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Magic Maid Cafe

Magic Maid Cafe is an online casino video slot by NetEnt, that is set in a magical café world, complete with maids and tasty treats. The slot is made up of 5 columns, 3 rows and 20 fixed bet lines. The game operates using the Avalanche System rather than the more conventional Reel Template. It also counts Free Falls and Wild Substitution among its main features.

Game Information 

Game Type: Video Slot
Release Date: 5th May
Magic Maid Cafe RTP: 95.97%
Volatility: High
Slot Build: 5 columns, 3 rows, 20 bet lines (fixed)
Features: Avalanche System, Free Falls, Wild Substitution
Jackpot: No
Available on Mobile: Yes
Max Win: 2,500x your bet
Bet Ranges: €0.20 – €50

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Magic Maid Cafe Slot Review

Feel like your daily dose of morning coffee with an added twist? Ready to sate your appetite for delicious desserts and mouth-watering delicacies? Well then, you’ll be happy to hear that NetEnt’s latest addition to their extensive library of casino video slots is set in a magical café, hosted by a charming cast of maids who are ready to provide a world-class, video slot service!

Magic Maid Cafe (as the name implies) is set in a wonderfully decorated café, complete with a wide variety of virtual goodies that are aptly represented through the wonderfully designed dessert symbols that will populate your screen. The video slot takes on an anime art style which completes the overall presentation. This art direction is echoed through the sounds and animations that accompany the beautifully designed visuals and brings everything together in a complete and holistic package.

As you may have already guessed, Magic Maid Café is available on all NetEnt licensed casinos and is compatible across desktop and mobile devices.

Read on below to find out more about NetEnt’s magical cafe slot. Discover all of the functions and features that have been implemented in Magic Maid Cafe and find out which staple casino video slot feature has been boldly exchanged for an alternative system that changes the way your symbols are presented on screen. Go on, you know you want to!


Reels are considered to be a somewhat integral part of any slot game, both online and in land-based machines. They spin your symbols on their multi-faceted rolls and are ultimately responsible for your triumphant victories, as well as your bitter defeats. The whole idea of ‘spinning a slot machine’ comes from these very reels themselves.

So, as you might imagine, its quite a bold move to do away with reels in your slot and integrate a different system. Magic Maids Cafe does just that, adopting what is called the Avalanche System to take care of its most crucial responsibility instead. The Avalanche System is similar to other ‘Cascading Symbols’ systems that you may have encountered in other modern online video slots. It basically means that instead of spinning reels to reveal symbols, they will be falling down from the top of your screen and landing on the appropriate boxes. Exiting symbols will make their way out from the bottom and so the screen will function like a circulating waterfall, or as the system’s name more aptly implies, an Avalanche!

This change affects a lot of other aspects within the video slot. Firstly, your winning combinations will be based on this system’s alternative method of revealing winning symbols. Additionally, features such as Free Spins, or rather Free Falls as it is known in this version of the game, will also operate differently, adapting to this system and providing a different video slot experience to what you would generally be used to.

Wild Substitutions & Free Fall Symbols

Regardless of the huge change we previously mentioned regarding the Avalanche system, a lot of the staple video slot features that you’re familiar with remain unchanged here.

Wild Symbols are one such asset, which stick to their original purpose, substituting themselves for any symbol on screen, which can help you achieve a winning combination. You’ll be happy to hear that these Wild Substitutions feature in all game modes.

Free Fall Symbols are another feature found in Magic Maid Cafe. You might think that they serve some new, unknown purpose, but you’d be wrong. These Free Fall Symbols follow the exact same purpose that is usually fulfilled by Scatter Symbols. That’s right Free Fall Symbols are your key into the game’s Free Falls mode, which we’ll delve into below. These symbols are represented by a heart-shaped lolly and three of these tasty treats are guaranteed to put a smile on any player’s face.

Free Falls

Given the fact that Magic Maid Cafe has no reels to spin, a Free Spins mode is technically impossible to achieve. But fret not, there’s a crafty work-around here and it’s called Free Falls.

This game mode operates in pretty much the exact same way Free Spins would, with just a couple of differences here and there. Firstly, you will need three Free Fall Symbols on your reels to activate the game mode. This will be presented through a wonderfully designed animation that will open up a secret café door that will lead you to this bonus level. You’ll be entitled to 10 Free Falls that will automatically follow one after the other, until you run out of turns. The good news here is that Wild Symbols are still available in this mode and will be a great aid in your quest to boost up your Free bonus by as much as you can.

So, Free Fall away and watch those multipliers add up to your Big Win! Which will then be chased off by a giant doughnut animation! Winning at a free bonus mode never felt better…

Magic Maid Cafe Slot Verdict

All in all, Magic Maid Cafe is a very pleasant casino video slot that draws players in with its warm setting, gorgeous anime setting and creative animations. These aspects are executed wonderfully and result in one of NetEnt’s most well-rounded offerings that oozes quality and all-round polish.

Having said that, the game is quite lacking in features. The Avalanche system brings a welcome change to the more conventional reels which we’re so used to. But the system is not explored that much, leaving the slot feeling slightly empty and devoid of the more complex functions which are found in other modern casino video slots. Additional features that took advantage of the Avalanche system and built on the change it brings would have been a welcome sight, but as it stands, the video slot simply presents a couple of generic video slot features that are implemented in their simplest form.

Then again, if you’re looking for a simple, casual slot to play and don’t mind being treated to some beautifully designed anime graphics, then you’ll have a blast at spinning… or rather dropping symbols on Magic Maid Cafe!

If you’re looking to give Magic Maid Cafe a go, why not try our free demo and see what you think? Or if your feel like you’re ready for the real deal, head straight to one of NetEnt’s licensed casinos and play for real!

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