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Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen Video Slot

First airing in the United Kingdom in 1998 and the United States in 2005, Hell’s Kitchen took the industry by storm. The competition reality show follows aspiring chefs as they attempt to perfect their craft. Gordon Ramsay is the show’s true star with his undeniable talent, charisma, and penchant for rather colourful language delighting viewers around the world.

NetEnt has managed to capture the magic that made the show an enduring hit in their recent slot: Hell’s Kitchen. Boasting 5 reels and 20 bet lines, the exciting adventure will keep players coming back for more as they attempt to impress the head chef and cook a dish that defies even Gordon’s expectations. The game is well-suited to experienced players and newcomers alike with its enjoyable premise and spot-on visuals.

We take a closer look at the game, its symbols, its mechanics, and its overall gameplay below to help readers decide if the title is worth their time. Keep reading for more information!

Game Information Table

Game Type Video Slot Game
Release Date 11/03/2021
RTP 96.07%
Volatility Low
Slot Build  5×3, 20 betways
Features Team Challenge

Bonus Games


Jackpot No
Available on Mobile Yes
Default Min / Max Bet (€) 0.2 / 400

Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen Video Slot Review

Are you ready to face Gordon’s wrath as you traverse the reels in search of the perfect dish to land a win? Packed with flavour and zest, Hell’s Kitchen is a slot that players won’t soon forget. From Gordon’s stinging catch phases to his signature dishes, NetEnt has captured the intensity of the titular show perfectly. Players interested in a relatively relaxing game might find this slot to be a perfect fit – but they will have to face the celebrity chef’s wrath for every wrong ingredient that flies across the grid.

Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen Video Slots Review

Hell’s Kitchen is a slot that conveys its theme well. It is exceedingly unlikely that anyone would look at the screen and assume the game is about anything other than the hit TV show. The sleek grid is set against an eye-catching wallpaper with the Hell’s Kitchen logo upon blue on one side of the grid and upon red on the other.

The symbols are big and bold, with everything from beef wellington to the spicy burger symbol and more. And, if you needed anything more to convince you of the slot’s origins, just wait until Gordon glares at you while you do your best to land a big win. The fire surrounding the chef’s symbols on the grid is a nice touch, too, reminding the players with what, exactly, they are contending to take home the gold.

Modelling slots after hit TV shows might not be a new concept, but it is seldom done so well. The slot itself is straightforward, with a few notable exceptions we will discuss later, but NetEnt has crafted a game that offers a player experience rather than a simple spin. The aesthetics, the soundtrack, and, of course, Gordon’s words place players amid a busy kitchen, attempting to avoid the chef’s infamous temper.

Hell’s Kitchen is available for mobile devices as well as desktop play. This allows players to play their favourite game even when they are out of the house and away from their computer.

Are you looking for more details about the gameplay itself? We examine Hell’s Kitchen and the features that make the game an exciting title below.

Hell’s Kitchen Features

While the angry chef is undoubtedly a draw, Gordon is not the only reason to love Hell’s Kitchen. The title comes with a variety of features that make it a compelling play.

Ramsay’s Wilds

Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen Videoslots Wild Symbol

Hell’s Kitchen features random wilds! From plates to pots, and even knives, dodge Gordon’s wrath until they turn other symbols into wilds. It is possible to get from 5 to 7 wilds from the flying kitchen utensils. Wilds can substitute for most of the game’s symbols and have the potential for the biggest winning combinations in the game.

Team Challenge

Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen Video Slots Burger Symbol

In addition to the wilds, Hell’s Kitchen also features team challenges. In this mode, players have their pick of two teams: red or blue. Once you make your selection, you are locked in! Make sure you have faith in your team before jumping into the veritable frying pan. The red and blue teams compete against each other for impressive wins made all the likelier for the random wilds and abundant multipliers. However, do not worry if you pick the losing team, as Gordon shows mercy and allows both teams to claim the winnings.

Gordon’s Bonus Game

Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen Video Slots Bonus Round

Gordon’s Bonus game is where the team challenge comes into play. If your team wins, you trigger the Pick-and-Click Bonus round. Players must select from 15 possible menus. Twelve of them will offer users fun prizes such as multipliers or coin wins, but three hold crosses. If you pick three crosses, the game is over, and you are out of luck.

Hell’s Kitchen Verdict

What do we think of Hell’s Kitchen? With Hell’s Kitchen slot, you have the chance to impress Gordon and win team challenges in a bid to be the last chef standing. We think it’s a great choice, especially for casual players more interested in having fun than winning big prizes with high stakes. Fans of Hell’s Kitchen and its fiery chef Gordon Ramsay might find this title to be an excellent fit for their interests, too, especially if they have dreamed of participating in the show.

Ultimately, the game is well-designed, engaging, and well worth a play. Its low variance means it might not be the most attractive for elite players, but almost anyone looking for a fun, casual experience will love NetEnt’s Hell’s Kitchen. You can find it in casinos now – bon appetite!