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Gorilla Kingdom

Gorilla Kingdom is a video slot from NetEnt that features 5 reels, 4 rows and 1024 bet ways. Set in a dense jungle and filled with all manner of wild creatures that stalk your every move, Gorilla Kingdom employs some favourite casino slot features including Free Spins, Extra Free Spins and Symbol Transform.

Game Information 

Game Type: Video Slot
Release Date: 23rd April
Gorilla Kingdom RTP: 96.03 %
Volatility: High
Slot Build: 5 reels, 4 rows, 1024 payline
Features: Free Spins, Extra Free Spins, Symbol Transform
Jackpot: No
Available on Mobile: Yes
Max Win: 4,096x your bet
Bet Ranges: €0.1/€350

Gorilla Kingdom Slot Review

NetEnt’s latest offering throws you into the middle of a wild jungle and pits you against some of the most majestic creatures that call the trees home in Gorilla Kingdom. If you’re ready to take a gamble in this uncharted land, there’s plenty of rewards to find, hidden in the jungle.

The jungles of Gorilla Kingdom are beautifully brought to life through gorgeous art design, wonderful animations and a wild soundtrack that will immerse you into the game for hours, as you spin your way to victory.

Gorilla Kingdom will be available on all NetEnt casinos and will be compatible across desktop and mobile devices.

Keep reading below to discover the key features that await you in this online casino game.

Scatter Symbols

The jungle holds bountiful treasures for you to claim and your odds of winning can be taken to another level through Scatter symbols.

In Gorilla Kingdom, Scatter symbols are represented by mesmerizing gemstones that can land on your reels at random. Collecting 3 or more of these symbols will give you access to the game’s coveted Free Spins mode.

Free Spins

Free Spins modes are a popular casino video slot feature that allow you to play for free and win even more than usual. In Gorilla Kingdom this game mode is activated through the collection of 3 or more Scatter symbols.

Should you be lucky enough to land these Scatter symbols, the crystals will light up together and present you with your bountiful reward of Free Spins. A minimum of 10 spins is given for 3 Scatter symbols and that number can be doubled to an amazing 20 Free Spins if you manage to get all 5 crystals.

Extra Free Spins

As if getting Free Spins wasn’t enough, Gorilla Kingdom gives you the opportunity to earn even more Free Spins once the video slot’s game mode is activated.

Running on your last few free spins and fearing the return to the main game’s dark jungle? Fret not, landing a minimum of 3 Scatter symbol crystals on your reels will top up your Free Spins and keep you in the mode for longer. Once again, 3 Scatter symbols will grant you 10 Free Spins and 5 will give you an additional 20 Free Spins to your existing amount.

Symbol Transform & Totem Stone

The most intricate feature in Gorilla Kingdom is the Symbol Transform mechanic. This feature is worked into the Free Spins segment of the game.

While in Free Spins, the Totem stone will appear on the side of the screen. This will include the portraits of all 4 animals that inhabit the jungle (except for the Gorilla) in the following order: Leopard, Hornbill, Okapi and Pangolin. Each animal portrait will have 6 slots, which will need to be filled with Gorilla Mask symbols.

Gorilla Mask symbols will take the place of all gorilla symbols on the reels. These mask symbols will be randomly landing on your reels and progressively filling each slot on the Totem Stone. A total of six mask symbols will be required to fill the slots on each animal and transform their portrait into a Gorilla Mask. Once an animal’s portrait has been turned into the Gorilla Mask, all of their respective symbols on the reels will also transform into Gorilla Mask symbols, increasing the odds of transforming more animals and in turn earning an even more bountiful reward.

The aim here is to turn all animal portraits into Gorilla Masks, so that the only symbol showing on the reels is the Gorilla Mask itself. Once that is done, you’ll be honoured with the biggest reward in all of Gorilla Kingdom.

Gorilla Kingdom Verdict

Gorilla Kingdom finds a way to merge some classic casino slot features with new and exciting additions that we’re sure even the most seasoned of casino slot players will find thrilling. The game’s high-quality presentation makes the slot spinning fun even more engaging and it is easily one of NetEnt’s most gorgeous offerings.

The only downside here is that the slot is missing some staple casino slot features including Wilds, which, given the game’s setting would have been a very fitting addition to what is otherwise a great mix of video slot functions.

So, should you take the plunge and delve into the mysterious jungles of Gorilla Kingdom? We think it’s a definite yes, as NetEnt’s latest game is sure to satisfy your video slot needs with hours of great fun.

If you’re ready to heed the call of the wild, why not try Gorilla Kingdom through our free demo, or if you’re feeling lucky, head to one of NetEnt’s licensed casinos and have a go at the game for real.