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Koi Princess

NetEnt’s video slot Koi Princess is themed by the rich Japanese culture and has (besides regular Wild symbols) no less than 4 Random Features (that are randomly activated during the main game), plus 4 different Bonus Features (under which 2 different Free Spins modes), followed by the special ‘Bonus Bet’ mode to increase the chance of triggering these features.

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Koi Princess's RTP: 96.23%
Type of casino game: Video Slot
Video Slot build: 5 separate reels with 3 rows and 20 win lines.
Koi Princess game features: Bonus Bet mode, Wild symbols, 4 Random Features, 4 Bonus Features.


As there’s a lot to process while playing this Asian-inspired slot machine, we give you the option of checking out the NetEnt trailer first. There are a fair few features and moments to get your head around, so sit back and relax with this demo before you bet real money.


Video slot Koi Princess is a ‘one-way-win’, with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed bet lines equipped NetEnt casino game which has a great amount of special game features, being (regular) symbol substituting Wilds, the Bonus Bet-mode, the 4 free re-spin activating Random Features during the main game (5-Hit, Wild Reels, Random Wilds and Bonus Activation) and 4 different Bonus Features (Sure Win Free Spins, Wild Reels Free Spins, the Coin Win bonus and the Bonus Wheel).


Before starting to spin with video slot Koi Princess the player has the choice to either play the slot in the ‘Bonus Bet’ mode or not. With the Bonus Bet mode activated the cost per spin is doubled while at the same time the chances of having the Random Feature activated during the main game increases. Also, the amounts that can be won by the ‘Bonus Wheel’ Bonus Feature increase as well as the possibility of a sure win during the Sure Win Free Spins mode (see below for further explanation). The Bonus Bet mode can be enabled/disabled at any time in between two game rounds.


Regular Wild symbols that will substitute for any other symbol (except for Bonus Feature symbols) to thus create the highest paying winning combinations can appear anywhere on the reels during the main game. Special Wild symbols (Expanding and Random Wilds) can also appear during various Random Features and Bonus Features of video slot Koi Princess.


In video slot Koi Princess 4 different ‘Random Features’ can be activated during the main game. At any given moment the play screen will suddenly ‘shrink’ after which 3 Koi carps will appear below the play screen out of which the player needs to pick one. These Koi carps can represent one of the following Random Features:

  • The 5-Hit Feature: This feature guarantees a randomly chosen (winning) bet line of 5 identical symbols during 1 following free re-spin. The symbol that will occupy the guaranteed winning bet line for the following free re-spin the player determines by stopping a spinning ‘Wheel of Fortune’ that will appear and which has all symbols of the slot (except for the Bonus symbol, but including the Wild symbol) on it.
  • The Random Wild Feature: When the chosen Koi carp represents the Random Wild Feature 4 up to 9 Wilds will be placed ‘as an overlay’ on randomly chosen positions on the reels to do their ‘symbol substituting job’ during the following free re-spin.
  • The Wild Reels Feature: When the Wild Reels Feature is the outcome of the player’s choice between the carps 2 up to 5 randomly chosen reels will be completely covered with Wild symbols during the subsequent re-spin.
  • The Bonus Activation Feature: This feature places automatically 3 Bonus Game symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 during the following game round, after which one of the 4 Bonus Features (see below) will be activated. This means, in effect, also the video slot Koi Princess ‘Bonus Wheel’ bonus game feature (see below) can be triggered by this Bonus Activation Random Feature.


One of the 4 Bonus Features of video slot Koi Princess is activated whenever during the main game 3 Bonus symbols simultaneously appear on the reels 1, 3 and 5 (or by the ‘Bonus Activation Random Feature’ as described above). In case only 2 Bonus symbols appear on the play screen and during the same game round a winning bet line is formed the screen will ’nudge’ the reels to (possibly) have a third Bonus Feature symbol appearing. By stopping a spinning wheel the player determines the eventual Bonus Feature that is activated. The Bonus Features of video slot Koi Princess are:

