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Gems of Adoria

Gems of Adoria is an online casino video slot by NetEnt that is set in an animated sci-fi, fantasy world. It includes 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 fixed bet lines. It is NetEnt’s first entry into the foray of Real-Time 3D video slots that complement its wide array of features that include Free Spins, Striking Wilds and Flipping Symbols.

Game Information 

Game Type: Video Slot
Release Date: 9th June
Gems of Adoria RTP: 96.13%
Volatility: High
Slot Build: 5 reels, 5 rows, 15 bet lines (fixed)
Features: Real-Time 3D, Striking Wilds, Flipping Symbols, Free Spins.
Jackpot: No
Available on Mobile: Yes
Max Win: 500x / Spin
Bet Ranges: €0.10 – €200

Gems of Adoria Slot Review

Get ready to adore this gem of a video slot, which is NetEnt’s ground-breaking first entrance into the world of Real-Time 3D video slots.

Gems of Adoria has a vague sci-fi, fantasy setting that revolves completely around (you guessed it) … gems! These colourful rocks will cover your reels, determining the course of your playthrough and ultimately deciding whether you’ll jump up high in blissful joy or shake your vengeful fists in anger. We’ve all been there…

The video slot’s Real-Time 3D graphics beautifully bring the world to life in an unprecedented way. We can confirm that gems have never looked this good on a slot. The dynamic camera changes and animations feel fleshed out and fully realised, taking the game’s production quality to a whole new level. It is an absolute joy to watch the board shift and change in Real-Time 3D.

Gems of Adoria is available on all NetEnt licensed casinos across both desktop and mobile devices.

We’re ready to dive straight into the good stuff! So, read on below to learn more about the great features that are packed within Gems of Adoria. Find out what Real-Time 3D actually brings to the table and discover what this new casino slot frontier has in store for you.

Real-Time 3D

Up until now, the majority of online casino slots out there have operated on a 2D plane, meaning that the slot’s graphics, animations and gameplay features were limited to the 2 axis. Enter Real-Time 3D.

This new plane of existence allows for the game to take on a new look and a new life, presenting countless opportunities both in terms of presentation and gameplay. In Gems of Adoria, the camera will swoop around the board, dynamically shifting the view of the space and making thrilling moments in-game even more memorable. You’ll notice the refined detail and design of all the symbols made possible by this new technology.

Beyond simple visual improvements, Real-Time 3D changes the way the game functions as well. Take the Flipping Symbols feature for example. This will have the reels flip around in 180° both vertically and horizontally, dynamically shifting your board’s state and creating new ways for you to get a winning combination.

So, as you can see, this is not just some superficial addition to our beloved slots but actually marks quite a huge change to the platform. The great implementations in Gems of Adoria are just the start for NetEnt and we can’t wait to see all of the inventive ways with which this technology will be used to shape the video slots of the future.

Striking Wilds

Wilds are one of those staple casino slot features that always manages to put a smile on players’ desperate faces. They present a new hope, a breath of fresh air and the renewed promise of a winning combination. Theirs is a lesson in selflessness and optimism, highlighted through their mission which is both simple and pure; to be substituted for any symbol on the reels which will help you get a winning combination. They give without question and ask for nothing in return.

In Gems of Adoria, they serve that exact same purpose, with the ability to replace all other symbols except for Scatters. Furthermore, before each spin, you’ll have a chance to active Striking Wilds. This will have 2-9 Wild Symbols randomly being placed on your reels. That’s pretty much a guaranteed winning combination right there!  You’ll be treated to an impressive, dynamic shift in camera angle to get a better view of the eye-popping 3D Wild Symbols as they slam into place. The feature is randomly activated and works on both the Main Game and Free Spins.

Flipping Symbols

We previously mentioned how Real-Time 3D adds new gameplay possibilities for online casino slots and here’s a brilliant example. Flipping symbols will literally turn a slot spin on its head and open the door for a more rewarding result.

Once your potential Striking Wild segment and slot spin has come to its natural conclusion, Flipping Symbols has a chance of coming into play. This randomly activated feature will pick between 2-5 symbols from your reels and flip them, either horizontally or vertically. Up to 5 of these flips can be awarded and each flip is guaranteed to give a better pay-out than the previous result or flip. All of this is beautifully animated in Real-Time 3D and you’ll never get tired of watching those symbols flip!

Free Spins

Free Spins are always the ultimate goal. The game mode that can shower you with rewards like nothing else can. The bonus feature we all dream of having a go at.

Luckily, Free Spins make an appearance in Gems of Adoria as well. You’ll need 3 or more Scatter Symbols on your reels to unlock the bonus mode and once you’re in, the fun begins. Most video slots like to branch out with this feature, add more layers and levels to multiply your wins and enhance your experience. With Gems of Adoria, that doesn’t really apply. The Free Spins feature is as simple as can be, the exact same experience you get in the main game, but (just as the name implies) you’ll be spinning the reels for free. There’s nothing else to it. Your number of Free Spins depends on the amount of Scatter Symbols that you collect, the more the merrier.

It’s a shame to see such a beloved feature implemented in such a basic way and we wonder at the possibilities that could have actually been explored using Real-Time 3D.

Gems of Adoria Slot Verdict

That brings us to the end of our gem of a review. All in all, Gems of Adoria is a very well-crafted video slot that brings NetEnt into the world of Real-Time 3D with a bang.

It is easily one of the most beautiful games that NetEnt has put out there, with graphics and animations that truly make this entry stand out amidst the condensed video slot market. The creative use of Flipping Symbols is a welcome addition that gives us a good idea of the new possibilities that are now available on this new frontier.

With that being said, the game itself is quite basic and compared to some other slots out there it doesn’t compete very well in terms of advanced features and layered gameplay. The Free Spins mode in the game is a testament to this and we would have loved to see a more advanced version of this function which could have taken advantage of the new features brought to life through Real-Time 3D.

With that being said, Gems of Adoria is a joy to play and a fun, gorgeous video slot that will keep you stuck to those reels for hours. If you’re a novice casino slot player, looking for a jaw-droppingly gorgeous new slot to play, this is definitely the one for you.

Go on, give Gems of Adoria a go through the free demo, available here or if you’re feeling lucky, head over to one of NetEnt’s licensed casinos and spin those reels for real!