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Glow Video Slot Introduction

The video slot Glow is another NetEnt slot which was originally made exclusive for all Betsson brand casinos. The video slot glows just like the name suggests, displaying beautiful colours intentionally reminiscent of the Northern Lights.

Glow's RTP: The theoretic payout of the Glow video slot is 96.70%.
Type of casino game: Video Slot
Video Slot build: 5 separate reels with 3 rows and 15 win lines.
Glow game features: Wild symbols, Free Spins, Multipliers.

Play Glow Slot For Free

You should always learn as much as you can about slots before playing them. This gives you a better idea of how the game behaves and familiarizes you with things such as unique wilds and scatter symbols. Check out the preview below to familiarize yourself with it.

Glow Video Slot Game Tutorial

The Glow video slot consists of 5 separate game reels with 3 rows as well as 15 fixed win rows. You can adjust the coin value and bet level can be set as per the player’s preference, the values are adjustable from €0,01 to €1,00 & 1 to 10 respectively. The winning combinations exist of identical symbols on a winning line from either left or right. A unique feature with the Glow video slot are the symbol substitutions, winning multiplying Wilds and Free spins that multiply.

Wild symbols

Glow’s Wild symbol consists of a bear symbol and will only ever appear on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reel, which can trigger during both the main game and free spin rounds. The bear Wild symbol replaces all other symbols to create the highest paying winning bet combination.

All winning lines triggered from one or more Wild symbols will pay out x 2 the amount, this applies on free spin rounds as well as the main game.

Main game

When during the main game a winning bet line is formed by wildlife symbols (whether with help of substituting Wild symbols or not) a certain amount of Free Spins is granted according to the pay table.
If a winning bet line is formed during the main game by a Wild symbol, a predetermined amount of free spins is rewarded to the player as imposed by the pay table.

Free Spins and multipliers

Should you trigger the in-game free spins round with a winning bet line incorporating a bear symbol, then the following free spins will hold the same bet level and coin value as was previously set upon activating the free spins rounds.

When hitting another winning combination within the free spins round, a certain amount of free spins are granted as per the play table, these are added in addition to the remaining free spins.

Winning combinations made during the Free Spins game rounds are paid out at double the normal amount, should the winning free spins round combination incorporate a Wild symbol, a x 4 win multiplier will apply, increasing your profit margin significantly.

Extra free spins within the initial Free spins game rounds are only granted on winning bet lines.

You will receive 1 free spin should you hit two Elk symbols on a winning bet line.

Glow Video Slot Bet Limits

The Glow video slot by NetEnt is played with a bet level ranging from 1 to 80, there are 15 fixed win lines as well as 7 different coin values ranging from € 0,01 up to € 1,00.
The bet level represents the number of coins you can bet on each winning line. The coin value represents the amount of money each coin is worth. Meaning that the bet level multiplies according to the win lines and the chosen coin value, determining the total amount of money wagered or won per spin.

The coin values available to choose from in the Glow Video slot are: € 0.01, € 0.02, € 0.05, € 0.10, € 0.20, € 0.50 and € 1,00. The bet line values available to choose from range from 1 to 10.

Minimum Glow Video Slot bet: bet level 1 x 15 win lines x coin value € 0,01 = € 0,15
Maximum Glow Video Slot bet: bet level 10 x 15 win lines x coin value € 1,00 = € 150

Pay Table / Win Plan

The pay table displays all the various winning symbols and how much each symbol is worth. When forming a winning combination on Glow, you will need at least three identical symbols on a consecutive win line. The pay table displays how much can be won from any symbol combination, letting you determine what combination is the most valuable. To see the play table, press the ‘i’ button in the bottom left corner!

Video slot Glow Game Settings

All NetEnt casino games come with the same settings, letting players customise the video slot’s graphics, sound or game functions to best tailor the slot to the players’ personal preference and device performance. The available options on Glow video slot are as follows:

  • Quick Spin; to switch on or off the quick play mode
  • Intro screen; to switch on or off the introduction screen
  • Animations: to turn on or off the animations
  • Sound effects; to turn on or off the sound effects of the game
  • Ambience sound; to turn on or off the ambience sound effects
  • Graphics quality; to set the quality of the graphics on high, medium or low
  • Keyboard shortcut; to make the spacebar the key to spin the reels
  • Game history (only available when playing with real money)

Glow Video Slot Manual

Glow video slot is easy to handle and get stuck into, using the same controls as other NetEnt games as displayed below.

BET: shows the amount of coins wagered per game round.
LEVEL: sets the level of the bets (bet level = number of coins wagered per bet line and per game round).
AUTOPLAY: activates the automatic play function.
MIDDLE BUTTON: The middle button starts a spin with the coin value and bet level you’ve selected.
MAX BET: starts a game round on the highest bet level with the set coin value.
COIN VALUE: sets the value of the coins.
COINS: shows the amount of coins available.

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