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Jumanji™ Video Slot

NetEnt take us all the way back to 1995 with their very own game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind! Yep, the cult classic Jumanji has been reworked and revamped for the reels – with a particularly lengthy list of events, features and jungle creatures making this Jumanji™ Video Slot game a worthy addition to this fantasy world.


However, such a detailed title means there’s a bit more to cover than usual, as NetEnt always seem to raise their game for the special branded titles of theirs. To get you up to speed in a matter of minutes, our Jumanji™ Video Slot video review below is a great place to start if you’re yet to set foot in the iGaming jungle…


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Jumanji™ Video Slot's RTP: 96.33%
Type of casino game: Video Slot
Video slot build: 5 reels consisting of a 3, 4, 5, 4, 3-row structure, with 36 fixed bet lines.
Jumanji™ Video Slot game features: Sticky Vines, Monsoon Wilds, Monkey Mayhem, Wild Stampede, Jumanji™ Video Slot Board Game with Mystery Feature, and the Jumanji™ Video Slot Free Spins Bonus Round with unique Vines, Monsoon, Monkey and Stampede Free Spins.


With so many special features being part of this blockbuster casino game’s makeup, you can see how they all work by watching this video demo.


Just to clear up any confusion, the Jumanji™ Video Slot by NetEnt focusses on the original film and not the 2017 sequel Welcome to the Jungle – despite the similar release dates. This is evident in the short intro video where we discover the Jumanji board game lying in the sand, before exploding into life to reveal the reels.

And it’s a very different set of reels than usual video slots! Doing away with the classic 5×3 slot machine format, Jumanji™ Video Slot utilises the same five reels but with a 3, 4, 5, 4, 3-row pattern. Tantalisingly, the markings of a Board Game are etched around the main grid too, with different drawings for each position. But we’ll leave that treat for a little later…!

Upon inspection, it won’t take you long to realise that each corner houses something particularly reminiscent to some of the movie’s most famous scenes – with NetEnt’s attention to detail really shining through. A few monkeys, for example, sit quietly in one area – but we know they’re itching to start moving around the reels to cause some chaos!


Gamers rightfully expect to be offered the same level of entertainment as desktop on their smartphones and tablets these days, meaning every new NetEnt game needs to be mobile certified.

With Jumanji™ Video Slot, there needn’t be any concern. The Swedish studio have packaged the same experience whatever device, so the Jumanji™ Video Slot game can be played wherever you are, whenever you want. And let’s face it, with a slot that’s overflowing with features, there’s a good chance you’ll want to get the dice rolling when you’re out and about!


Although there’s a new reel framework, you’ll soon get the gist after a few spins. During that time, you may come across the four high-paying symbols: lions, rhinos, crocodiles and pelicans – alongside the classic low-value icons, plus Wilds and Scatters.

In keeping with the movie, NetEnt’s Jumanji™ Video Slot can erupt at any time – capturing the magic and suspense of the feature film. This happens with four random features during the main game.


Jumanji™ Video Slot’s Sticky Vines Feature can occur randomly upon the completion of a winning spin. In this case, all symbols that made up the combination will be stuck in place by these winding plants for a Re-Spin.

Of course, this means you’re guaranteed to scoop more coins during the Re-Spin, but there’s the chance of landing something a lot more lucrative if the right icons turn up. To help you achieve bigger wins, any Wild symbol from the initial round will be taken along for the Re-Spin ride.


Although the leaping crocodiles might make you jump, this signals the random Monsoon Wilds Feature. In this event, one or two of the reels (except the fifth) will be entirely covered by Wilds, boosting your chances of profiting.


We knew those seemingly pleasant and calm monkeys were up to no good really, but luckily they’re not out to make our lives a misery. Rather, when the random Monkey Mayhem Feature is enabled during the Jumanji™ Video Slot main game, you’re guaranteed to have value added to your account.

The initial spin will be calculated first, before the monkeys take over by rearranging the symbols behind the board for a certain payout. The juggling of the symbols is performed randomly each time though, so the exact coin win varies per appearance of Monkey Mayhem.