  • Sure Win Free Spins: grants 10 initial Free Spins in which during the first five Free Spin game rounds one (1) overlay Wild symbol is automatically placed on a randomly chosen position. The ‘Sure Win’ for the first Free Spin game round is set on 20 coins times the bet level and in Bonus Bet mode on 40 coins times the chosen bet level. Subsequently, the Sure Win amount will be at least this amount in coins or the largest amount won in any given Sure Win Free Spin round. So if your game round winnings in subsequent Free Spins game rounds are LESS than the established ‘Sure Win’, your winnings will be ‘topped up’ up to the ‘Sure Win’ amount. If it’s MORE than the guaranteed ‘Sure Win’ the game round winnings will be credited. In that case, the player also receives 1 extra Sure Win Free Spin (which is added to the remaining and already won Free Spins). Starting from the 6th Sure Win Free Spin an extra overlay Wild symbol (on any position of reels 3, 4 or 5) is introduced during each following spin.
  • Wild Reels Free Spins: When the Wild Reels Bonus Feature is activated 10 Free Spins are rewarded and with every spin randomly 1 up to 5 reels are completely covered with (overlay) Wild symbols. Before every single Free Spin the number of Wild Reels (and their positions) is randomly determined and extra Free Spins cannot be won during this Bonus Feature.
  • Coin Win The Coin Win Bonus Feature awards the player with an instant coin win of the current bet multiplied by a randomly chosen multiplier of at least x 15 and up to x 30.
  • Bonus Wheel: If the Bonus Wheel feature is activated a 3 tiered ‘wheel of fortune’ (accompanied by a dragon) will appear, with on its rings x 1, x 2, x3 and x 5 multiplier symbols, arrows, ‘collect’ symbols, ‘double up’ symbols, ‘Sure Win Free Spins’ and ‘Wild Reels Free Spins’ symbols and a Coin Win Jackpot symbol at the center of the wheel. A dice needs to be thrown to determine the number of positions the wheel will spin after which the symbol appointed to by the dragon will trigger one of the following actions:
    • A multiplier symbol: pays the current bet multiplied x 1, x 2, x 3 or x 5;
    • An Arrow symbol: moves the active tier of the wheel inwards;
    • A Double Up symbol: doubles the amounts of the multipliers and the Coin Win jackpot on the wheel. ‘Double Ups’ can occur up to 2 times and once applied Double Up symbols will turn into Arrow symbols;
    • The Sure Win / Wild Reels Free Spins symbol: grants either the Sure Win or Wild Reels Free Spins Bonus Feature;
    • The Coin Win Jackpot: awards the player a Coin Win jackpot of the current bet multiplied by the multiplier as depicted in the centre of the wheel;
    • Collect symbols: ends the Bonus Wheel Bonus Feature.


With a bet level from 1 up to 10 to choose from (each level representing 20 coins) and a coin value from € 0.01 up to € 1.00 the minimum and maximum bet per video slot Koi Princess game round can be calculated as follows:

  • Minimum bet: bet level 1 x 20 coins = 20 coins x coin value € 0.01 = € 0.20
  • Maximum bet: bet level 10 x 20 coins = 200 coins x coin value € 1.00 = € 200


To display the paytable of video slot Koi Princess the ‘i’ button at the lower left-hand side of the play screen can be clicked. Here the player will not only find a detailed explanation of all the game’s special game features but also information such as the value of the symbols and the available bet lines.


With the ‘wrench’, ‘volume’ and ‘Auto’ icons on the lower left-hand side of the video slot Koi Princess play screen various game settings such as volume, ‘Quick-’, ‘Spacebar-’ and ‘Auto-’ spin can be adjusted and by clicking on the ‘?’ icon the rules of the slot will appear.


Koi Princess video slot has the regular control buttons like all NetEnt video slots have: the LEVEL button to set the bet level, the AUTOPLAY button to spin automatically, the MAX BET button to wager automatically on the highest bet level and COIN VALUE to set the value of each coin wagered per spin.

Besides these control buttons video slot Koi Princess on the lower right-hand side of its play screen also has a ‘Bonus Bet’ button by which the Bonus Bet mode can be either activated or deactivated.