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Get the Gold InfiniReels

Red Tiger’s new release, “Get the Gold InfiniReels,” is on the market and ready to welcome players to the American frontier to try their luck at panning for gold.

Are you interested in learning more about the slot? Keep reading for our breakdown of the game’s graphics and bonus features.

Game Type Video Slot Game
Release Date 13/01/2022
RTP 95.72%
Volatility High
Slot Build 3x3, InfiniReels
Features Gold Rush Spins, Scatters, InfiniReels
Jackpot No
Available on Mobile Yes
Default Min / Max Bet (€) 0.1/ 100

Are you ready to mine for gold? Red Tiger’s Get the Gold InfiniReels puts players on the hunt for treasure and, if they are lucky, go down in history as one of the best prospectors in history!

At first glance, Get the Gold InfiniReels might look relatively simple. The grid is a straightforward design without any kind of frame to speak of, and the background is similarly plain. The churning water gives way to a shoreline with a bit of gold and a shovel, but not much else. That is not to say the game is aesthetically boring, as the symbols are intricate enough to lend it some visual interest.

Designed in an art style somewhere between cartoony and realistic, Get the Gold InfiniReels’ symbols are full of small details that bring them to life. The cowboy boots, for example, are appealingly slouchy with their worn brown leather while the gold spurs gleam in the sun. The treasure map is similarly intriguing, featuring gold bars and a solid gold shovel laid on top.

Fish leap from the water here, too, and pans of gold fly across the reels. Even more eye-catching than all of these is the crate of gold symbol. This icon features a wooden crate full of golden nuggets that are some of the higher paying symbols in the game.

The total win screen is also worth a look. Players lucky enough to win big will be greeted with gold nuggets raining down from the sky as the whole picture shifts to cover the slot with shimmering water and chunks of precious metal. It even features a unique water-drip effect that looks so realistic it is almost as though you are inside the game and just a hand’s grasp away from riches.

Get the Gold InfiniReels does not have a complex visual design, and it truly is as straightforward as this description makes it seem. The graphics suit the game’s theme quite well and are interesting enough to draw attention while simple enough to take the back seat when the special features kick in and the time to win big arrives.

Because it is such a recent Red Tiger release, Get the Gold InfiniReels offers mobile play. The title has been designed to work flawlessly on all manner of smartphones and tablet screens along with desktop displays so that players can take it with them wherever they might travel. It is an excellent choice for mobile players offering some of the smoothest play we have seen.

Are you ready to learn more about Get the Gold InfiniReels and the kind of gameplay you can expect? We take a closer look below.

Get the Gold InfiniReels Casinos

Get the Gold InfiniReels is a fairly straightforward title despite its lofty ambitions. The action takes place on a 3×3 grid with a relatively low RTP of 95.72%. However, with a max win of 10,000x, the disappointing RTP is a bit less concerning. The bet ranges are pretty good, allowing players to bet anywhere from €0.1 to €100. This might not be enough to please extremists on either side of the spectrum, whether they want to spend big bucks on their spins or prefer to spend as little as possible, but we think it is likely to be perfect for most players.

Something to understand about Get the Gold InfiniReels is that it is a highly volatile game. Do not select this as a “chill out” game if losing money stresses you out! The spins are a lot of fun, but there is no predicting where they will stop.

In addition to the information above, Get the Gold InfiniReels has several bonus features to keep the gameplay engaging. This includes “Gold Rush” mode, the infinity reels feature itself and scatter symbols.

Gold Rush, InfiniReels, and scatters

Gold cart scatter symbols are the key to unlocking Gold Rush mode. Landing at least three gold cart scatter symbols – one per reel – will trigger the bonus round. During the round, the carts will display the prize value players have collected so far and pay it out once the round ends.

Gold Rush is an interesting feature. To be clear, it is not a free spins mechanic, and your spins during this round will cost as much as a regular spin. The hook is that spinning the reel adds a new reel to the grid. There is no limit to the number of reels that can be added, and they continue to add up until you fail to land scatter symbols four times in a row. Reaching the maximum win will also see the round end.

The number of reels can quickly skyrocket, giving the mechanic its “InfiniReels” moniker, and the 10,000x is easier to hit than you might think. Not every player will be a winner, but the increased number of reels certainly helps. The added reels disappear at the end of the round and go back to the base game’s 3×3 grid.

There are three types of gold cart scatter symbols, and each of them has its unique rewards—the regular gold carts award multipliers between 2x and 50x. The double scatter symbol doubles the amount players have collected. Triple scatters are similar and triple the amount players have collected.

Get the Gold InfiniReels Verdict

Get the Gold InfiniReels is a mixed bag. We like the chance to double and triple player winnings and the high maximum win; however, the game does not offer any free spins. The base game can also be a bit boring, with the static 3×3 grid offering little in the way of special features.

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