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Golden Derby

Golden derby is a horse race game where you can place multiple bets for every race. The graphic quality of this game is very beautiful and the 3-D images give Golden Derby an extra dimension.

Golden Derby's RTP: 93.1%
Type of casino game: Virtual Horse Racing
Golden Derby game features: Progressive Jackpot

Golden Derby Game Tutorial

This horse race game allows you to place multiple bets for every race. In every race there are 8 different horses that all have their own color and jockey. You can check for every horse its power, velocity and endurance, and how it performed in previous races. In the starting screen you will see 4 different tabs:

  • BET: here you can place your bets. For a more extensive explanation on the bets please see Golden Derby Bets below in this text.
  • BET SLIP: all bets you have made can be found on the bet slip. If you want to remove a bet, just click the white cross in the red circle behind the bet. If you want to erase all bets, you click Remove All at the bottom of the slip.
  • RACE FORM: In this tab you can see the power, endurance and velocity of every horse, and how it did in the last 5 races. You can also view the race form information of a horse by clicking the “i” behind the name of the horse in the Bet tab.
  • HISTORY: here you can view your betting history and the results from previous races. When you click the DETAILS button, you will see the individual bets of a race.

Progressive Jackpot

Golden Derby has a progressive jackpot. This is a jackpot that grows every time a player makes a bet. This goes on until the jackpot is won. When the jackpot has been won, it will start again with a minimum amount, so the jackpot will never be at zero, and you will thus always win a nice amount. The jackpot value can be found in the top right of the screen. However, this has a delay of 30 seconds. The amount you will win is the jackpot amount that is registered on the casino server at the moment of winning the jackpot.
At the start of the race you will get a Jackpot number that will be visible during the race on the right side of the screen. It goes from top to bottom. When all 8 horses finish in the order you have predicted in the jackpot list, you will win the entire jackpot. When you have correctly predicted 6 horses, you will win 10% of the jackpot.

Golden Derby Bets

Golden Derby allows you to place multiple bets which we will further explain below.

Types of Bets

  • Win, PLACE and SHOW bets apply to one horse
  • EXACTA and QUINELLA bets apply to two horses
  • WIN bets pay out when your horse finishes first
  • PLACE bets pay out when your horse finishes first or second
  • SHOW bets pay out when your horse finishes first, second or third
  • EXACTA bets pay out when your horses finish first and second in the right order
  • QUINELLA bets pay out when your horses finish first and second in any order


These bets are placed as follows: first click on the Bet tab, followed by clicking the WIN-PLACE-SHOW tab. If you want to place a WIN bet, you click in the square of column 1 behind the horse of your choice, if you want to place a PLACE bet, click in the square in column 1-2, and if you want to place a SHOW bet, click the square in column 1-3. In the Bet Amount square you can fill in the amount for which you want to play for by clicking one of the 4 coins on the right side of the screen. Next, you click ADD BETS button to add the bets to your bet slip. This way you can place multiple bets on various horses at the same time.

Placing EXACTA and QUINELLA Bets

First click the BET tab, followed by clicking EXACT-QUINELLA at the bottom. Next, you click EXACTA or QUINELLA at the right side of the screen. After which you can choose the horses. For your first pick you click behind your horse in the first column, for your second pick you click in the second column behind the horse. You then fill in the betting amount by clicking the Bet Amount square, followed by clicking a coin value. If you want to erase the bet, just click the red CLEAR BETS button. When you are done betting, just click ADD BETS to add your bets to the bet slip.

Pay Table / Win Plan

For different bets there are different payouts. The odds for every bet can be found on the BET SLIP below X. The listings of the Win bets can also be found in the BET tab, immediately below Win odds.

Possible Game Settings

Golden derby has a number of different options that allow you to adjust the game to your liking while playing. You can do this by clicking the wrench icon on the bottom left of the screen. Not all casinos offer this possibility. Below you will find a list of the functions that may be adjusted by the player:

  • Ambience Sound
  • Sound Effects
  • Audio
  • Race Soundtrack
  • Game History (not available in practice games)
  • Tool Tips (help)

Golden Derby Manual

It may be complicated at first glance, but in fact it is not difficult to play Golden Derby. You first determine your bets in the Bet tab (see above for a detailed explanation). The ADD BETS button adds your bets to the bet slip. When you are done placing your bets, you click START RACE, and the race will start in a beautiful 3D animation. Depending on your bets and the race your profits are calculated. After this you can place new bets. It is possible to place multiple bets at a time.