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Gods of Gold

The Gods of Gold video slot by NetEnt is an online casino game set in the mythical world of Arabian mythology. It features 3 reels, 3 rows and Infinite bet lines through a new slot mechanic called Infinreels Touch™. The game’s main features include Infinite Reels, Re-Spins, Multi-Slam, Wild Substitutions and Win Spins.

Game Information 

Game Type: Video Slot
Release Date: 14th May
Gods of Gold RTP: 96.21%
Volatility: High
Slot Build: 3 reels, 3 rows, Infinite bet lines
Features: Infinite Reels, Re-Spins, Multi Slam, Wild Substitutions, Win Spins
Jackpot: No
Available on Mobile: Yes
Max Win: 5,000 x your bet
Bet Ranges: €0.20 – €200

Gods of Gold Slot Review

Hidden deep within the merciless Arabian desert is an ancient vault, tasked with safeguarding the Gods’ very own treasure, filled to the brim with gems, jewels and gold. The question is, are you brave (and foolish) enough to enter the forbidden vaults to claim the riches that lie within?

Gods of Gold is set in the mystical world of Arabian mythology, bringing an ominous backdrop that perfectly accompanies this highly volatile NetEnt Casino slot. The tension is perfectly set through a menacing soundtrack that follows your every move. Put that together with the beautiful symbol designs depicting ancient Gods and powerful Jinn characters, as well as the sinister animations that haunt your screen and you have one of the best settings that NetEnt has offered in a casino slot game.

As with all NetEnt offerings, Gods of Gold will be available to play on all NetEnt licensed casinos and will be fully compatible across desktop and mobile devices.

A wonderfully realised gorgeous setting is just the start of what Gods of Gold has in store for you. Read on below as we uncover the rest of this casino slot’s features and functions and decide whether this could be the next game for you.

Infinite Reels

Gods of Gold’s biggest feature is definitely the inclusion of Infinireels Touch™. This adds infinite reels to the game, bringing about a complete overhaul to the way bet lines are calculated and how you score winning combinations.

The game starts with a 3×3 reels play area, with new reels being added to the right-hand side of the play area every time you score a win. The more wins you get, the more reels continue to get added gradually until there are no more wins. Your bet ways initially start at 27 and are then multiplied by 3 every time a new reel is added. Once your winning streak comes to an end, your bet way wins are evaluated and paid out with the play area returning to a 3×3 reel.

Helping you keep track of all your additional reels and the wins you gain along the way is the clever addition of a mini-map. Popping up at the lower right-hand side of the screen, it will give you a minimal overview of the complete play area, all the reels that are in play, as well as winning, wild and scatter symbols. Furthermore, a symbol counter is also included, showing you the length of the win for your symbol together with the number of winning ways.

It’s a very useful addition to help in making sure that players feel in control of their game session and can easily familiarise themselves with how this functionality works and keep track of all their winning streak.

Wild Substitutions

Wild Symbols have the power to turn a bad run on the reels into a winning combo with their life-saving ability to substitute themselves to any symbol which will help you complete a winning combination. They’re found in most casino video slots and are a welcome sight to any player lucky enough to land one.

In Gods of Gold, the Wild Symbols are presented with a golden W symbol that appears from the 4th reel onwards and can be quite handy in helping you add another reel to your game.

Win Spins

Most casino slots like to throw in a Free Spins mode that can help you catch a bit of a break by giving you a limited number of spins that are on the house and give you a special multiplier to boost those winning odds by just a wee bit more. Gods of Gold takes things a step further by introducing Win Spins.

Win Spins, as the name so aptly implies, serve the exact same function as Free Spins with the added advantage of always guaranteeing a win. That’s right, with Win Spins all your bonus spins will grant you a winning combination that can be enhanced further with even more Win Spins.

It takes a total of 3 Scatter symbols to get you into Win Spins mode with 10 Win Spins to begin your bonus journey. Should you manage to land additional Scatter symbols during Win Spins mode, you will be gifted with another 5 Win Spins.

Once you run out of Win Spins, the game will return to the original play area and all of your accumulated riches will be paid out. It’s a great twist on the usual Free Spins mode that adds a whole new level of thrill and wonder to a staple slot feature.

Re-Spins & Multi-Slam

Just when you though this slot couldn’t possibly have anything else in store, Re-Spins and Multi-Slam show up to steal the show.

Re-Spins is a feature that can be randomly awarded when the reels stop, and no wins have been gathered. It’s a great lifeline that works fantastically well with the Infinireels Touch™ function in keeping your winning streak going on for a while longer.

Similarly, the Multi-Slam feature is awarded randomly, although this time round its only given when a win is on the reels. Multi-Slam presents you with an additional 2-3 reels on top of the ones you already have and gives you a guaranteed win every time.

Gods of Gold Verdict

Gods of Gold is a perfectly balanced online casino slot that mixes exciting new features with classic casino favourites to create one of the most thrilling slots we’ve ever seen.

The Infinireels Touch is implemented in a fantastic way here, with all of the slot’s other features building on top of it and merging well in a great blend of slot spinning fun. Additional features like the mini-map and symbol counter are welcome additions, helping players get used to these new features and elevating the slot’s quality to new heights. All of this is encased in a gorgeous presentation that sets a fittingly ominous tone which matches the game’s incredible features perfectly.

It would have been nice to see more layers added to the Win Spins mode, some additional bonus levels would have certainly been a welcome addition to the feature, although with all of the other functions that the game has to offer, it is definitely not a dealbreaker.

So, should you take the plunge and delve deep into a world of sly Jinns, wrathful Gods and countless treasures? We think it’s a definite yes. Gods of Gold is a great slot that will thrill and excite casino slot players for hours on end.

Ready to get on those reels and start your journey with Gods of Gold? Why not try our free demo? Or if you’re ready to play the game for real, head to one of NetEnt’s licensed casinos and let the good times roll!

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