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Hammer Gods

Are you ready for another mythology-heavy romp from top developer Red Tiger? Its new release Hammer Gods is a force to be reckoned with!

Interested in learning more? We break down the Norse-themed game’s features and aesthetic below!

Game Type Video Slot Game
Release Date 28/10/2021
RTP 94.71%
Volatility High
Slot Build 5x4, 30 paylines
Features Free Spins Wild Symbols Hammers
Jackpot No
Available on Mobile Yes
Default Min/Max Bet (€) 0.1/10

Hammer Gods Slot Review

Players are in for a heart-pounding adventure with Red Tiger’s recent release Hammer Gods! The well-known developer has a penchant for mythology-based themes, and its commitment to the concept is impressive. Despite having a number of similar titles on the market, the graphics from one slot to the next never feel recycled or overly mundane. This holds true for Hammer Gods, which features a slick style and bold graphics to draw in players from the start.

The first, and most striking, images that players are likely to see are the titular ‘gods’. Sindri and Brokkr are blacksmith brothers who are famous for their part in building Thor’s hammer. Their formidable figures rest on each side of the grid, just ready to strike some fear – or, depending upon the feature triggered, cheer – into the hearts of players.

The art style of the game is what really sells it. The images manage to be just cartoony enough to lead to a humorous impression without being so tongue in cheek that the entire game feels like a graphical gag. The simplicity of the grid undoubtedly helps here, with its simple black background and clean iron frame, as does the background of the slot itself. The scene behind the brothers is quite nondescript, leaving the pair to dominate the screen.

Hammer Gods is available on mobile as well as more traditional platforms! You can enjoy the scenery wherever you might travel as long as you have an internet connection.

Are you interested in learning more about Hammer Gods and what the brothers have in store for you? We detail the most impressive of its features below.



Hammer Gods Features

In addition to its intriguing aesthetic, Red Tiger’s Hammer Gods has rousing gameplay to interest players. The 5×4 grid offers a respectable 30 paylines and a bet range of €0.10 to €10 along with some seriously high volatility. The maximum win that players can look forward to is 793x, and the game’s RTP is a mediocre 95.69%.

Hammer Gods is interesting for more reasons than those above, of course, and the slot has a few bonus features designed to keep the spins entertaining round after round. These include two hammers, each with their own unique twist, and free spins, along with a few other perks that we will discuss below.

Are you more interested in gameplay than you are polished artwork? If so, then you are in luck! We will break down Hammer Gods’ features and what players can look forward to if they decide to boot up Red Tiger’s recent release. 

Brokkr Hammer

Hammer Gods, as the name suggests, is a game built around gods with hammers. More specifically, there are two hammers – a red hammer and a blue hammer. Keep this in mind when playing. The red hammer is known as the Brokkr hammer, and players can use it to trigger the Brokkr feature.

What exactly is the Brokkr feature? When it is activated, this feature turns all low-paying symbols into one single high-value symbol. Players who trigger the feature consecutive times will see one high-paying symbol transformed into a better-paying symbol. If the feature is triggered three times, it turns wild and functions as you might expect wilds to work.

The red hammer only lands on the second reel.

Sindri Hammer

The red hammer is not the only worthwhile tool in players’ arsenals, of course, and when the blue hammer strikes the board, you will know it. Whenever the blue hammer makes an appearance, the Sindri feature is activated. This sees one high-paying symbol turn into a wild. Activating the Sindri feature a second time will turn another high-value symbol into a wild. The third time that the blue hammer is activated, its symbol will also turn wild.

The blue hammer only appears on the fourth reel.

Free spins

Is there any more celebrated feature in online slots than free spins? While we are sure that there must be something, it is hard to overlook the excitement of a bonus round. Hammer Gods is no exception. While its free spins round might not be the biggest around, it is also far from the smallest in terms of turns awarded.

When players land the blue hammer and the red hammer at the same time, they receive 10 free spins. Hammer wilds do not appear during free rounds. However, either the Sindri or the Brokkr feature are guaranteed to hit on each spin.

The bonus round cannot be retriggered – once it is over, it is over for that round. Players can try their hand at triggering it again on their next turn.

Hammer Gods verdict

Red Tiger is no stranger to fantastical slot titles roiling with myth and adventure. While we think that Hammer Gods is a fun title, it is not the best that the developer has released. The game is charming, but it lacks something extraordinary that takes it to the next level.

Part of the problem might be the game’s incredibly high volatility combined with its lacklustre 793x maximum payout. The amount almost does not feel worth the risk of a spin, and we believe that this harms the game’s entertainment factor by quite a bit.

Do you love slots with fun themes revolving around mythology and sharp graphics? If so, Hammer Gods might be a good fit! If you are interested in win potential that feels proportionate to the risk you take with every spin, on the other hand, then you might want to look elsewhere.

Red Tiger’s Hammer Gods was released on 28th October 2021 and is available now!