Finally for Jumanji™ Video Slot’s random features, who could ever forget the famous line: “It’s a stampede”! NetEnt certainly haven’t, with those ginormous rhinoceroses making their presence felt in spectacular fashion.

There’ll be a short build-up as you notice that the reels have been spinning longer than usual, before the book case is smashed to pieces to mirror one of the movie’s most iconic moments.

Their destruction is your gain, however, as the rhinos will charge across the grid to leave anywhere between four and nine Wild symbols in their wake.


While other casino developers might be happy to call it a day at this point, NetEnt have barely gotten started. That’s because when three or more Scatter Symbols land on the board, it’s time for the Jumanji™ Video Slot to be taken to the next level.

Welcome to the innovative Board Game Feature – with two six-sided dice to be rolled with real odds. Naturally, you’ll need to select your Jumanji™ Video Slot board game piece before getting started, although the outcomes are in no way affected by this decision.

We alluded to the exact number of Scatter Symbols being important when triggering the Board Game Feature, so what happens if more Scatters land, we hear you intuitive bunch ask? Well, they determine the exact number of dice rolls:

  • 3 Scatter Symbols = 6 rolls
  • 4 Scatter Symbols = 7 rolls
  • 5 Scatter Symbols = 8 rolls

Once you’re all set, you can start throwing those dice to advance around the circular track – with different rewards depending on each landing position. One of those rewards is a Coin Win. Each Coin Win position will have a designated number (from one to five), with your overall payout being this value multiplied by your current bet.

Also, there are Extra Roll spots too, which lead to an additional throw of the dice being added to your tally. Or you could land on one of the four question marks…


Doing this will establish the Board Game Mystery Feature. You’ll notice that the Jumanji™ Video Slot circle in the middle of the screen will start to state a number of rewards in a carousel manner – with the circle eventually coming to a resting point. Whatever is stated will be given to you as a boost.

These can be:

  • A Coin Win (between x2 and x10 your bet)
  • Two extra dice rolls
  • A mix of the eligible Free Spins Features


And even after all that, NetEnt still find the time and space to include Free Spins Bonus Features on Jumanji™ Video Slot. No, that’s not a typo. Features, as in plural – four of them in fact!

Please note that each Free Spins Feature can only be activated once within a Board Game session. Therefore, if you have already enacted Monsoon Free Spins, for example, this can not appear during a subsequent Mystery Feature as a reward.

The Jumanji™ Video Slot Free Spins Features can be found in each corner of the board, and they’re activated if you land on one of the two lit-up positions in front of them.


Trigger the Vines Free Spins Feature in the top-right corner to be given 10 spins with no risk. They follow a similar pattern to their main game namesake, as every winning spin will see a Re-Spin launched. This can happen multiple times too, meaning one free spin can spawn several Re-Spins.

Vines will also hold any Wild symbols that appear into place for the entire Free Spins Round – no matter if they’re part of a winning line or not.


If you land on the Monsoon Free Spins spaces, a total of seven turns will be handed out.

Again, either one or two reels will be covered by Wilds entirely during every spin. However, the same reels cannot be chosen for the next turn.


Those cheeky monkeys are given an even freer rein to cause terror within their Free Spins Feature, as six turns are bestowed.

Once the reels come to a halt, the monkeys go behind the scenes again to rearrange those icons for a confirmed coin win. This happens after every spin!


To complete this fab four are the five turns you’ll get as part of the Stampede Free Spins feature.

The rhinos are out in their numbers this time though, as they’ll charge across the grid upon every spin’s completion to leave Wild symbols in a bid to boost your winnings.


Wow! With so much to digest from our slot review of Jumanji™ Video Slot by NetEnt, we’ll finish with some simple numbers.

To wager on Jumanji™ Video Slot, simply alternate the bet levels (between 1 – 10) and coin values (from 0.01 – 2) to reach your desired total. In monetary value, the minimum bet is €0.10 compared with the maximum bet of €200.


The maximum Jumanji™ Video Slot game payout is 1,400 coins or €2,800 on a single bet line. However, due to the many avenues this slot has, those totals can be enhanced many times over if you strike lucky by combining multiple winning features.