jackpots can increase by 0.1x, 0.2x or 0.3x, while the free spins round will increase them by 1x, 2x or 3x.


Free spins


We would have understood if Fa Fa Babies did not include a free spins round as the other bonus features are quite generous on their own. However, the slot offers players an exciting free spins feature. Players trigger the round by landing three ‘free spins’ icons, one each on reels one, three and five. When the feature is activated, players are awarded eight free spins, and all the symbols in this round come attached with fortune coins.

Bonus game


Finally, there is one more feature of which players should be aware. This is the bonus game! When 138 fortune coins are collected, the bonus game begins. Players must find three of the same colours from a collection of 16 icons. Each colour awards a different prize, and you can see exactly what you stand to win by looking at the left side of the screen.


Wild symbols


Wild symbols are a popular slot feature that can be found in games of all genres and concepts. Red Tiger’s new release is no exception, and Fa Fa Babies features four premium symbols, one of which is the wild symbol. The wild pays as much as the highest-paying symbol (the ship) and can substitute for all paying symbols in order to help players land winning combinations.


Landing a five-of-a-kind win during any single spin will result in a 100x multiplier from the wild symbol.


Fa Fa Babies verdict


We think that Red Tiger has hit a home run with Fa Fa Babies! The title is fun and has polished graphics, but watch out for the RTP – the range is customisable.


Fa Fa Babies was released in January 2022 and is available at casinos featuring Red Tiger titles.

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