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Last Chance Saloon

When it comes to the American frontier, it’s difficult to find a more common image than that of a dusty cowboy stomping into a saloon through swinging wooden doors. The saloon has become a widely romanticised symbol of the Wild West and the untamed wilderness that sustained it. Saloons were a way for sometimes widely spread communities to keep in touch, as well as a way to convey news or gossip to travellers.


Red Tiger Gaming has paid homage to the idea of the saloon with its release Last Chance Saloon. The slot is a fun casino game that will keep you excited for the next spin.


What do you think about Red Tiger’s recent release? We discuss the game’s pros and cons, including its aesthetic along with its bonus features, below. Keep reading this NetEnt review for more information!

Game Type Video Slot Game
Release Date 27/01/2022
RTP 94.72%
Volatility High
Slot Build 5x4, 30 betways
Features Wilds Free Spins Coin Flips Second Chances
Jackpot No
Available on Mobile Yes
Default Min/Max Bet (€) 0.01/20

Are you ready to spend a bit of time in the Wild West? Red Tiger’s Last Chance Saloon is an impressive tribute to the saloons of the American frontier. The developer has managed to create a game that keeps things light-hearted, while still paying respect to the history of these saloons. Even the title of the game itself is a reference to ‘last chance saloons’, which became outposts warning travellers that their journeys were taking them to a ‘dry’ region where drinking was prohibited.


The game’s design is exactly what most people picture when they think about the saloons of yore. The slot is full of warm wood, with panels spanning the length of its background. The grid is situated in a wooden frame. A lasso and a cowboy hat hang to the left and right of the board, respectively, and even the game’s font calls to mind the Old West.


The cowboy theme does not end there, of course, and Last Chance Saloon features a host of well-designed symbols to keep player attention as they fly across the reels. The higher-paying symbols consist of things such as a pair of dice, playing cards, and BAR symbols with golden letters against an old-fashioned frame. Lower-paying symbols take on a more familiar style with letters written in a theme-appropriate font and bold hues.


Red Tiger’s slot has a few special symbols beyond those mentioned above. The lucky sevens are consumed with wheat, and the wild is what appears to be a silver-and-gold sheriff’s badge with ‘WILD’ emblazoned across the front.


In addition to all of the theme-specific perks described above, Last Chance Saloon is also a great choice for mobile players. Red Tiger has created a mobile version of the game optimised for play on a variety of different devices and screen sizes.


The game looks fantastic, but does it play well? Keep reading for a thorough breakdown of the slot’s bonus features.

Last Chance Saloon has a few different features that make it worth playing. Before we go into them in depth, however, let’s take a closer look at the game’s foundation. The slot features a popular 5×4 grid offering users 30 paylines. It should be noted that this game is not for players looking for relaxation. It has incredibly high volatility that will keep players guessing every step of the way, as well as a modest betting range of between €0.1 and €20.


Last Chance Saloon has an RTP of 94.72%, which is an unimpressive addition to the game. Bonus features such as second chances, wilds and coin tosses designed to boost wins soften the blow somewhat, however, and its theme at least makes the spins enjoyable.




Last Chance Saloon features wild symbols that only land on the middle reel. Win multipliers are on the back of each coin, and if the symbol is part of a line-winning combination, the wild will flip over to award players with values as high as 50x.


Free spins


Wilds also take part in another bonus feature. Landing three bullets on reels one, three and five triggers ‘Bullet Spins’. This feature guarantees that at least one wild symbol will land on the centre reel. When win multipliers are collected during this round, they are added to an ever-increasing global win multiplier.

This feature is Last Chance Saloon’s free spins round. The maximum number of free spins that players can receive is eight.


Second chances


Second chances are triggered randomly at the end of Bullet Spins. When they fire, a coin that flipped and did not offer a multiplier might be flipped over regardless. This feature also runs through the double or nothing and free spins features.


Double or nothing


At the end of the Bullet Spins free spins round, players can either collect their winnings or gamble them. If they decide to gamble, they will watch as a coin – with one ‘double’ side and one blank side – is flipped. Landing on the blank side loses them everything. while landing on the double side will double their wins.

Last Chance Saloon Verdict


We think that Last Chance Saloon is a pretty sure bet for players interested in excitement with the potential for big wins. The bonus features are engaging and entertaining, even while the slot’s RTP is a bit disappointing.


If you enjoy Wild West-themed games, you might be especially interested in Last Chance Saloon as the game lives up to its concept well. This is especially true if you don’t mind the chances for big losses along with the potential for impressive wins.


Last Chance Saloon was released on 27th January and is available at online casino sites offering NetEnt titles.