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Joe Exotic (Red Tiger)

The wacky and criminal world of Joe Exotic captured interest and headlines around the globe as the podcast and Netflix show of the same name attracted an extensive listenership and viewership in short order. It might be quite a leap to jump from the insane shenanigans of the show to a fresh new videoslots title, but if anyone can build a great game on this theme, then surely it has to be Red Tiger!  

Also known as the “Tiger King”, Joe Exotic captured fans with his penchant for the flamboyant and seeming appreciation of big cats, which he ostensibly rescued. As you might expect, the truth is more complicated than that, but the twists are perhaps better left to your own deep dive into the absurd. Red Tiger’s new slot gives you the perfect jumping off point!  

An engaging and thoroughly enjoyable slot, Joe Exotic is a great way to pass the time. If you are interested in learning more about the recently released game, keep reading – we have compiled some of the essential information to keep in mind below. 


Game Information Table 


Game Type  Video Slot Game 
Release Date  24/06/2021 
RTP  94.7% 
Volatility  Med-High 
Slot Build   5×4, 20 betways 
Features  Multipliers 

Bonus Games 

Jackpot  No 
Available on Mobile  Yes 
Default Min / Max Bet (€)  0.1 / 20 


Joe Exotic (Red Tiger) Casinos

Joe Exotic Slot Review

 Joe Exotic Slots Game Review


Players should ready themselves for anything with Red Tiger’s Joe Exotic. While the slot is not quite as wacky as the man himself, it is still quite the journey that takes users on an adventure as they bounce from big cats and sequins to bullets and flames in the hunt for the ultimate game: an x4117 max win. The game’s main attraction is undoubtedly the infamous Tiger King himself, and the aesthetics deliver on that intrigue in a big way.  

Set against a loud background of crocodiles, tigers, and Joe Exotic himself, Red Tiger’s new slot is an excellent fit for anyone with a taste for the gaudy and absurd. This game delivers in a delightful way. The 5×4 grid is encompassed by a gilded tiger print frame that houses the eclectic and loud symbols. Featuring individuals that frequent the Netflix series, the large symbols bounce between bejewelled hats to portraits of Eric Cowie, Allen Glover, and James Garretson, among others. They are all loud and rather arresting, especially with the random icons of hats, belts, and hip flasks overtaking the reels. 


Joe Exotic Slots Game review


It is worth noting that while the background is rather cluttered, the game itself is not quite so complex. If you do not mind the aesthetics, you will likely find Joe Exotic a simple game to master, something we will cover more closely later. Not everyone will be willing to give the slot the chance to grow on them, but we think it is worth the effort even if the aesthetics are not to your taste.  

Joe Exotic is available for play on both desktop and mobile, allowing players to take the game with them wherever they roam.  

Are you hoping to learn more about why Joe Exotic might be a good fit for your slot interests? Keep reading – we detail some of the standout features below! 

Joe Exotic Features


Joe Exotic might not be a ground-breaking entry to Red Tiger’s line-up, but it is an entertaining one, nonetheless. A variety of features make the title a compelling play. 


Dynamite Blast


Joe Exotic Slots Dynamite


Players hoping for a boost to their gameplay during both the bonus round and the base game will appreciate the Dynamite Blast feature. When the blast is triggered, which can happen at any point during play, symbols that are low value are ushered from the reels to be replaced with premium symbols. Lucky players will find that this results in new win calculations. 


Tiger Bounty


Joe Exotic Slots Election Time


Landing a tiger bounty symbol on reels one, three, and five at the same time triggers the Tiger Bounty feature. Allen receives an offer he can either accept or refuse from Joe up to four times with prizes in the form of multipliers. Players can potentially win 5x, 15x, 25x or 50x depending upon the deal that Allen accepts. 


Election Time


Joe Exotic Election Time


Did you know that Joe Exotic was planning on running for president in 2020? Red Tiger has included a homage to this lofty ambition in the form of the Election Time feature. When the “Vote for Joe” symbol is landed on reels one, three, and five simultaneously, Allen, Jeff, James, and Joe appear on the reels as candidates. Players pick random “Vote” pins to find symbols of the candidates until they match three of the same. This offers players a hefty prize of 5x, 20x, 50x, or even 150x, depending upon the candidate who wins. 


Exotic Spins 


Joe Tiger Exotic Spins


When players land spin scatters on reels one, three, and five concurrently, the Exotic Spins bonus round is triggered. Joe takes his place on his Tiger King throne in the centre of the grid and serves as a 1×3 sticky wild. The wild remains there for the entirety of the round. Additionally, progressive wild multipliers increase by one per win up to x15. The multiplier does not reset, and you can win five extra spins when you land exotic spins scatters on reels one and five at the same time.  

Joe Exotic Verdict


Joe Exotic is a passing interest for many due to his absurd antics and shamelessness, but Red Tiger’s take on this personality is somewhat less unique. It has solid gameplay containing standard features that appeal to players on both desktop and mobile and is unlikely to prove too challenging to master. The slot is not perhaps a fit for fans of innovative or high-stakes slot titles, but it is a good option for fans of the Tiger King. 

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