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Go Bananas!

Video slot Go Bananas! takes place in a tree house in the jungle, where 5 different types of monkeys are “monkeying around”, acting as Wild Monkey symbols and turning everything around them wild (and into Wilds too).

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Go Bananas' RTP: 96.90%
Type of casino game: Video Slot
Video Slot build: 5 separate reels with 3 rows and 20 bet lines.
Go Bananas game features: Symbol substituting Wilds.

Check Out Bananas Slot for Free

Before spending your time and money on a new slot, why now watch the trailer first, so you can experience the game and all it’s features without risking your own cash.

Make sure you understand how it works and decide if it will be fun, then go on to pick any of our Netent casinos to deposit and play and win for real.

Go Bananas! Video Slot Game Tutorial

Go Bananas! is a video slot that is built out of 5 separate reels with 3 rows and 20 fixed bet lines. Both the bet level and coin value are adjustable and winning bet lines are formed by identical symbols on a bet line and on adjacent reels from utmost left to the right. Special game features of the video slot are 5 different symbol substituting Wild Monkey symbols, each with their own characteristics.

Substituting Wilds

The Wild symbols in video slot Go Bananas! will substitute for any other symbol, thus creating the highest possible winning bet line combinations. Wild symbols can appear on all reels.

Wild Monkey symbols

In video slot Go Bananas! 5 different symbol substituting Wild Monkey symbols, depicted as 5 different monkey species, can appear on all reels, each having its own specific Wild “behavior”, turning adjacent symbols on the reels into Wild symbols too.

Wild Gorilla

If a Wild Gorilla symbol appears on the reels it will diagonally transform 4 adjacent symbols into Wild symbols, thus creating an “X” of Wild symbols on the reels.

Wild Orangutan

An appearing Wild Orangutan symbol will change 3 adjacent symbols into a Wild symbol, forming a cube of 4 Wild symbols on the reels.

Wild Baboon

A Wild Baboon symbol changes 2 other symbols vertically, thus possibly covering a complete reel.

Wild Langur

When a Wild Langur symbol appears on the reels it will change 2 other symbols horizontally on a row, creating a block of 3 Wild symbols.

Wild Tarsier

The Wild Tarsier symbol will change 1 adjacent symbol onto a Wild symbol, either horizontally or vertically.

Go Bananas! Video Slot Bet Limits

The Go Banana’s slot has adjustable Bet Levels and Coin Values, which together enable you to select your stake per spin. Go Bananas has 20 fixed pay lines, 10 bet levels and 7 coin values ranging from €0.01 up to €1.00.

When you multiply these different factors together you can calculate your stake. For example if you select Bet Level 1 and Coin Value €0.01 then multiply these by the 20 bet lines, the total stake for that spin would be €0.20.

Minimum Go Bananas Bet: (Bet Level 1 x Coin Value €0.01) x 20 Fixed Pay Lines = €0.20
Maximum Go Bananas Bet: (Bet Level 10 x Coin Value €1.00) x 20 Fixed Pay Lines = €200.

Pay Table / Win Plan

The pay table of any NetEnt game will show you what symbols are available in the game and how many coins they are worth. A winning line is created when 3 or more matching symbols appear on a fixed pay line, read from left to right. The Go Bananas pay table will tell you how many coins for 3 matching symbols, 4 and 5 matching symbols. It allows you to understand which symbols are worth the most so whenever a spin finishes, you have a rough idea of how big a win you’ve received and know which symbols to hope for!

Video slot Go Bananas! Game Settings

As with any NetEnt game, the Go Bananas slot has lots of settings that you can tinker with, should you wish. Most of the time the default settings are perfect, but it’s good to have the option to personalise the experience somewhat. For example, some players like to immerse themselves in the experience and listen to the game background music and sounds, whilst others prefer to play with the game muted. Adjust the volume using the options in the bottom left, where you can also open the game rules (to find out how it all works) and select AutoPlay if you want the slot to spin alone in the background. Click the spanner and you’ll be presented with;

  • Keyboard shortcut; to make the spacebar the key to spin the reels
  • Intro screen; to switch on or off the introduction screen
  • Sound effects; to turn on or off the sound effects of the game
  • Quick Spin; to switch on or off the quick play mode
  • Ambience sound; to turn on or off the ambience sound effects
  • Graphics quality; to set the quality of the graphics on high, medium or low
  • Game history (only available when playing with real money)

Go Bananas! Video Slot Manual

Go Bananas! video slot has the same controls as all other Netent video slots. There are a number of buttons and displays that can be used to control the video slot.
BET: shows the value of the bet per playing round
WIN: shows the total amount of winnings per spin
COINS: shows the amount of coins available
BET LEVEL: sets the level of the bets for your stake.
AUTOPLAY: activates the automatic play function
SPIN BUTTON: starts a spin with the coin value and the bet level you´ve selected
MAX BET: automatically starts a spin with a bet on the highest bet level and the maximum amount of bet lines activated
COIN VALUE: sets the value of the coins for your stake.