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Lucky Double

As the name already implies, the Lucky Double scratch card will give you a double chance to win. This fun NetEnt scratch card consists of two parts that can give you a double profit. Lucky Double is a clear and simple to scratch card that gives you plenty of fun.

Payout percentage: 85.00%
Type of casino game: Scratch Cards
Costs per card: 2 euros

Play Lucky Double Scratch Card for Free!

Lucky Double Scratch Card from NetEnt: try for free first before you can start playing and enjoying with your own money!

Lucky Double Scratch Card Game Tutorial

The Lucky Double scratch card is a scratch card that consists of two scratch cards in one. You can scratch open two games, and thus have a double chance to make a profit.
When you open Lucky Double, you will see a screen with two games. The first game gives you a chance to win a maximum of 100 euros, and even 100.000 euros in the second game. When you start this game, you will have the choice between BUY TICKET and DEMO. When you click Demo, you will play a practice mode, you can do this to see how the game works.

With the Buy Ticket button you can buy a ticket for 2 euros. You can then pick an object to scratch open the game with the SCRATCH TOOLS button. Click your mouse on the games to scratch open the boxes, it is important to scratch them completely open. If you do not want to scratch yourself, you can easily click SCRATCH ALL and the computer will open up all the boxes for you.
In your screen you will immediately see if you have won. Your profit will be added to your playing credit. You playing credit can be found on the bottom right side of the screen and is constantly kept up to date.

Payout Table / Win Plan

Lucky Double has a pay table that is based on 1 million tickets. You can open the pay table by clicking the PAYTABLE button on the top right of your screen.

Possible Game Settings for the Lucky Double Scratch Card

Lucky Double allows you to adjust a number of settings if you want to. On the bottom of the screen you can see a speaker, scratch tools, and a question mark from left to right.
The speaker allows you to turn the sound on or off. The scratch tools allow you to pick an object to scratch open the scratch card. And, finally, the question mark opens your help menu. In the help menu you have the possibility to read the game rules and to view your game history.