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Let it Ride

Let it Ride is an exciting poker game where you can make additional bets and thus make an extra profit. The game is played with no less than 8 decks of cards that are shuffled before each round.

Let it Ride RTP: 96,49%
Type of casino game: Table Game
Number of hands: 1
Extra option: Bonus winnings

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Let it Ride Casinos

Let it Ride Game Tutorial

Let it Ride is a poker game where you make a profit when you have a poker hand of a pair of tens or higher. You start with three equal bets and after the first 5 cards you decide if you want to play on or if you want to retract all your bets.

Poker Hands

In Let it Ride you can play with the following poker hands;

  • Royal Flush: 5 consecutive cards from the same suit from 10 to Ace
  • Straight Flush: 5 consecutive cards from the same suit
  • Four of a Kind: 4 cards with the same value (9, 9, 9, 9)
  • Full House: 3 cards of the same value and two cards of the same value (5, 5, 5 and K, K for example)
  • Flush: 5 cards from the same suit (5 harts for example)
  • Straight: 5 consecutive cards from different suits
  • Three of a Kind: three cards with the same value (K, K, K for example)
  • Two Pair
  • Pair
  • Tens or better

Bonus Bet

In Let it Ride you can place a bonus bet to get an extra profit. You can find the betting field for the bonus winnings at the left side of the playing field. The payout of the bonus is according to the poker hands you get. Below an overview of the multipliers per poker hand:

  • Royal Flush: 20000
  • Straight Flush: 2000
  • Four of a Kind: 100
  • Full House: 75
  • Flush: 50
  • Straight: 25
  • Three of a Kind: 9
  • Two Pair: 6

Let it Ride Bet Limits

In Let it Ride you can choose from various chips that can be combined. Every chip can be bet multiple times. The minimum amount you can play with is 5 euros per round and the maximum you can play with is 500 euros per round.

Pay Table / Win Plan

You can find the Let it Ride pay table directly on the playing screen, this is done according to the poker hands. A Roral Flush is the highest obtainable hand and thus pays out the most. On the right side you will find the pay table of the main game and on the left side the pay table of the bonus.

Possible Settings

The possible settings of Let it Ride can be found by use of the three icons at the bottom left of the screen.

The sound can be turned on or off using the speaker icon.

The question mark opens the help screen.

The wrench icon allows you to adjust a few additional settings:

  • Sound
  • Sound Effects
  • Background Music
  • Speed
  • Game History (not available in practice games)

Let it Ride Manual

You start every round of Let it Ride by picking a chip and placing it in the ANTE field of the playing field. Ante stands for first bet. Now two equal bets will be placed in the other bet circles automatically. You may possibly also choose to place a bet on the bonus field. Now you can click the DEAL button and you will get dealt 5 cards, 3 open and 2 closed. You can now view your cards and determine what your next step will be.

If you want to keep your bet, click Let it Ride. If you want to pull your first bet, click the PULL button. Now the dealer will now show the first of his cards so you can determine your strategy.
Now you can again click Let it Ride to play on with the bets you made, or you can pull your second bet by clicking PULL. The dealer will now show his second card.

The result will be shown on screen. When you won, the amount will be added to your credit. You can now play new round with the same bet or a new bet by clicking the corresponding buttons.

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